Screen captures list - early 1981 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc16601.jpgAll that can be seen of Irene is a hand
sc16602.jpgGillespie catches Anne blocking off the tunnel
sc16603.jpgLizzie and Bea try to help Doreen
sc16604.jpgMeanwhile back at the panto...
sc16605.jpgJudy catches a boy stealing from the hired van
sc16609.jpgJudy's note to Mouse
sc16611.jpgMouse is stopped by the police
sc16701.jpgJudy gets a lift from a scruffy looking guy
sc16702.jpgElizabeth's birthday cake
sc16704.jpgChrissie attacks Anne Griffin
sc16803.jpgLizzie isn't faking this time
sc16901.jpgFamiliar male and female nurses
sc16904.jpgSid Humphrey
sc17002.jpgLizzie returns to Wentworth
sc17004.jpgJudy watches the TV report on her case
sc17006.jpgJudy legs it cross country in a peasant smock
sc17103.jpgErica watches Judy on TV
sc17104.jpgwhile the women watch Erica on TV
sc17105.jpgDavid the new teacher
sc17110.jpgJock threatens Judy
sc17203.jpgJudy as a prostitute in the brothel
sc17204.jpgInspector Thorne arrests Judy and Jock
sc17206.jpgJudy back at Wentworth, still in an ashblonde wig
sc17207.jpg...and then not
sc17209.jpgJim catches Doreen playing tonsil tennis with David
sc17301.jpgNew prisoner Sandra Hamilton
sc17401.jpgSanrda gets knocked out in the shower block
sc17403.jpgBea makes Sandra admit she's a journalist
sc17404.jpgColleen finds Sid unconscious
sc17501.jpgJenny Armstrong, after being attacked by ...
sc17502.jpgGeorgie Baxter
sc17506.jpgEvelyn Randel
sc17507.jpgDoreen's too old for ribbons in her hair, surely?
sc17601.jpgMike the Bike
sc17703.jpgJudy notices that Georgie's undies don't match
sc17704.jpgEvelyn gives Meg a homemade remedy
sc17705.jpgJim aims at Sandra when she tries to make a run for it
sc17801.jpgRack off, you old dyke!
sc17903.jpgThe booby trap
sc17905.jpgand its effects
sc18004.jpgErica joins the pottery class
sc18007.jpgErica recreates a scene from "Ghost"
sc18008.jpgGeorgie's mother Jeannie Baxter
sc18103.jpgMargo practices her fan dance
sc18201.jpgErica gets mucky splashes all over her smock
sc18202.jpgMargo's fan dance/Muppet show routine
sc18206.jpgBea gets accidentally knocked out
sc18301.jpgand has a nasty bruise later
sc18303.jpgMargo's mates do a robbery
sc18305.jpgMargo and Wayne wonder what to do with their new hostages
sc18406.jpgNew officer Sally Dean
sc18410.jpgWayne gets shot
sc18502.jpgVera takes aim
sc18503.jpgbut misses Margo
sc18504.jpgGeorgie shows she can read
sc18505.jpgSally smashes all the pots
sc18606.jpgGratuitous near-nudity
sc18706.jpgLizzie gets a helping hand from a doctor at Sid's nursing home
sc18802.jpgErica wonders where she's seen this lamp before
sc18909.jpgBea worries she's losing support
sc19101.jpgMarion and Debbie Pearce
sc19102.jpgWalking in the park
sc19103.jpgDancing in the dark
sc19201.jpgChrissie doesn't like the new flat or Mick's carnations
sc19203.jpgBea wonders why the Braille machine looks like a cross section of the Titanic
sc19204.jpgTo whom it may concern - this woman is dangerous
sc19205.jpgPeter No-Hope

Updated 4th November 2001