Screen captures list - early 1979 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc00101.jpgFranky with a dangling fag
sc00102.jpgKaren's induction with Vera and Nurse (Belinda Davey)
sc00103.jpgErica Davidson
sc00104.jpgLynn's induction with Officer (Anne Sutherland)
sc00105.jpgFranky wrecks the rec room
sc00106.jpgMeg and Karen find Sally has hung herself
sc00107.jpgMum tends the garden seen through the wire fence
sc00108.jpgFranky cackles after embarassing Vera by calling her "Vinegar Tits"
sc00109.jpgBea burns Lynn's hand in the press
sc00111.jpgKaren reaches for a knife in her kitchen
sc00112.jpgKaren goes upstairs with the knife
sc00113.jpgMrs Bentley threatens to put Richie back in his hole
sc00114.jpgOfficer Anne Yates (Kirsty Child) locks up
sc00201.jpgMeg and Bill Jackson and their Moroccan tiled kitchenette
sc00202.jpgFramed photo of Harry Smith
sc00203.jpgMum and Bea's leaving party
sc00204.jpgRosie Hudson
sc00205.jpgMum shows Bill Jackson the conservatory in her cell
sc00206.jpgMum's daughter Lorraine Watkins (Anne Charleston)
sc00207.jpgVera wrestles with Franky - with Barbara Jungwirth in the background
sc00210.jpgDebbie Smith (Cassie Lehman) and her gravestone
sc00211.jpgHarry Smith answers the door to Bea
sc00212.jpgBea pulls the trigger
sc00213.jpgHarry Smith's girlfriends screams her head off
sc00301.jpgShe used to give me roses ...
sc00302.jpgVera at the security gate in the dining room - with backgrounder Hazel Henley in the foreground
sc00304.jpgFranky takes Meg hostage during the riot
sc00305.jpgBackgrounder Barbara Jungwirth on Franky's side during the riot
sc00306.jpgAnother backgrounder on Franky's side during the riot
sc00307.jpgOfficers during the riot - ?, Jean Cain and Sue Silver
sc00308.jpgMarty Jackson Mark 1
sc00309.jpgSmashed family photo of the Jacksons
sc00310.jpgScissors unconvicingly sticking out of Bill Jackson
sc00404.jpgNewspaper article reporting on Bill Jackson's murder
sc00405.jpgChrissie gets scalped
sc00406.jpgGreg, Erica and Meg in unconventional mourning garb at Bill's funeral
sc00407.jpgMr and Mrs Gibson rob Mum when she passes out
sc00408.jpgMeg in tears wandering the corridors under the end credits
sc00501.jpgMeg's cheesy grin in Mum's dream
sc00603.jpgLizzie struggles to eat without her false teeth...
sc00604.jpg... because Franky has stolen them
sc00703.jpgLizzie attacks Franky
sc00704.jpgThe map of Franky's farmhouse
sc00808.jpgHelen Masters is warned off with a lipstick line drawn on her throat
sc00905.jpgMarilyn's pimp threatens Eddie
sc01002.jpgLynn's mother disapproving of something
sc01004.jpgErica tastes the stew and finds it not to her state
sc01008.jpgVera gets drunk in a bar
sc01102.jpgNews of a tragic tractor accident
sc01104.jpgFranky goes nuclear
sc01107.jpgFranky goes up on the roof
sc01108.jpgKaren sees Franky getting ready to jump
sc01109.jpgFranky at the edge of the roof
sc01204.jpgFranky snips the fence with wire cutters
sc01502.jpgFranky and Doreen disguised as nuns
sc01503.jpgSteve Wilson, hotshot laywer with the knobend haircut
sc01505.jpgMonica Ferguson
sc01602.jpgLynn's face reflected in the fragment of mirror poised over her wrist
sc01702.jpgOfficer Manson (Ann Phelan) talks to Erica
sc01904.jpgCatherine Roberts looks over her shoulder before backing over Bert Warren
sc01905.jpgThe results
sc02006.jpgThe wounded policeman fires and ...
sc02007.jpg... hits Franky in the guts
sc02010.jpgDoreen walks back to Wentworth
sc02105.jpgDoreen's way of grieving is to act tough like Franky
sc02204.jpgErica takes Lizzie on a day out to see her borther
sc02207.jpgRoberts father and daughter in court
sc02304.jpgJean Vernon's (homemade?) "kimono"
sc02305.jpgBarbara Davidson gets drenched
sc02502.jpgMysterious shoplifter Susan Rice
sc02601.jpgBea writes a message to Vera
sc02602.jpgVera meets Officer Yates again in a bar

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