EPISODE 600 - Eve's hanging

Scenes involving hanging seem particularly vulnerable to the censor's knife. It is specifically mentioned in the ITC code due to concern that children might imitate what they see. The first broadcast of this episode was trimmed in several UK regions: certainly including Granada, but not apparently STV. The sequence was also shown uncut in Sweden.

For once, Channel 5 showed the longer version of the scene. Below are screen captures of the scene from the Granada version until the point where it suddenly cut to a commercial break, then continuing with the Channel 5 version.

Lou: Anyone want to stop this?
Wendy Stone: Nah!
Lou: Any screw lover want to save
their mate? Well, come on, speak up.
There's room on the table for two.
Lou: Isn't there?
Alice: Cut it out Lou.
If you're going to do it, do it.
Lou: Oh, I'll do it all right. But we gotta
be fair. And I just remembered something.
We didn't give her a trial... Did we?
Sudden commercial break on Granada

... and as continued on Channel 5 ...

Lou: Hands up for not guilty... Lou: ... and guilty?
Lou: Sorry, Wilder. <FX>: nasty snapping sound

Updated 12 August 2001