Screen captures list - mid 1982 episodes

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sc273.JPG Kate says goodbye
sc273b.JPG Susie with Lizzie
sc273julie.JPG Julie the receptionist
sc27402.jpg Lizzie, Judy and Helen shout goodbye to Janet Conway and Ian Mahoney
sc27510.jpg Mel the kidnapper
sc27508.jpg Stripper for Bea's 40th Birthday
sc27512.jpg Mel kidnaps Jenny Powell
sc287a.jpg New officer Joan Ferguson
sc287b.jpg The black leather gloves
sc287c.jpg Joan gives Doreen a body search
sc288a.jpg Colleen inducts Hannah Simpson
sc288b.jpg Chrissie tries to seduce Joan by inviting her to give her a neck massage
sc296.jpg Chrissie smashes a jug kettle to use as a weapon
sc297.jpg Maxine Daniels
sc301.jpg Bea leads the stay outside protest again Joan
sc302a.jpg Bea gets wet
sc302b.jpg Joan turns the hose on the women

Updated 1st September 2000