Sue Crowley (Suzanne Dudley)

Policewoman tailing Doreen in the hope that she will lead the police to Bea (358).

Sue Dennis (Marie O'Loughlin)

Possibly the Coulson's baby sitter, who leaves their daughter Jilly with them when they don't come to collect her (374).

Superintendant (Bruce Carter)

Caretaker of the building where Denise Tyler lives, who lets Judy into Denise's flat (364).

Supermarket Manager (Rob Constable)

In the supermarket where Edith attempts to shoplift (45).

Supermarket Manager (Will Deumer)

Personnel manager who gives Georgie Baxter a job (186). The character isn't listed in the credits, but the actor is easily identifiable even without his usual beard or mustache.

Supervisor (Peter Heath)

At the prison officers training college, where Meg visits Marty (629)

Surgeon (Arthur Pickering)

Operates on Erica's mother Florence (209).

Surgeon (Basil Hull)

During Joan's brain operation (535)

Susan Lewis (Rosie Tonkin)

Secretary at Centaur Security, and in on the joke against Joan with her unseen boss (682).

Susan Page (Jennifer Finch)

Daughter of Alison Page. Probably the real life daughter of the actor who plays her father Don (216)

Susan Rice (Briony Behets)

Arrested after shoplifting a alarm clock in (25), but she refuses to give her name when she is brought to Wentworth and has to be identified from her fingerprints. Even when her identity is known, she refuses to let Erica contact her husband. Social worker Jean Vernon becomes suspicious when Susan pays her own bail and traces Susan's mother, who tells her that Susan's husband applied for a divorce three months ago. Susan is brought back to Wentworth on another shoplifting charge, but is seen frantically tearing up a photograph and when the women in the laundry mention pop star Jason Richards she goes wild. When Meg asks for an explanation, she tells her that Jason Richards is her husband's lover. However, when she sees Dr Weissman for psychiatric assessment, she manages to convince him that she's rational. When Jean tries to trace Susan after her release (29) she is told that her husband has got custody of the children and Susan has disappeared. When Meg is watching an interview with Jason Richards on TV, she spots Susan in the audience. Susan approaches the stage and before anyone can stop her, she throws acid in Jason's face. She is brought back to Wentworth and put in solitary. The truth is revealed: Jason Richards and Frederick Rice are the same person - Susan has invented the gay relationship as a way of making sense of her husband's desertion of her in favour of a showbusiness career.

Susie (Marilyn Rodgers)

Air hostess invited round by Paul Bentley when he thinks his wife is away. When Mrs Bentley returns unexpectedly and they argue, she overhears Mrs Bentley's confession to burying her son alive and later phones the police (9).

Susie (Susanne Heywood)

"Friend" of Pixie's father Mr Potter when they visit Pixie (502). She finds the relationship "unnatural" as her father's new girlfriend is not much older than herself.

Susie Driscoll (Jacqui Gordon)

Young offender who is brought to Wentworth in (260) to put an end to her persistent escapes from institutions. It doesn't, but at least escaping from Wentworth is more of a challenge. Makes several escape attempts, on one occasion getting stuck in the air conditioning conduit from the laundry. When Joanne Slater is brought to Wentworth (273), Susie becomes convinced Jo is her mother, but when her real mother contacts her by letter she rejects Jo (276) When she is paroled, she goes to a hostel run by Mrs Beamish, but cannot live with the strict rules (287). Susie is introduced to Donna Mason by an ex-inmate called Jackie, and is impressed by their lifestyle. When she is sacked from her job in a fast-food restaurant (291), she goes to live with Donna, who is working as a prostitute. Donna's pimp Des sees Susie's potential and puts pressure on Donna to persuade Susie to go on the game. They trick Susie into sleeping with a man without telling her that he is paying for it (293). Susie agrees to become a prostitute to help Donna pay back the money she owes Des for drugs. Des wants Susie to be hooked on drugs and forces her to take heroin (297). Inspector Grace takes Susie to the newly opened halfway house rather than charge her (299) and because she is the first resident, it is later called Driscoll House after her. Judy contacts Jo Slater, who comes to the halfway house and persuades Susie to come back to live with her family on their farm (303).

Sutton, Mr (Alan Rowe)

Employs Nick Clarke as a packer in a warehouse, but Meg has to go and apologise when Nick fails to turn up (203).

Suz (Lisa Dombrowski)

Pronounced to rhyme with "snooze", short for Suzy. Girlfriend of Bernie: Lynn Warner and Doug stay with them after they leave her parents' house to get married.

