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Edna raises her eyebrow at the subtitles which reveal that Prisoner will be off the air in Malta till October. Thanks to Martin (Malta) for taping this episode and Sean (USA) for arranging to let me see a tape of it so I could transcribe the dialogue for the missing scenes.

And thanks to Tim for doing the screen captures.

Leigh tells Judy about the porno films and her plan to pre-empt Roland by releasing the story herself to Camilla Wells. Joan docks Shane's pocket money as a punishment for him staying out all night. Wally visits Ann: she tells him she knows that he helped Myra.

Edna makes some "peppermint" tea.

... and makes sure Marlene drinks it...
Cut: approx 1' 15"
  • Marlene: On the outside, everybody was always laughing. Jeez, we had some good times. In here, but, cripes! I just have to blow my nose and I'm in trouble.

    [Edna brings the leaves from her pocket and puts them in a teapot.]

  • Edna: It's not like you expected, dear, is it?
  • Marlene: No. And I miss my folks something awful. That's why I like talking to you, Edna. You and Harry - you're just like Mum and Dad.
  • Edna: (making the tea) Well, you can always come and talk to me, dear. I'll be homesick too, you know.
  • Marlene: Ta. You're a nice lady. I'm sorry for whinging, but I've had a thumping headache all arvo.
  • Edna: Oh? Well I can fix that, dear. Peppermint tea is very good for headaches. Calms your nerves too.
  • Marlene: You don't put peppermints in with your tea, do you?
  • Edna: It's made from peppermint leaves, dear. There, now you just try that.
  • Marlene: Aren't you having some?
  • Edna: Later, when I go to bed. It helps me sleep.

    [Edna watches as Marlene drinks.]

  • Marlene: Oh strewth. It tastes more like sour grapes that peppermint. Still, Mum always used to say the worse it tastes, the more it does you good, eh?

  • Ann points out she would have to tell the police of Wally's involvement if asked directly, and breaks off their relationship, saying that it never had a chance. [In the version shown on Channel 5, this scene was also cut, along with the two Edna scenes on either side of it]

    After lockup, Marlene gets gutache.
    Cut: approx 0' 55"
  • Bobbie: Two bloody hours to clean up that mess. When I get my hands on whoever did it, I'm going to smash their heads in.
  • Marlene: Hell, what are you complaining about? Your Walkman's OK isn't it?
  • Bobbie: Yeah. Wouldn't want to be in their shoes if they'd buggered that up.
  • Marlene: (clutching her stomach) Oh God!
  • Bobbie: Knock it off, Marl. I'm not in the mood, alright?
  • Marlene: Thanks heaps.
  • Bobbie: You're not bunging it on?
  • Marlene: No way.
  • Bobbie: Well, maybe I'd better get a screw?
  • Marlene: No, don't worry. I'll be right.
  • Bobbie: But it could be your appendix.
  • Marlene: It'd be a ghost coming to haunt me. I had it out when I was twelve. No, this is my migraine.
  • Bobbie: You're supposed to get that in your head.
  • Marlene: You can get it in your stomach, too. I've had it before and this time it's worse.

    [The lights go out]

  • Marlene: That's better. At least if I throw up I won't be able to see it.
  • Bobbie: Sure you're OK?
  • Marlene: If I was any better, I'd be dangerous. I'm right. I think my stomach died and I forgot to bury it, that's all.

  • ... but survives
    Cut: approx 0' ??"
    [At muster the next morning]

  • Bobbie: Hey, Jude, do you reckon it's true that Myra's back?
  • Judy: Yes, Ruth (?) took a tray up to her. Winter's in a for a big suprise, isn't she?
  • Marlene: (to Edna) Well, I was really crook at first but then the peppermint tea started to work and I chucked up and I felt much better.
  • Edna: I'm glad you're feeling fine now, love.
  • Marlene: Ta.

    In the cut version the scene starts at this point:

  • Meg: Sorry I'm late. Someone moved the clipboard.

  • Joan asks Ann to take stronger measures to punish the women for the damage and accuses her of trying to hide the facts from the Department. Bobbie and Reb scuffle in the laundry and Meg overhears Bobbie threaten to kill Reb. Judy warns Ann that the recent troubles are aimed at her, and that there may be more to come.

