Screen captures list - mid 1979 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc02704.jpgGeorge Lucas about to lick Vera's tonsils
sc02801.jpgOfficer Yates inducted as a prisoner
sc02803.jpgDr Weismann
sc02903.jpgSusan's mad dash onto the stage
sc02904.jpgto fling acid in her husband's face
sc02905.jpgAn early glimpse of Officer Barry
sc02907.jpgMonica calls for help as Bea lies wounded after being stabbed by Ann Yates
sc02908.jpgVera closes the door on Ann Yates
sc03002.jpgMonica Fergson and Noeline Burke
sc03003.jpgAnn Yates' body is found in the dryer
sc03006.jpgClara Goddard
sc03102.jpgNoeline is trapped in a scalding shower
sc03105.jpgLizzie comforts Doreen over the "death" of her teddy
sc03203.jpgBea on the run in disguise
sc03204.jpgVera is too tied up to answer the phone
sc03305.jpgLianne Burke
sc03306.jpgCol Burke
sc03509.jpgNoeline kneeling over Col's body
sc03702.jpgNoeline and her mother
sc03801.jpgErica is cross with Clara
sc03804.jpgIrini Zervos
sc03807.jpgIrini's fiance Stavros puts his best chin forward
sc03808.jpgIrini can't even read this sign
sc03902.jpgDoreen clutches her teddy for comfort when Clara is transferred
sc04001.jpgNew officer Jim Fletcher
sc04004.jpgJoyce Martin
sc04203.jpgDoreen gets a face full of mud
sc04302.jpgLeila Fletcher
sc04401.jpgMonica Ferguson goes to collect Joyce's money
sc04402.jpgPeter Clements
sc04403.jpgLynn talks to her kidnappers
sc04405.jpgEdie finds Horrie has died in the night
sc04506.jpgBlossom Crabtree and her "friend" Bruce Starr
sc04601.jpgBlossom after a bashing from Monica and Joyce
sc04702.jpgMelinda Cross
sc04704.jpgTom Burton
sc04801.jpgEarly view of Officer Powell
sc04802.jpgBlossom gets Jim into bed
sc04805.jpgGreg didn't look in the mirror this morning
sc04901.jpgMelinda shows off her track lighting to Tom
sc04902.jpgMelinda caught in the act blackmailing Carol Burton
sc05001.jpgNoeline caught in the flashlight beam of a security guard
sc05101.jpgChild killer Bella Albrecht
sc05105.jpgBella frightened by an attacker in the shower block
sc05202.jpgBella comes out of the shower
sc05203.jpg... as the killer prepares the murder weapon ...
sc05204.jpg.. and shoves her into it face first
sc05307.jpgLeanne has got Bella's ring
sc05401.jpgNoeline is questioned about Bella's ring
sc05402.jpgMartha takes Vera up on the roof
sc05403.jpgThe fork draws blood
sc05404.jpgMartha is led away by Jim and Vera
sc05501.jpgMonica dreams sweet dreams
sc05502.jpgKaren walks through the gates
sc05505.jpgDoreen puts a fork through her foot
sc05605.jpgThe women barricade themselves in the dining room
sc05606.jpgErica tries to negotiate

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