Suzanne (Joanna Weir)

Giving Karen directions around the campus on her first day at University on study leave (36), credited simply as Student. The same actress later becomes a named character Suzanne (42), but it seems a bit unlikely that Karen would become friends with the same person. It is also strange that in (36) she has no idea where the Humanities building is, but in (42) seems herself to be doing a psychology course like Karen! She invites Karen to an evening lecture on prisoner's rights (42), but of course Karen is unable to attend. She also introduces Karen to Peter Clements (44). Credited in (47) when she is one of a group of students crowding around Tom Burton. Seen again around the University after Karen's release (56) and introduces her to Angela Jeffries (59).

Suzanne (Roberta Hilliers)

Friend of Mrs Hanlon (357), Bea's employer while she is on the run.

Swan, Det. Con. (Bill McLorinan)

Arrests Margo when she is on the run after an escape from Barnhurst and a hit and run accident (308).

Swartz, Matron (Valma Pratt)

Credited first as Matron in (192), though acquiring the apparently misspelt surname (shouldn't it be "Schwartz"?) for the two following episodes. She runs the children's home where Chrissie's daughter Elizabeth is placed. Dressed in a crisp Germolene pink uniform and oozing phony concern, the actress gives one of classic wooden performances in the whole series. She spends so much time enunciating her words that she neglects to give any impression at all of a human being having a conversation with another.

Syd Butterfield (Alan Rowe)

An Army mate of Lynn Warner's father Bert. Mr Warner arranges Lynn's day release job at Syd's market garden (23) but Syd is unhappy when Lynn becomes involved with his son Geoff.

TAB Teller (Steve Lane)

When Faye places her first bet on the outside (after sitting twitching on her mother's sofa for at least half an hour). The actor's name is spelt Steven Lane in the credits.

Tailshaft (Ian Shrives)

Member of the Conquerors. He phones Joan to tell her that her house will be set on fire (623). Ironically, he is one of the volunteers when the Conquerors go to fight the forest fires in (648).

Tammy Fisher (Louise Siversen)

Standing next to Bea in muster line-up and chosen by Joan to scrub out bins for Lizzie's grog (399). Louise Siversen later becomes Lou Kelly, and a prisoner with the name of Tammy is later played by Gloria Ajenstat. For more details of the confusion between Tammy and Lou, see Lou Kelly

Tammy Fisher (Gloria Ajenstat)

Prisoner, often seen in background from fairly early days, and given the name Tammy at least as early as (235) when Judy introduces a group of prisoners to the new arrival Kate Peterson. She has a silent scene with Lizzie in (253) when Jim refers to her as Fisher. In (392) she falls victim to the lassa fever outbreak, but survives. First credited when she takes a meal to Bobbie and Minnie in solitary (436) and speaks up at Sarah Higgins' trial by the women (499). She can be seen in the rec room arm in arm with her girlfriend when Joyce demonstrates her dancing skills in (523). Killed by Ram, leader of the "terrorist" group who break into Wentworth to free Ruth Ballinger (551). The role of Tammy was taken over for a while by Louise Siversen - for more details see Lou Kelly.

Tanner, Det Sgt (Peter Paulsen)

Interviews Hazel about passing stolen money. He amends her signed statement to make it read more like a confession (335).

Tanya Fellows (Elizabeth Rogers)

Prisoner in the kitchen at Wentworth when Merle poisons the meals for solitary (644).

Taps (Valma Pratt)

Friend of Jessie's involved in her escape from hospital and to set the trap to catch Harry Bassinger (618-620).

Tate, Insp. (Russell Newman)

Investigating the silent phone calls Meg is getting (383)-(384).

Taxi Driver (Bernard Blestell)

Takes Major Ferguson to Wentworth for his tour of inspection after Joan is made Acting Governor (424).

Taxi Driver (Rod West)

Takes Rick to a junkyard when he is following Eddie Stevens (430).

Taxi Driver (Luigi Villani)

When Dot has to get a lift back to Wentworth (476).

Taxi Driver (Freddie O'Farrell)

Drives Shane back to his father before custody case (478).

Taxi Driver (George Vidalis)

In a cab taken by Lou Kelly while she is on the run (492).

Taxi Driver (Jack Mobbs)

Gives Dennis a lift (527).

Taxi Driver (Nick Bourne)

For Pippa Reynolds in (567).

Taylor, Dr (Paul Wentford)

Classic demonstration of how doctors should not interview patients. By immediately jumping to conclusions, he puts Ann off discussing her fears about breast cancer (414).

Taylor, Mr (John Proper)

Defending Lizzie when she faces the arson charge after burning down Sid's house (245).

Taylor, Mrs (Amanda Halifax)

Presumably the mother of June Taylor, who is buying a wedding dress in Mr Schumann's shop (420).

