Screen captures list - mid 1986 episodes

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sc636a.jpg Andrew Hinton's photo with coffee cup and condiment set
sc636b.jpg Mervin Pringle in Tyrolean costume
sc636c.jpg Rita attacks Joan with a knife
sc637a.jpg Alice and Delia work out their rivalry during a work experience exercise
sc637b.jpg Rodney tussles with Merle for the videotape
sc637delia.jpg Delia Stout
sc638a.jpg Roach, Lorelei and Ida with hangovers
sc638b.jpg Ida with too much makeup
sc638c.jpg Protestors outside court at Kath's trial
sc639a.jpg Kath gives Janet's neck a twist
sc639b.jpg Janet and Joan
sc639extra.jpg An extra cowers in fear as Kath fights with Janet
sc639pianist.jpg The pianist who only knows "Fur Elise" and "Claire de lune"
sc640a.jpg Rita and Roach on top of the laundry van
sc640b.jpg Stunt people pretending to be Roach and Rita
sc640c.jpg Gina, Ronnie and Bev
sc640d.jpg The crew of the work experience boat: Mick and Captain Muldern
sc640e.jpg Madonna poster on Lexie's noticeboard
sc641a.jpg Alice gets groped by Captain Muldern
sc641b.jpg Ronnie, Lorna, (unnamed), Jenny and "Mary" look horrified that they may have caught Golden Staph
sc641c.jpg Merle finds men in white disinfecting the prison
sc641d.jpg Buyup packshot
sc642a.jpg Delia Stout makes a bigger splash
sc642b.jpg Delia and Marty manage to swin ashore
sc642c.jpg An unnamed and uncredited prisoner
sc642d.jpg Nancy arrives in time to prevent Rita hammering Joan
sc643a.jpg Lexie watches the TV for news of Rita and the other women
sc643b.jpg Joan pulls Rita to safety
sc643c.jpg Nancy, Alice and Rita wait for help to arrive

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