Gilmour, Mr (Colin Vancao)

Mum's parole officer, who comes to tell her family that she has been picked up for shoplifting (5)

Gina (Kereen Ely-Harper)

Bitch at the party in (494) who tells Meg that Chris is a psychologist.

Gina Balzano (Anne-Marie Carley)

Background prisoner, whose only credit is when she is given dialogue in two scenes in (603). She acts as lookout outside Rita's cell when the "Warriors" get drunk. Joan calls her by the name Balzano both here and in (602). Rita refers to her as Gina later in the episode when she admits to having bashed her for failing to do the lookout job properly. She can be seen as a background prisoner at least a hundred episodes previously, certainly long before she is named Gina for the first time when she is introduced to Jan Grant in (514). She is one of the backgrounders given their own closeup in the final episode.

Gino Menotti (Bill Pearson)

Pimp working for Kurt Renner, who puts Bobbie on the streets after trying her out (443-445).

Gladys (Di O'Connor)

Social worker who volunteers to act as an officer during the strike. She is more concerned with checking her bank balance than keeping an eye on Dot when she is taken to hospital for tests, and lets her wander off (476-477). Incidentally, no English soap could plausibly depict social workers as strike breakers: are Australian attitudes so different?

Gleason, Det Sgt (Peter Stratford)

Interviews Vera about George Lucas' whereabouts after he leaves her tied up in her flat (33).

Glenda (Lena Fiszman)

Prisoner in the rec room when Bea is reading a smutty story to the women (22).

Glenys Buchanan (Roz French)

Works as dancer in a nightclub and witnesses Toni McNally shooting Jackie Coulson in the ladies' toilet. She is pressurized to retract her testimony, which she duly does, after the police have got her to agree to appear in court (57)-(63).

Gloria Campbell (Katie Morgan)

Girlfriend of Karen's husband, appearing in the flashback to his murder (1). She appears again in (17) when she is interviewed by Karen's lawyer Steve Wilson to find out if she can offer supporting testimony at Karen's appeal, though here she is credited as Mrs Campbell.

Gloria Payne (Totty Goldsmith)

Girlfriend of Bill Desmond, first seen when Alan visits her place to try to persuade his father to come home (430). After Myra's arrest for Bill's murder, she throws a party for Myra's daughter Kay, and when the police arrive on the scene everyone is charged with possession of drugs. Gloria is taken to Wentworth (438) where she is inducted as Gloria Jean Payne and Joan immediately sees her potential for upsetting Myra, and tries to set Myra up to bash Gloria. Gloria seeks protection by trying to ingratiate herself with Sonia Stevens, but Sonia uses her to poison Rick Manning's milk. Eventually Joan persuades Phyllis Hunt to arrange an accident for Gloria in the kitchen and frame Myra for it: Phyllis tricks Gloria into bending over near the stove and tips a pan of boiling water over her back. Gloria is then seen in the infirmary, badly scarred and vowing vengeance on Myra (444) and in hospital (445) when Kay visits her. She says she will appear at Myra's trial, but we do not see her.

Gloria Pitman (Susanna Lobez)

Mysterious second arrival at the halfway house. Doreen becomes suspicious when she starts asking questions and finds she has a gun. She is eventually revealed to be an undercover policewoman, when she shoots Eileen, who had been sent to kill Donna Mason (300)-(302).

Gloria Scott (Andrea Butcher)

Possibly the woman who gives a lift to Frank Burke after he has escaped (554). He pulls a gun on her and rapes her.

Glynis Johnson (Kirsty Child)

Faye Quinn's sister, who raises Faye's son as her own, then forbids Faye to see him when she is released from prison (348-350).

Glynnis Ladd (Debbie Cuming)

Prostitute and drug addict, recognised by Helen. She is thought to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms when admitted, but is suffering from lassa fever and infects others causing the prison to be sealed off (389-391).

Goddard, Mrs (Pam Murphy)

Referred to as Thelma, housekeeper for Jenny Hartley's grandmother. She is credited for (541) but does not appear: her first appearance is in (546). She visits Jenny in Wentworth to confirm Jenny's suspicions that her grandmother was murdered (554), but in (555) Jenny's solicitor tells her Mrs Goddard has been killed in a hit an run accident.