Taylor, Mrs (Hazel Campbell)

Teacher from the deaf school accompanying children for PR do for dance marathon and again at the marathon itself (479-482).

Teacher (Carole Browne)

At Debbie's old school when Bea is suffering from amnesia and comes looking for Debbie, believing her to still be alive (200).

Teacher (Marita Robinson)

At a deaf school. Explains deafness in words of one syllable to Lori and Geoff (347).

Teagan, Det Sgt (Sidney Jackson)

Investigates Sharon Gilmour's death, and decides it was an accident (117), but is forced to change his mind when allegations are made against Jock Stewart (118), though he is unable to make Jock admit to anything.

Technician (Gaytana Adorna)

During Joan's brain operation (535)

Ted Douglas (Ian Smith)

Head of Department of Corrective Services. More details.

Ted Jones (Roger Nolan)

One of the three boring men on the disastrous triple blind date set up by Pamela for herself Ann and Meg (656).

Ted Williams

Credit in (263) for the Gate Guard played by Roy Edmunds.

Teddy Penn (Conor McDermottroe)

Accomplice of "Uncle Ed" for the robbery of two bookies using Lorelei as bait (656).

Teenage Boy (Rodney Bell)

Tries to pick Bobbie up, but is told he's too young (445).

Teenage Boy No. 1 (Con Mathios) * Teenage Boy No. 2 (Robert Korosey)

Teenagers who discover Joyce Barry's abandoned car after Lou Kelly's escape (491). Despite the slightly different spelling of his name, it seems possible that Robert Korosey is the younger brother of the actor who played the first incarnation of Marty Jackson.

Telecom Man (Stephen Hutchinson)

Putting in the phone line in Ruth Ballinger's cell (541)

Telecom Man (Malcolm Sim)

Installs the payphone outside the rec room (680).

Terence Makin (John Shaw)

Minnie's lawyer, an ex member of her gang (406)-(411). He is credited in (421) and sees Mo Maguire in (429)

Terri Malone (Margot Knight)

Prison officer who has an affair with Joan Ferguson (540-576). More details

Terrorist No 1 (Bernie Ledger) * Terrorist No 2 (Chris Anderson)

Breaking into Wentworth to free Janet Dominguez after Ros drugs the officers (82) to (83). Later called Da Costa and Cooper in dialogue - presumably No 1 (with the moustache) is Da Costa and No 2 (the blond one) is Cooper.

Terry (Robert Ratti)

Matt Denson's brother, seen in the episode where she is kidnapped (685). He leaves his brother to guard her but when he returns, he is shot and killed by Kath (687).

Terry Barry (Jack Harris)

Posing as Joyce Barry's husband at Meg's housewarming party (125). A shameless imposture as Joyce's real husband is revealed years later to be the charming and sophisticated Norm. Unless of course Joyce has some sort of fetish and repeatedly marries men with the surname Barry?

Terry Farmer, Det Sgt (Simon Chilvers)

Homicide detective investigating the deaths in the fire at Wentworth (327).

Terry Harrison (Brian Hannan)

Prison officer, who arrives in (199) just after Bea has been transferred to Barnhurst. He has an affair with Vera. Turns out to have been married to prisoner Kathy Hall. Shot by gangsters (224).

Terry Jansen (David Legge)

One of the two bookies set up by Lorelei for "Uncle" Ed to rob, but they fight back and Uncle Ed is killed (656).

Terry Mansini (Burt Cooper)

Toni McNally's solicitor. He also brings contraband into Wentworth for her (57). Last seen at her trial (63).

Terry Walters (Bruce Kilpatrick)

Officer at Blackmoor, first seen in (665). He is taken hostage during riot, and exchanged for Bongo, witnessing Craven's double-crossing of Rita and his order that Bongo be shot. He is traced by Phil Clayton and "persuaded" by Ann to appear on "City Probe" to discredit Craven after his death (677).

Tess (Diane O'Connor)

Gets drunk in Driscoll and goes for Judy with a broken bottle (340).

Tessa (Nadia Tass)

Sister-in-law of Irene Zervos (38)

Tezza (Peter Cameron)

One of Gloria's lowlife friends (438).

Thelma Hawkins (Paula Langlands)

Member of the parole board for Bobbie's hearing (513), Judy's final release (534) and later for Nora Flynn (558).

Thelma Turner (Babs Wheelton)

Living across the street from Driscoll no 1 and she visits Judy to offer support (292).

Thomas Gilmour (Graham Duckett)

Crime boss who takes over the role of Lionel Fellowes. He is seen in a state of undress in one of Lisa's photos, but not in person until (657) where her hires hitwoman Frieda Lewin to break into Wentworth and silence Lisa.

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