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Det Sgt (later Inspector) Grace (Terry Gill)

Often called in to investigate crimes connected with Wentworth, making more than his fair share of mistakes in the process. A quick glance through the Inspector Grace Casebook here will make you wonder how someone both as incompetent and devious as this managed to remain in the force for so long.

First seen arresting Helen Masters when she attempts to jump bail (8).

Appears at the hospital where Lynn is taken after the failed payroll job (14).

Investigates the death of Anne Yates (30).

Arrests Bruce Starr and Blossom Crabtree (45) and questions Monica Ferguson about the payroll money. Takes a statement from Blossom in Wentworth which gets her lenient treatment in court (47).

When he appears again in (142) to interview Tracey Morris, he has been transferred to the Drugs Squad and has been promoted to Inspector. He tries to get Vera to put pressure on Tracey to tell all about the drugs smuggling operation she is involved in. Credited as Det Sgt agan for (153) when he arrives to investigate a theatening note Tracy recieves, but has returned to the usual Detective Inspector by (154).

His next case is Kathy Hall (215), but when he visits her she at first refuses to see him. He is trying to find out her connections to various underworld figures, notably Fitzwater and McNally, and continues this tack with Terry Harrison and Vera after Kathy is run over outside the prison. When Terry is also killed, Grace just shrugs, though it is his carelessness at letting himself be seen talking to Terry that leads to his death. In (224), he tells Vera that Fitzwater has escaped his clutches by moving off his patch to Sydney.

He follows up on Fitzwater by interviewing Sandy Edwards shortly after she is brought to Wentworth (243), but she won't talk. He gets more out of Kate Peterson, who turns informer and tells him everything Sandy says - including the whereabouts of the body of Megan Barnett (245). When the body is found, Grace uses this to try to pressurise Sandy in to lagging on Fitzwater (255). He arrives in the next episode just in time to burst into the interview room after Sandy has stabbed Fitzwater.

Grace's colleague Det. Sgt. Ross uses Kate to pass on information on drug drops arranged by Marie with McNally, When Grace tries to interview Kate, she realises the deception and nearly throttles him (263).

Grace's next case is in connection with the newly opened halfway house (297): he tries to trace Susie Driscoll when she is under the control of pimp and drug dealer Des Williams. Grace arrests him (299) and shows a little heart for once by not charging Susie if she stays at the halfway house, but cynically has Donna released from prison to act as bait, and uses the halfway house to do so.

Arrests the phony clergyman John Barker, who had been bringing in drugs for Nola McKenzie (361) and questions Nola when LSD is found (364).

Questions Angela Adams (487) after Meg's rape and traps her into giving away that she knows Peter Wright.

Investigates the murder of corrupt VJ Sarah Higgins (499). We find out later that the case is dropped and no-one was ever charged. (Frances Harvey did it)

Investigates the murder of Sam Greenway (521). After suspecting many innocent people, including Myra and Geoff Macrae, Alice is charged and convicted of the murder. (But it was Lou Kelly and Frank Burke who really did it)

Charges Dennis Cruickshank as a serial killer of young girl hitch-hikers (529). Again, he is wrong, but at least this time the real killer is eventually found (532). Well, we assume it's the right person...

Once again putting an innocent person in prison, Grace investigates the death of Mrs Hartley and interviews housekeeper Mrs Goddard (548). Jenny Hartley ends up behind bars on remand and Grace gives evidence at Jenny Hartley's trial (568).

Meanwhile, the inefficiency of the federal police make him look almost good at his job during the siege of Wentworth by terrorists aiming to free Ruth Ballinger (550) and he is present at the airport when Ruth is recaptured boarding her private jet (552).

Leads the police operation to recapture Frank Burke, but doesn't manage to prevent him crippling Dennis Cruickshank by kneecapping him (555).

Called in by Joan after Andrew Hinton daughter's life is threatened by Harry Parker (634), and responsible for the setup plan using a wired up Joan (635). He tells Joan he will be keeping a copy of her confession of involvement in drug running to use against her at a future date, but this day never arrives: someone else gets there first...

In (499) he is called Jack by Inspector Rouse when they meet in reception.

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