Harry surprises everyone with an announcement. Joan volunteers to be Rita's constant help.

First broadcast ... 1986 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 10 February 2001 04:40
DVD release: volume 40 disc 5 (AUS)
Duration: 0:43:24

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Rita ~ Glenda Linscott
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Kath ~ Kate Hood
Merle ~ Rosanne Hull-Brown
Rodney ~ Philip Hyde
Marty ~ Michael Winchester
Lisa ~ Terrie Waddell
Spike ~ Victoria Rowland
Brumby ~ Sheryl Munks
Vicki ~ Rebecca Dines
Mervin ~ Ernie Bourne
Tom Lucas ~ John McTernan
Harry Grosvenor ~ Mike Bishop
Off. Slattery ~ Dorothy Cutts

  • Written by John Coulter & Gail Meillon
  • Directed by Kendal Flanagan
  • Alice sneaks out for a snog with Harry : Joan tries to put them on a charge, but Joyce claims they had her permission to be together. Harry tells Ann he wants to marry Alice. Tom needs typewriters for his class, so he gets the women to "borrow" some from reception: Rodney reports him to Ann. Kath admits to Lisa that she doesn't have any evidence to incriminate Rodney, but Rita tells her to milk it anyway, so she insinuates blackmail. Joan volunteers to take Rita for her last chemotherapy session. Rita tells Joan more about the finance company job: she can get the money but would be unable to get out of the building, and suggests it would be possible if she hid the money and someone else collected it after she was arrested. Joan asks how she could trust the other person to hand over half to Ida, and Rita tells her Ida would have a letter naming Joan which she would hand over to the police. Joan overhears Lisa threatening Rodney, and gives her the black glove treatment . Spike is told she could be released if she will go to a stable home environment. Joan taunts Merle . Alice is puzzled by Rita's apathy, but Rita tells her privately there are three things she wants to do before she dies. Marty tells Meg he has contacted Spike's mother. Lisa tricks Rodney into leaving Joan alone at muster for a final confrontation with the women . Joan goes to Rita and says she will help her with the job for $100,000.

    Alice's mind is obviously on other things during typing class .


    Story Editor: Bevan Lee (686); Alison Nisselle (687)-(689)
    Script Editor: Morgan Smith (686); Morgan Smith & Neil Luxmoore (687); Morgan Smith (688); Morgan Smith & Neil Luxmoore (689)
    Storyliners: Tony McDonald, John Coulter, Bob Greenberg

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Westcountry Thursday 23rd October 1997 23:45