Screen captures list - Late 1983 episodes

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sc394.jpg Joan inducts Sonia Stevens
sc395.jpg Phyllis causes Sonia to have an accident with the sewing machine
sc396a.jpg Joan embarasses Colleen by catching an escapee
sc396b.jpg Sonia glares at Joan when she is caught in the laundry van
sc400a.jpg Joan provokes Bea to attack her ("No blood? Pity")
sc400b.jpg Joan leads Bea past Lizzie on her way out of Wentworth
sc400c.jpg Last shot of Bea
sc400d.jpg Lizzie is distraught by Bea leaving without speaking to her
sc402.jpg Cass Parker asks Sonia for a go on the press
sc411a.jpg The women string up Joan in the shower block
sc411b.jpg Phyllis pulls on the sheet to hang Joan
epis413lsd.htm Joan's LSD trip
sc414.jpg Red tinted flashback to David Bridges leading Randi Goodlove to her doom
sc416.jpg David Bridges pulls a knife on Lizzie

Updated 2nd September 2000