Goldstein, Dr (James Taylor)

Obstetrician consulted by Meg for her pregnancy after the rape (509). He tells her she must have an operation to remove a tumour and lose the baby (510).

Golman, Mr (John Wregg)

Linda's father. He visits her in Wentworth but she refuses to see him as she feels she's caused him enough pain (236). Later in the same episode she hangs herself.

Goodwin, Mr (Lloyd Cunnington)

The Visiting Justice hearing the charges against Barbara Davidson (21). He is later appointed to investigate the running of Wentworth. He recommends the appointment of a male Deputy Governor and suggests that Clara Goddard is transferred to Fairlea (40). Sends Ros Coulson back to solitary for three days for stealing drugs (79 - uncredited). Gives Sharon Gilmour 7 days (100). Commits Lizzie to trial for manslaughter of Kay White (146). Sentences Sandy Edwards to two years and four months for starting a riot (250). Hears the case against Bea and Chrissie after the fire (334).

Gordon Humphrey (Bruce Kerr)

Son of Sid, and a bank manager. He is both snobbish and greedy and visits Lizzie (216) because he thinks she is only interested in his father to get his house, but Bea phones him with a threat that the only way he will get the house is if he comes to visit her. When he does so, she threatens to have his bank robbed by a contact of hers unless he allows Sid and Lizzie's wedding to go ahead.

Gordon Munroe (Jim Ewing)

Shane's father, whose violence towards him causes Shane to run away. First seen in (462). Joan rejects his offer to "sell" Shane to her, and attempts to get custody. Mr Munroe opposes her, more out of cussedness than out of any feelings for Shane and he is seen at the custody hearing (480). He threatens Joan after the verdict (481). On first credits, son and father have differently spelt surnames.

Gordon, Det Sgt (Peter Whitford)

Persuaded by Meg to release Chrissie without charge when she is taken to the police station when her boyfriend Mick O'Brien is arrested as an escapee (195).

Government Officer (Geoffrey Pullan)

At a conference attended by Ann (665).

Grace Banner (Berrie Cameron-Allen)

Worker from child welfare who comes to take Chrissie's daughter Elizabeth away when she reaches one year old (167).

Grace Quinn (Joan Letch)

Faye's mother (346).

Grace, Det Sgt (later Inspector) (Terry Gill)

Often called in to investigate crimes connected with Wentworth, making more than his fair share of mistakes in the process. More details.

Gracie (Maureen Edwards)

Prisoner in the rec room when Jean Vernon is introduced to the women. Supposedly a hard case inside for "malicious wounding", her career advice to Jean is "piss off fast" (14).

Grady, Det Insp (David Hursthouse)

Interviews Roger Carter (372) and investigates bombs at Wentworth (387).

Graeme Hopkins (Peter Flett)

Reporter who is given the video tape made by Judy about conditions in Wentworth (170). The police follow him to her hideout at Wally's place though Judy is not there at the time. He also wants to interview Lizzie about her longlost daughter and grand-daughter (171). First seen uncredited in (169).

Graham Lang (Adrian Wright)

Vice Squad officer who saves Vera from embarrassment by taking her home when she becomes drunk and abusive in a bar (10). He courts her, but his real interest is inside information on Marilyn Mason and her knowledge of drug pushing through massage parlours. When he gets the names he wants, he drops Vera (12).

Graham, Mr (Ron Pinell)

Daphne's father, we assume. Credited for (577) but doesn't appear.

Graham, Mrs (Dawn Klingberg)

Daphne's mother (575) Last seen in (588) collecting Daphne from prison on her release.

Grahame, Officer (Susan Arnold)

Previously credited as Officer. Credited with surname in (47) when she gets the metal detector treatment in Jim Fletcher' security drive.

Granger, Constable (Peter Black)

At the police station where Judy goes to help Dianne Henley (355).

Granger, Dr (Peter Regan)

Specialist in tropical diseases who is brought into Wentworth after the women start to fall ill (177). He at first suspects that Jenny Armstrong may have infected the women with typhoid but his suspicions shift to Evelyn Randall's herbal preparations which he has tested and proves she is poisoning the women then curing them (179).

