Screen captures list - late 1980 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc13702.jpg Kevin Burns with a new haircut
sc13901.jpg Doreen prepares to smash a piece of glass
sc13902.jpg to cut her wrists
sc13903.jpg and when that doesn't work she rigs up a noose
sc13904.jpg to hang herself
sc14002.jpg Linda Jones
sc14104.jpg Kay gets her (porridge) oats
sc14105.jpg Drug smuggler Tracey Morris
sc14106.jpg Mouse out of her head on drugs
sc14201.jpg Kay after a bashing from Margo & Co
sc14202.jpg Hazel Kent
sc14302.jpg Kath returns
sc14401.jpg Doreen attacks Officer Maguire
sc14402.jpg Danny takes aim at Jim with his own Army pistol
sc14403.jpg Vera threatened to leave Tracey alone
sc14502.jpg Linda gets a jug kettle
sc14503.jpg and knocks Kay unconscious
sc14701.jpg Sean McNally
sc14701.jpg Kath gets a knife sent to her to use on Tracey
sc14707.jpg so Bea helps put her out of action with the steam press
sc14708.jpg Ouch
sc14801.jpg Scrabble game
sc14806.jpg Meg shot by sniper
sc14903.jpg Jim Fletcher meets Jacqui Nolan
sc15005.jpg Lizzie in the dock
sc15107.jpg Bob Morris rescues Meg from another drunken dinner with Vera
sc15108.jpg Doreen's horrified expression as she sees ...
sc15109.jpg A cat sitting on top of Elizabeth
sc15202.jpg Bob and Meg in an act of fervent osculation
sc15204.jpg Lizzie in court
sc15208.jpg Sarah finds Jim's prison uniform in the wardrobe
sc15303.jpg Doreen's farewell party
sc15401.jpg Myra Desmond
sc15502.jpg Doreen calls on Vera
sc15503.jpg After she drunkenly tells them what she thinks of them
sc15504.jpg the women make Vera even drunker
sc15506.jpg Doreen takes Lizbuff out of hospital
sc15604.jpg Tracey after attempting to slash her wrists
sc15704.jpg Vera meets a wino who reminds her of her mother
sc15901.jpg Erica is warned she could lose her job
sc16001.jpg Anne Griffin
sc16005.jpg Department Inspector Gillespie arrives
sc16008.jpg Bea gets knocked out with a piece of wood
sc16102.jpg Helen back again with another silly wig
sc16105.jpg Vera aims for the heart
sc16106.jpg Target's eye view of Vera
sc16107.jpg Bea wants to know where Judy got the cash from
sc16202.jpg Vera on armed patrol of the perimeter
sc16301.jpg Lizzie wears L plates as a learner fairy godmother
sc16303.jpg Anne imagines her baby is trapped in the drier
sc16505.jpg Lizzie and Bea are trapped when the tunnel collapses

Updated 4th November 2001