Eve Wilder is not as meek as she seems. Cynthia delivers an ultimatum to Joan. Nora receives further word of her mother, and Reb finds out more grizzly [or maybe just grisly?] details of her past.

First broadcast ... 1985 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 09 January 2000 04:10
DVD release: volume 36 disc 1 (AUS), volume 18 disc 7 [UK]
Duration: 0:44:39

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Nora ~ Sonja Tallis
May ~ Billie Hammerberg
Willie ~ Kirsty Child
Daphne ~ Debra Lawrance
Eve ~ Lynda Stoner
Reb ~ Janet Andrewartha
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Jenny ~ Jenny Lovell
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Mervin ~ Ernie Bourne
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Cynthia ~ Beverly Dunn

  • Written by Dave Worthington
  • Directed by Sean Nash
  • Reb is confused that the women at Blackmoor hate her, and tells Nora she can't understand why Lou seems to hate her too. Daphne decides on impulse to bake Mervin a congratulatory cake, even though Lexie points out they don't know whether he's won yet (so the information hasn't made its way yet from the rec room, where the women were shown watching the result on TV in the previous episode). Joyce celebrates Mervin's victory with a cocktail. Joan tries to find out how much Reb can remember and when she recalls that it was Joan who tried to push her rather than the other way round, Joan tells her she is just mixed up. However, Reb can't remember either the ECT or Cynthia Leach. Lou gets two weeks' loss of buyup from the Council. When the Council come round to discussing Reb, Alice has changed her mind and now says that she thinks Reb is faking. Nevertheless, the others decide to try to help Reb. Inspired by the cookery contest, the women decide to hold a talent/beauty contest and Eve is persuaded to organise it and be the judge. Meg tells Nora about Reb's ECT: Nora tells the women about it and finds that Reb can't remember giving consent to it. Julie points out this is a violation of human rights and the women agree to make it a front page story in the next issue of the newspaper. Reb doesn't appreciate it, and is worried that the women will stir up trouble for her. Cynthia is not impressed by Joan's protestation that Reb is harmless: she hints strongly that Joan should fake Reb's suicide. Eve elbows Lou in the stomach when she blocks her way in the corridor and gets a slap in return. Mervin finds Daphne's cake a little hard to swallow, or even to cut into. Meg gets a special delivery from Inspector Grace: the jewellery stolen by Frank Burke is returned to her - including her engagement ring. The letter in the parcel says that Burke has pleaded guilty to the shooting and is awaiting sentence. Eve arrives in the laundry with a gash on her shoulder - self-inflicted to improve on Lou's slap, which left no traces. Lou is summoned to the rec room to face the Council again, but she asks for a private word with Nora and tells her about Reb's collar and comb routine. As Julie tries to dress Eve's wounds, Eve plays on her sympathy by pretending to be worried she hasn't heard from her solicitor. Nora challenges "Rebel" with unconsciously combing her hair in imitation of James Dean, but Reb doesn't really know what she means. When Reb asks Nora to contact her "friend" Cynthia Leach, Nora has to tell her she is an officer at Blackmoor who "makes the Freak look like Doris Day". This brings back Reb's memory of being beaten by Cynthia, and she collapses on her bed calling out "Mum". Reb's mother has remarried and moved abroad and can't be contacted. Eve warns Lou to keep away from her. Lou gets another punishment from the Council, as they don't believe her story, though Julie obviously has some doubts. Eve turns up to the rec room as if by chance in time to hear the verdict. Daphne and Jenny are amazed by Reb recognising Mrs Hartley's name as she was a client of her father who was a stockbroker. Jenny suggests she should try to get in touch with her parents. Lexie's T shirts are sold and the suppliers want more. Nora gets another message from her mother (but not written by her, but by a Mrs Davis), saying she's emigrating. May persuades her she should write back. Reb requests a phone call to contact her mother: Ann tells her she has remarried and her father died years ago. While Reb is telling the story to the women in the laundry and says she can't remember anything much about her brother, Lou reminds her that he is dead - and it was Reb who caused his death in a car accident. Meanwhile, Joan is listening outside.

    In a strange bit of product placement, a menu - clearly marked "Denny's" - takes up nearly half the screen while Joyce sips a pink version of the cocktails on its front cover . Even more attention is drawn to the menu by having a waitress cross the shot and remove it.

    Mail call is for Spencer (a younger blonde woman), Young (Lorna), Jenkins, Kennedy (Jacko not Ronnie), Flynn and Fisher (the younger dark-haired woman standing next to Lorna, who does not seem to be Marinia Jonathan).

    Thanks to "ouija" in Digest 1088 for spotting an amusing near-miss just before the mail call when Louise Siversen has to double back on herself to avoid walking into a camera.


    The intercut flashes to represent Reb's memory of Joan's attempt to push her off the catwalk do seem to come from episode (485) - Joan is wearing a uniform with trousers, which was standard at that time.

    The shots representing Reb's memory of being beaten at Blackmoor are wierd. The uniform seems to be a navy boiler suit, and whoever it is hitting her, it clearly isn't Cynthia Leach, at least to judge from the flicked back blonde hair . The black leather gloves worn by the assailant fit the bill though, and Reb is shown without the lighter highlights in her hair.

    Story Editor: Coral Drouyn
    Script Editor: Alister Webb (576); Marie Trevor & Alister Webb (577); Kit Oldfield (578); Alister Webb (579); Kit Oldfield (580)
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Tony McDonald, John Coulter, Kelly Bermingham

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Carlton/LWT Thursday 26 March 1998 23:45; Meridian Monday 17 May 1999 23:25