    Marie has a dig at Edna.
    Cut: Approx 0' 20"
    [The laundry]

  • Edna: All I'm saying is that I'd certainly find it easier to work around here if people at least tried to get along.
  • Marie: Oh yeah, but you should know Edna. I mean: one man's meat's another man's poison, eh?
  • Joan: (entering the laundry) Winter, out. There's some cleaning up to be done. Unless of course someone else would like to volunteer?

    [In the cut version, the scene starts as Marie and Joan are outside the laundry]:

  • Marie: So who are we cleaning up, eh? The Governor?

  • Joan makes final arrangements with Marie for the riot: she wants it to start when she returns for the evening shift. Ann passes on a message to Joan that Shane hasn't been attending school. Reb is dubious about being involved in the riot: Marie shrewdly sees she is pre-occupied with her family problems, but says she's in it whether she likes it or not. Joan goes home to confront Shane and finds him watching TV and he runs out when she slaps him. Ann shows Leigh the headline "COVER GIRL CLAIMS ORGIES WITH MINSTER" and is annoyed that Leigh didn't tell her before exposing the Minister to the press. Joan visits Shane's father and pays him off to be allowed to take Shane back. Shane looks rather the worse for wear and has been beaten by his father.

    Joyce takes Edna to the store room.

    ... where she creates a diversion ...

    ... and pockets some rat poison.
    Cut: Approx 1' 00
  • Edna: And if Harry hadn't believed in me and stuck by me, I don't know what I would have done, Mrs Barry, especially in here.
  • Joyce: The women haven't been giving you a hard time, have they?
  • Edna: Oh, gracious no. They do tend to go over the top at times, don't they? I'm afraid I'm not the vindictive type.

    [Joyce opens the store room door]

  • Joyce: Right, well there we are. Now I think we'll just need a couple of packets of detergent. Save us another trip before the end of the week.
  • Edna: Mmm, good thinking. Though young Marlene does tend to put too much powder in the machine at times. Still might need another visit. Now...

    [Edna looks around the store room and sees a plastic tray on the floor, presumably containing rat poison]

  • Joyce: Now they'll be just up there on the right.
  • Edna: Oh yes.

    [Edna takes two packets of "Fab" from the top shelf and deliberately drops them]

  • Edna: Oh, how clumsy of me...
  • Joyce: Want me to give you a hand?
  • Edna: No, no, Mrs Barry. It's all right. I think I can manage quite well.

    [As she crouches to pick up the boxes of soap powder, Edna takes the plastic tray and empties the contents into one of her pockets]

  • Meanwhile back in the laundry, Marlene is using another washing powder, not the "Fab" that Edna picked up... Marie sends Dot back to the staff room to collect the tea towels. Joan makes sure Dot's presence is noted, then slips something into the urn.

    Edna gives Marlene some "barley water".
    Cut: Approx 0' 37"
  • Edna: How are you feeling, dear?
  • Marlene: Oh, just having a quick washup before tea. I could go a bit of tucker too, not like this morning. Jeez, I was crook.
  • Edna: Well, I've brought you something in to help settle your tummy. Harry brought it in for me. He made it himself. And he's such a sweet man, I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I gave it to you.
  • Marlene: Barley water? Just like the tennis players use, eh? Oh, well I couldn't, Edna. It's yours.
  • Edna: Oh no dear. Believe me, I really want you to have it.

    [Marlene looks for a cup. Edna raises an eyebrow]

  • Dennis asks Heather for a date. Marie and Lou start a fight and take Joan hostage when she tries to intervene. Marie announces the start of a riot: Judy fails to stop Marlene and Bobbie joining in. Marie casually swipes at Leigh as she goes past her cell and somehow manages to scratch her face (with the back of her hand?). Ann and most of the officers are out cold after drinking tea made from a drugged tea urn. Reb starts a fire in one of the cells. Joan is taken to one of the cells and her clothes ripped: Marie punches Joan in the stomach to add a touch of realism. Heather's voice is heard over the PA system and Marie goes to find her, cutting her off as she is trying to make a phone call from the staff room to Meg. As Marie frogmarches Heather along a corridor, Heather elbows her in the stomach and manages to get away. Judy finds Edna hiding behind the door of her cell. Dot faces the rioters down and tells then not to touch her cell as it's the only "home" she's got. Marie takes Reb with her to solitary, but when Reb finds out she is planning to kill Myra, she refuses to take part. Marie pushes her down the stairs, and smirks over the bannisters at the "gutless wonder" lying unconscious at the foot of the stairs. The riot alarm sounds. Bobbie finds Reb unconscious and is seen by Joan and Heather crouched over the body.

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