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Judy Bryant (Betty Bobbitt)

First seen in (91) visiting Sharon Gilmour in Wentworth as her "sister", though it quickly becomes obvious that they are lovers. After Sharon is sentenced to two years for drug pushing, Judy is manipulated into attempting to bring drugs into Wentworth for Sharon.

Deliberately gets herself imprisoned for smuggling drugs to be with Sharon and is on remand for a while but is brought back to Wentworth after her trial in (101). [We find out in this episode that Judy's full name is Judith Frances Bryant - this is a bit odd as when Judy's sister is introduced in (335) her name is also Frances]. After Sharon had betrayed her by taking up with Chrissie, Judy becomes friendly with Doreen, even while she is sharing a cell with Sharon.

Rooftop protest after Sharon's death leading to death of Leanne Bourke (121).

Another escape from hospital and attempts to leave the country to see her father who is sick. Seeks refuge with ex-lover Pauline. Judy seek shelter with her after she escapes from hospital (131), but Pauline begs her to give herself up and eventually tells the police where they can find her (132).

After Stuart Gillespie is sent to Wentworth to review the security arrangements, Judy gets fed up with the restrictions and takes part in the escape during the prisoners' performance of a pantomime. Hides out with Wally and his daughter Mikki (169), and is persuaded to make a video statement about conditions in Wentworth. Recaptured when she tracks Jock Stuart down and tries to kill him while she is working in a massage parlour (172).

Discovers she has a daughter Lori, who arrives as a surprise visitor for Judy at the end of (209). Lori had seen her on television and traced her. Like mother, like daughter: Lori deliberately gets herself imprisoned to be with her mother, and is released in (214).

After Alison Page leaves, Judy takes over from her as "trustee" working in reception. She and Doreen are both transferred to Barnhurst (246) for forging an officers' rota which leaves the prison understaffed when half the officers fail to turn up for work. Judy is returned to Wentworth in (251) as she is due for a parole hearing.

Judy is met on her release by Lori and her new husband Geoff. She has only been out a few days when she sees Jock Stewart at a race meeting (255), but doesn't tell Lori or Geoff. He traces where she is living and tries to blackmail her, then breaks into her flat and rapes her (258) Judy gets her revenge "for Sharon, for Dor, for me and all the other women" by refusing to help him when he falls down a flight of stairs after chasing her out of her flat. We find out that he has been crippled and will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, Judy runs into trouble almost immediately and is returned to Wentworth (262) after she is charged with assault and stealing a customer's wallet while working as a taxi driver. The prostitute who was also in the taxi was really guilty of taking the wallet.

Released to run Driscoll House (291). Sister turns up to try to persuade her to give up claim to father's estate. Uses money to buy Driscoll Mark II.

Returns again to Wentworth (403) after giving Hazel Kent an overdose.


Gets parole and is collected from prison by Sheila Brady with the promise of a successful musical career - and the hint of a new romantic attachment? (535). She is also mentioned when she fails to attend Myra's funeral (556): this is excused on the grounds that she is on a promotional tour.

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