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A visit from Mr Pearson Thanks to Martin (Malta) for taping this episode and Sean (USA) for arranging to let me see a tape of it so I could transcribe the dialogue for the missing scenes.

Thanks also to Tim for doing the screen captures (and for pointing out a cut I originally missed).

Tracey tends to Meg who sarcastically apologises for trying to escape. While searching Meg's handbag for her keys to stop her leaving, Tracey finds Meg's building society book and suggests to Mark that they withdraw all the money to supplement the takings from the robbery. Joan tries to discuss with Shane what he wants to do, but he refuses either to go back to his father or into a home. Marlene tries to get the women enthused with her idea for a fashion parade. Marie announces that her "pharmacy" is open for business with a special offer on cocaine. Joan tries to get Shane to go to school by suggesting he starts at a new one near her.

Meet Jack the Ripper
Dining room gossip
Cut: approx 0' 39"
  • Judy: (pointing with her fork at Edna as she passes on her way to a table in the dining room) If that one poisoned her husband, I'm Jack the Ripper.
  • Bobbie: What I can't figure out is how come the jury thinks she done it when he doesn't. It's wierd.
  • Marlene: She doesn't look like a poisoner, that's for sure.
  • Reb: (from another table) Oh yeah? What's a poisoner look like, Warren?
  • Judy: Butt out of it, Kean. Nobody asked you.
  • Reb: I suppose if she had long fingernails and a wart on the end of her nose, she'd be a poisoner, right? God, you lot are gullible.
  • Lou (Kelly): They thought Snow White was a true story.
  • Reb: Yeah still believe in the Tooth Fairy and all.
  • Bobbie: Why don't you bugger off, Kean? Haven't you caused enough trouble lately?
  • Judy: Hey, Bobbie...
  • Bobbie: Buggering up the place with your drugs and (something gabbled about pills?). They ought to lock you up in the pound and chuck the key away for ever.
  • Reb: All mouth, Mitchell.
  • Judy: Will you two leave it alone? Do you want to have the screws down on us?

    [The scene starts in the cut version]

  • Judy: Hey, Kean. You think we're gullible? Now I'd be careful about making friends with Marie Winter. You know what happened the last time you got involved in drugs. Accidents do happen.

  • Judy teases Reb for teaming up with Marie after the last time she was involved in drugs. Tracey practices Meg's signature and Meg is forced to phone in sick to work and tell the building society she's coming in to close her account. Wally gets rid of the police who visit his house to investigate a complaint of noise made by a neighbour. Kay attempts to make an escape but Wally has the car keys. Meg smashes Mark's insulin bottle after Tracey leaves for the building society. Heather clumsily asks for Dennis's advice about being blackmailed by pretending to discuss a newspaper article about the hazards of being a prison officer. Joan turns a blind eye to Marie's deals in the laundry.

    Harry visits Edna
    Cut: approx 1' 10"
  • Edna: Hello, Harry love.
  • Harry: Edna.
  • Edna: It's good to see you.
  • Harry: Well... you didn't think I wouldn't come and see you, did you?
  • Edna: No, I just wish you didn't have to see me here.
  • Harry: Nor do I. The appeal's going to fix all that, don't you worry. We'll have you out of here in no time.
  • Edna: I hope so.
  • Harry: How are they treating you?
  • Edna: Oh, fine. Everyone's been very supportive. They know what injustice is all about. They're not so bad really, thank God.
  • Harry: You'll be home again with me soon enough, I promise.
  • Edna: Good. I don't think I could bear it for too long without you.
  • Harry: I miss you too.

    [They move to embrace]

  • Dennis: No physical contact, please. I'm sorry: that's the rule.
  • Harry: We're going to beat this thing. Don't even think about losing hope. We're going to make them see it's all a load of nonsense and that you shouldn't be here. Nothing surer. I love you and you love me and that's why we're going to win.

  • Tracey buys a plane ticket. Meg tries to make Mark mistrust Tracey. Marie pins a caricature of Joan on Marlene's board, and waits cackling for Joan to find it. Reb is visited by her mother Diedre: she wants Reb to be reconciled with her father, who is seriously ill with multiple sclerosis. Reb refuses to see him. Ann tries to phone Meg at home, but Mark tells her not to answer. Ann cancels Marlene's visiting privileges for two weeks, even though she denies any knowledge of the caricature. Leigh's agent is so enthusiastic about the publicity arising from her interview: he offers to testify on her behalf to get her out of prison if she will co-operate with follow-up publicity. Mark is about to shoot himself when he realises Tracey is not coming back, but Meg nudges his arm. Reb finds Bobbie sniffling in her cell and offers a half-apology for the incident that led to her miscarriage, but Bobbie furiously rejects it. Marie puts more pressure on Heather to bring in drugs for her. Ann tells Joan and Dennis about Meg's ordeal, and that the police are still looking for Tracey. Rachel takes the aerobics class in place of Marlene, who is sulking in her cell. Joan sends Marie, Frances and Reb out of the rec room for their cynical comments then stands by while they bash Marlene at her instigation.

    Updated 02 July 2000