Grant, Dr (Ian Cuming)

Discusses Chrissie's baby with Dr Herbert (93). From his surgical gown, we can perhaps deduce that he delivered the baby. The same actor appears again in (102) credited as Doctor, and again in connection with Chrissie's baby, so he is probably supposed to be the same person.

Grant, Mrs (Penny Shelton)

Worker, or rather bludger, at Syd Butterfield's nursery where Lynn works. She is offended when Lynn won't visit her at home. When she complains to Syd, he sacks her (28).

Grant, Sen. Sgt. (Ivor Bowyer)

When Judy goes to a police station to make a statement about Jock Stewart's accident (261).

Greek Youth (Con Mathios)

In Greek cafe. Calls Manoli out to see Wally (375).

Green, Dr (Robin Cuming)

Doctor at Ingleside. He explains to Ann that Reb's behaviour cannot be explained by the ECT treatment she'd been given and that her symptoms were more like those of shell shock or brain washing (581).

Green, Officer (John Allen)

Male Wentworth officer, occasionally seen as an extra but only credited in (533) for his only line of dialogue in the whole series, which is "Get your things together" after he releases Frank from handcuffs.

Greg (Rick Ireland)

Boy playing rugby when Don page is looking for his son Chris (222). This reminder of what lads who play sport usually look like underlines how strange it is that weedy spotty Chris was supposed to have been school football captain.

Greg Bourke (Joseph Donghia)

Friend of Jack Baxter's, who tries to pick Susie Driscoll up at a disco (288).

Greg Dixon (Bruce Kilpatrick)

Boss of the bar where Chrissis Latham works (286). Chrissie resigns, then asks for her job back, sleeps with him and then leaves clearing out the safe.

Greg Guthrie (Graeme Anderson)

Husband of June who comes to visit her in the conjugal suite (or shed) and objects to Erica's insensitivity in giving a journalist of the facilities while they are using it (189).

Greg Miller (Barry Quin)

Prison doctor, seen from (1). Old flame of Karen Travers, and dismayed to find inside Wentworth. Brief involvement with Meg Jackson. Leaves to set up his own practice, but becomes involved again with Karen Travers during her stint at the halfway house. Tries to help Pat O'Connell, when Shayne escapes and seeks refuge with David O'Connell. They assume he has tipped off the police, and plot to murder him but shoot Karen by mistake. One of the absurder claims in Terry Bourke's book is that Greg operates to save her life (which he is no way qualified to do, as he's a GP not a surgeon). Greg and Karen leave the series to get married (86) though Greg returns in (107) to give evidence for Pat at her second appeal (110).

Grimmons, Mr (Charles Gilroy)

Roger Carter's boss at the bank (370-372).

Grub (Ingle Knight)

Member of the Conquerors, first seen (606) at Slasher's funeral. Calls at Ann's house to fetch Dan to break up a fight (611) and helps Bongo in the failed attempt to free Rita (616-617), for which he and Bongo are sent to prison.

Guard no 1 (Mal Billings) * Guard no 2 (Matthew Carr)

Patrolling the perimeter when Rita, Brumby and Alice try to escape (675).

Gus (Peter Thompson)

Presumably the young patient in Greg's surgery (56) when Meg phones him, although Greg doesn't mention him by name.

Guthrie, Mr (Barry Michael)

Helen Masters' lawyer (8)

Gwen Hill (Jackie Kelleher)

The companion of Erica's mother Florence (208)-(211).

Hagen, Officer (Christine Andrew)

Minor prison officer. Laid out by Frank Burke during a brawl (502). Has a staff room conversation with Joyce (530). Credited in (538), (594). Credited in (612), (616).

Haines, Sister (Liddy Holloway)

Assisting Dr Granger when the prison is quarantined during an epidemic (177).

Hal Leifenbacker (Randal Berger)

Prospective client for Bob Morris who comes to dinner with his wife Lois. He recognises Meg from the TV and she is forced to admit she works a prison officer, after Bob has told the Leifenbackers she's a social worker (187).

