You are on your way out of [Who's Who in] Wentworth. Before you throw the blanket over the top of the fence and pick your way over the barbed wire, make sure you have somewhere Prisoner friendly to go. Try any of the places below - or go back to the bottom of the intro page and take a spin on the PCBH Webring . . .

Talking TelevisionAU
A blog on Australian TV including a weekly look at what was on in the same week 30 years ago. The link is for the posts which mention Prisoner.
PCBH Alternative Forum
Another online forum for Prisoner fans.
Wentworth Forum
Online forum for Prisoner fans.
Prisoner Cell Block H chat room
New online chat room for Prisoner fans.
Sun and Rain are Prisoners Too
Another detailed guide to all aspects of the series, with fuller credits than you will find here. Plus fun stuff like a list of Judy's worst jokes.
The Canberra Prisoner Homepage
Another excellent site that has appeared within the last few years, featuring detailed accounts of the cuts to the DVD releases (particularly the Edna Pearson episodes) and the only guide to the incidental music used.
On The Inside by Scott Anderson
One of the best looking Prisoner sites, now the Official Fan Club Site. As before featuring character galleries, chatroom and message board amongst other goodies. Also probably the best site for information about how to get hold of the complete series on DVD. Sadly the Recroom forum was permanently closed down at the end of September 2008.
The Wentworth Prisoner Escapees guide by Barbara Kendal
Riffle through the filing cabinets and find out where others have gone after escaping Wentworth... A favourite site that I'm pleased to see is still available after all.
Prisoner: Cell Block H guide at
I use a lot for other shows, so it was a pleasure to notice that the Prisoner pages maintained by "Colliertree" have come on by leaps and bounds. Original capsule episode guides for the latter part of the series, and the cast list is automatically cross-referenced to other shows on the database. Recommended.
Wentworth Web
Good collection of links and guide to other sites, but lots of original content too. Very thorough and accurate - I've pinched quite a bit from here myself...
Bea's Knees by Martin Chainey
Returning soon, without the illustrative screen captures this time. Martin (alias "March") and his episode commentaries are favourites of readers of the PCBH Digest, so this site needs no recommendation.
He Used to Give Me Roses by Chris Hewitt
Mailing List pages at a new address. Includes archives so you can catch up and lots of other information.
Robert's guide to Australian TV Soaps of the 1970s and 1980s
Anyone who has seen Robert's episode summaries in the Digest will want to read his comments on "Prisoner" and other soaps of the same vintage.
The Official Louise Siversen Site by Donna
She's back and now she's official. Not just about Lou Kelly, but the Lou quotes page is my personal favourite bit.
Wentworth Detention Centre by Craig Semple
Includes a links page that will list all the Prisoner related stuff on the Internet.
Chris' Prisoner site by Chris Wathen
Not much Prisoner content, but does have the definitive guide to the Grundy logo over the years.
Rachel's Prisoner Website
Some unique interviews with cast members and information on the locations where Prisoner was shot.
Unsolved mysteries of Prisoner plots, births marriages and deaths, List of main characters' sentences
Prisoner cast list at the Internet Movie Database.
With links from actors' names to their other film and soap appearances

Gone but not forgotten - under reconstruction or no longer available
Behind Bars by Louise West
Returning soon at a new address.
Robert's Prisoner Cell Block H Pages
Video clips of PCBH outakes and interviews with the stars.
Prisoner Cell Block H by Andrew Williams ("The Black Rose")
Huge collection of images with sound samples - NOW INCLUDING digital movies in AVI format. Last updated with a new set of Freak pics.
Prisoner Cell Block H version 5.6 by Neil Stewart
The longest surviving Prisoner site now seems to have been completely deleted by the academic server that used to host it. Oldest surviving Prisoner site medal now passes to The Black Rose, I think.
Channel 5's Prisoner Page
Channel 5's website finally acknowledges they have been showing Prisoner for years shortly before it is due to end. Worth visiting for the actor profiles, though.
H Block Webpage by Mark Leonard
Featuring an original PCBH themed combat game. Flatten the Freak. The games are now available at one of the Swedish sites, I think.
Prisoner Online 2000 by Alan Leggate
Still under construction but with a new character profile of a major character to be added each week and summaries for recent episodes.
The Prisoner : Cell Block H Website by Leo Van K
Realvideo clips - including the Pot Noodle sponsorhip idents.
Welcome to Wentworth! by Leigh Gilpin
Australian fan site that doesn't seem to be in the webring or on most people's links pages. Including a character gallery with screen shots from the current UKTV showing and an interesting section on the February 2000 Prisoner reunion.
Wentworth Online by Devon Labuschagne
Pictures, sounds, videos - heaps of 'em now at a new address. Devon also has a seperate site devoted to Vera Bennett.
Lexie and Julie page by Michelle Wathen
Pages for the characters Lexie Patterson and Julie Egbert with biographies, downloadables and fan fic.
Blockade - the Prisoner magazine
Site of the fan magazine "Blockade" with current gossip, occasional online chats with cast members, a message board and fan merchandise.
On the Inside by Shane Milward
Galleries, episode summaries, fan fiction and an occasional quiz
Stu's Prisoner pages.
Downloadable Amiga and Postcript Prisoner fonts, Rita Connors gallery, Deaths list and other goodies
Chris' Cell Block H media page
With RealAudio and MP3 Prisoner themed dance tracks and RealPlayer video clips. The "Big Girl" mix is strongly recommended!

No, I've changed my mind. I want to go back inside.