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Ted Douglas (Ian Smith)

Head of Department of Corrective Services. His main function is to pop in and out of Wentworth without notice to give the Governor a headache.

First seen in (61) where he is credited simply as "Mr Douglas", when he persaudes Erica to take leave to reconsider her resignation over the influence Toni McNally seems to have with the Department. His importance is conveyed in an amusing sequence when he arrives in a posh black limousine, to a rather swish piece of background music which sounds like a cross between the themes from "The Saint" and "Shaft".

When Erica tells him she is definitely going to resign, he influences both her and Jim to reverse their decisions by hinting that Vera would be likely to be the next Governor (66).

In (115) he warns Erica unofficially that he will have to take action against Vera after Kerry Vincent's agent accuses her of pressurising Kerry to hand over a painting to her.

In (161) he is a voice on the other end of the line when Erica phones him to ask how much longer they have to put up with Gillespie's interference.

He interviews Meg when she applies to become a parole and probation officer (189).

Encourages Vera to apply for Governorship of Barnhurst (219). He hears Judy's case for the halfway house in (296).

Appears again in (310) to confirm Meg's reinstatement despite her spell in Wentworth as a prisoner.

Attends the charity concert at Woodridge in (322) and cancels it after Margo's escape attempt. He naturally makes a nuisance of himself during the fire at Wentworth (327) and is embarrassed by Jerry Steele into reducing the charges faced by Bea and Chrissie arising from it (332), and in the following episode announces the Department's decision that Barbara and Mouse are to be blamed for starting the fire.

Joan uses him to get back at Erica (339) though she manages to persuade him not to sack her (340). He orders Erica to accept a social researcher, Jill Clark, as a prisoner to make a report on Wentworth (348) and he arrives to consult her in (351). He interviews Joan over her role in Bea's escape (353) and hints to Erica there are changes afoot for Wentworth (354). He is forced to concede privileges to the women after the "Ellen Farmer" scandal (356) and announces Erica's resignation (361) and tells Colleen he favours Joan to replace her. His wishes are obviously overruled as he introduces Ann as the new Governor (364). Ann calls him in over Maggie's extradition (373)-(374).

Shortly afterwards he is exposed as taking bribes from crime boss Lionel Fellowes (380) and just has time to be blackmailed by Bea into conceding more privileges when he is arrested at the airport in an attempt to evade justice (382).

Considering that Ian Smith was a producer and scriptwriter on the series for many years, it is odd that his name was not sufficiently well known to prevent the role of Ted Douglas being credited to a certain "Ian Stewart" in (339).

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