Prisoner clippings from TV Week and other magazines

Many thanks are due to Steve West for sending this selection of scans from his extensive collection of magazine articles about Prisoner.

The list below is in chronological order, but I will also link articles in to the episode pages roughly where they would have appeared in the original run, as well as from character or actor pages where relevant.

The full list will take a while to process, so check back later if there is no link at the moment for a particular article.

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Freeze Frames (TV Week, 28.10.1978, Page 15) **NEW**

Untitled (TV Week, 16.12.1978, Page 16) **NEW**

A Tough Role for Lovely Peita (Unknown, 19.12.1978) **NEW**

Sexy Carole Turns Tough (Sunday Sun, 08.02.1979) **NEW**

Franky - A Girl Who Will Shock (TV Week, 24.02.1979, Pages 6-7)

Realism At Any Cost (TV Week, 24.02.1979, Page 8-9)

Karen Found Her Husband in Bed with Another Woman. Now She is Paying for it. (The Age, 27.02.1979) **NEW**

In View with Peter Dean (TV Times, 03-09.03.1979, Page 18) **NEW**

Prisoner - 4 Will Quit Show (TV Week, 17.03.1979, Page 3)

Lynne's Career Lights Up On The Inside (Sunday Telegraph, 18.03.1979) **NEW**

TV Times cover (TV Times, 07.04.1979, Page 1)

The Prisoner Files (TV Times, 07.04.1979, Pages 10-11)

Inches from Disaster (TV Week 23.06.1979, Page 19)

TV Guide cover (TV Guide, 19.01.1980, Page 1)

The 'Soaps' in 1980 (TV Guide, 19.01.1980, Pages 8-9)

Frankly Carol Was Great... And So Was Prisoner (TV Week, 22.03.1980, Page 11)

TV Times Cover (TV Times, 03.05.1980, Page 1)

The Love of Bea's Life (TV Times, 03.05.1980, Page 5)

It's a Riot Then... Hostage Drama (TV Guide, 07.06.1980, Pages 6-7)

TV Week Cover (TV Week, 12.07.1980, Page 1)

Loveable Lizzie - The Other Side of Warder Jim (TV Week, 12.07.1980, Pages 8-9)

Prisoner's Val in Frightening Showdown (TV Week, 30.08.1980, Page 31)

Breakout at Wentworth (The Australian Women's Weekly, 12.11.1980, Pages 10-11)

Prisoner Turns 2 (TV Week, 07.02.1981, Page 9)

Mad Cover (Mad, 01.05.1981, Page 1)

TV Week Cover (TV Week, 09.05.1981, Page 1)

Prisoners Inside Pentridge (TV Week, 09.05.1981, Pages 5-6)

Testing Time for Wayne (TV Scene, 17.10.1981, Page 9)

Has Queen Bea Met Her Match (Unknown, 05.12.1981, Pages 74-75)

Prisoners Show the Newest Fashion (TV Week, 06.02.1982, Page 13)

TV Day cover (Woman's Day, TV Day, 05.06.1982, Page 1)

Ballet's Loss is Prisoner's Gain (Woman's Day, TV Day, 05.06.1982, Page 3)

Prisoner's Fiery Exit... (TV Week, 13.11.1982, Page 105)

Aftermath of a Disaster (TV Week, XX.0X.1983)

Val Gets Out (TV Week, 23.04.1983)

Val Takes the Lead (TV Week, XX.XX.1983)

Partytime at Wentworth (TV Week, 20.08.1983, Page 93)

Fit for Duty (TV Week, 12.11.1983, Page 94)

Sheila Just Needs to be On her Own (TV Week, 17.03.1984, Pages 24-25)

An Affair of the Stage (TV Week, 11.08.1984, Page 87)

Prisoner Turns 500 (Unknown NSW newspaper, XX.XX.198X)

Prison Break (TV Week, 01.06.1985, Page 6)

Prison Terrorists! (TV Week, 06.07.1985, Page 73)

Mass Break-out! (TV Week, 17.08.1985, Page 58)

Prisoner - Coming Soon to Your Screen (TV Soap, 28.10.1985, Pages 22-23)

Prisoner's Top Dogs (TV Soap, 28.10.1985, Pages 33, 36)

Prisoner 1985 (TV Soap, 28.10.1985, Pages 34-35)

What a Prisoner Line-Up! (TV Soap, 06.01.1986)

Birthday Bash! (TV Week, 15.02.1986, Page 73)

And They Said It Wouldn't Last! (TV Week, 02.08.1986, Pages 52-53)

'The Beater' Turns Bride (TV Week, 06.12.1986, Page 29)

Freaked Out! (TV Week, 08.12.1986, Page 19)

Freaked Out! (TV Week, 08.12.1986, Page 20)

After 1986

Illness Claims Actor Wayne (TV Week, 09.07.1988, Page 19)

Jailhouse Rocks on for Charity... (Woman's Day, 13.03.2000, Pages 18-19)

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