Screen captures list - Early 1984 episodes

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sc417.jpg Cass takes a spade to Officer Bridges
sc419.jpg Newspaper confirms prison bloodbath
sc420a.jpg Stunt person pretends to be a wino
sc420b.jpg Colleen and the wino she just knocked over
sc423.jpg Judy washes Joan's shoe
sc424a.jpg The women embarass Joan by refusing to move out of the laundry
sc424b.jpg Erica says she'll see Joan in her office
sc425.jpg Joan threatens Reb
sc426a.jpg Judy demands that Joan clears Colleen and resigns
sc426b.jpg Reb's associates snatch her and Joan from Wentworth
sc426c.jpg Gate guard: "Bloody maniac!"
sc426d.jpg The Major and Joan after she has just killed Reb's associate Alec
sc431.jpg Myra Desmond just before she kills her husband Bill
sc432a.jpg Rick Manning: "Patrick!"
sc432b.jpg The car carrying Colleen's family is destroyed by a bomb
sc434.jpg Colleen is upset after her family are all killed
sc438.jpg Myra gives Gloria a good smacking
sc441a.jpg Fake policeman taking Sonia and Bobbie to Barnhurst
sc441b.jpg Sonia and Bobbie abducted on the way to Barnhurst
sc443a.jpg Phyllis pours boiling water onto Gloria's back to frame Myra
sc443b.jpg Myra makes matters worse by attacking Phyllis
sc445.jpg Joan puts flowers on the grave of her lover Audrey Forbes

Updated 1st September 2000