Hall, Sister (Gael Andrews)

Played by the same actress as Sister Johnston who takes long term leave in (304), and possibly meant to be the same character, now married? Called out to Bobbie after accident leading to her miscarriage (460). Willie's blackout after a locker lands on her (562). Credited in (592), (594), Jessie poisoned by grog (611), when Lou is in sickbay (614), Dan after Bongo runs him over (618), treats Nancy's cuts after Julie goes for her with a knife while tripping on acid (625); Lexie after bashing (627); asked to transcribe Kath's coke addled remarks (634); credited (645) but actually appears in (646) when Rita pretends to faint and Alice is sprayed with an aerosol. Tells Ann there is no immediate physical evidence of Lorelei's rape (670). Tends Rita after her beating by Blackmoor officers (671). Attacked by Merle when she is released from her restraints by Brumby (685).

Halliday, Detective (Ron Strickland)

Interviews Colleen Powell after her family are killed in a car bomb explosion (434).

Hamlyn, Mr (Alan Knoepfler)

Pixie's Legal Aid lawyer (444).

Hampshire, Mrs (Betty Benfield)

Representative of child welfare who comes to Wentworth after Jim reports Danny Jones is being mistreated by his aunt (142). Other characters with more dialogue in this episode remain uncredited, even though Mrs Hampshire hardly says much more than her own name.

Handcuff Officer (Greg Shapiro)

Who does this refer to? Possibly the bespectacled officer who releases Bongo from his handcuffs just before be gets shot. Whoever he is, he is not the bald officer who chains Bongo to the grating in the first place (667) - he is credited as Michael Bagley.

Handsome Stranger (John Preston)

Thus in the credits, but main distinguishing feature is an incredibly knobbly nose. Meets Lou Kelly in a park and invites her to dinner, but runs off with her purse (493).

Hanley, Sgt. (Peter Paulsen)

During the siege after the riot started by Sandy and Marie (248).

Hanlon, Mrs (Sonia) (Margot Lee)

Referred to as Sonia in dialogue: Bea's employer during her time on the run (357). She is eventually tied up by Bea when she recognises Bea from a photo in the newspaper.

Hannah (3 years old) (Ada Sobieszcuk)

Representing Hannah Geldschmidt in her own nightmare of having her mother taken away from her in a concentration camp. Joan Ferguson, who appears as a sadistic warder in the nightmare, stubs a cigarette out in her hand (452).

Hannah Geldschmidt (Agnieszka Perepeczko)

German concentration camp survivor jailed for assaulting a man who reminded her of SS guard. Chased through the prison by raving Anti-Semite. Her nightmare starring Joan as a female concentration camp guard is one of the bad taste highlights of the series (451-456).

Hannah Simpson (Julieanne Newbould)

Full name: Hannah Dale Simpson. Jailed for armed robbery (288). Joan immediately takes a fancy to her and arranges for her to be attacked so that she may appear to rescue Hannah. Joan repeatedly has Hannah put in solitary to try to put pressure on her, and is unable to take part in the escape planned for her by Duncan Campbell through Chrissie Latham. Before her release, Maxine Daniels tells Hannah about Joan's involvement with a prisoner in Queensland, and armed with this knowledge, she makes a formal complaint against Joan (299), but Joan outmanouvres her and Colleen by contacting her former Governor to tell him to keep quiet. Hannah's suspects that her father's will was changed to write her out of it, and her suspicions are confirmed when her half brother offers her $10,000 to keep her quiet: she demands her full share of the estate. She is allowed out of the dining room where the women are holding a sit-in protest against Joan, so that she can attend court (302) and is brought back to Wentworth on remand to await sentence (303). Joan puts up no opposition to the suggestion that Hannah is reclassified as a low security prisoner and transferred to Barnhurst.

Hannah's mother (Ziggy Baitz)

In Hannah Geldschmidt's nightmare (452).

Hans Luffner (Wayne Cull)

Doreen's fiancÚ, who she gets into Wentworth to avoid, but when he visits he tells her he's met someone else and no longer wants to marry her (441).

Hardy, Judge (Noel Mitchell)

At Lou Kelly's trial for attempting to shoot Joan Ferguson (535).

Hargreaves, Policewoman (Abbie Holmes)

Escorting Chrissie to hospital (315)

Harold Carter (Robert Kemp)

Husband of Kate Carter, who calls the police after recognising Merle in the house next door (672).

Harold Roper (Lindsay Edwards)

Restaurant owner who gives Joan a trial as functions manager (681).

Harold Watkins (Raymond Rich)

The Minister's secretary, who visits Joan to tell her Ann is being reinstated (469).

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