Erica's OUT tray

So, OK maybe I have heard a little bit of gossip about...

Patsy King and Fiona Spence (were they really "on together"?)

Judy Nunn..?

Maggie Fitzpatrick has been seen in gay bars, but probably just to get away from the hordes of fans.

So has Roger Oakley, though probably not for the same reason.

Tottie Goldsmith hosted the television telecast of the 1997 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

Jude Kuring appeared in a gay sitcom produced for video distribution. The website for the production company Queervision says that "Buck House is a full-on sitcom with several twists. The first is that is written, directed and performed by gay people."

And Trevor Kent sadly died of AIDS in 1990.

Updated ~ 27 July 1997