Accomplice (John Walker)

Steals Rosemary's purse in a cafe (391)

Adam Delany (Shane Lee)

Matt's brother, seen at Matt and Marlene's wedding (533)

Adams, Mrs (Myrtle Woods)

Angel's grandmother (483). Exposes Angel's true nature in some of the worst dialogue - and acting - in the series. ("you're so so beautiful, child, and so so evil").

Admitting Clerk (Joanne Rankin)

Asks for Joan's next of kin when she is admitted to hospital for brain surgery (535)

Adrian Bullock (Bill Rowe)

The contractor for supplying food to Wentworth involved in a fraud with Geoffrey Chaucer (566-570)

Adrian Foster (Peter Dunn)

Eve Wilder's solicitor, who swiftly drops her case to be followed by David Adams (574-580).

Adrian Harrow (John Mortimore)

An official from Internal affairs who investigates the bashing of Spider (662).

Agency Girl (Leonie Collins)

Attempts to find Marilyn a job till she finds she has been in prison (7): in the next scene Marilyn has a visit from her pimp - an interesting juxtaposition

Aggie (Glenda Walsh)

Involved in the fight in B block which leads to Dot's transfer to H block (462).

Agnes Forster (Lois Ramsay)

Social worker appointed to replace Paul Reed (135). Did very little except fuss over her cat Butchie, make tea and fall asleep at her desk. She manages to annoy all the staff except Jim Fletcher, who defends her vigorously, though she is eventually forced to resign (140).

Ahmed Bakarta (George Harlem)

Yemil's husband. Comes to prison to arrange bail for her (510), but Yemil refuses to see him. Myra persuades her.

Al (Gerard Kennay)

One of the group of terrorists who break into Wentworth to free Ruth Ballinger (549).

Alan Desmond (Peter Craig)

Myra's responsible son. First seen visiting Driscoll house with Myra (429), brings Myra clothes and money after her escape (461). Last seen at Myra's funeral (556)

Alan Jeffries (Roger Stephens)

Boyfriend of Sara Hamilton. He visits her in Driscoll while she's in court on drugs charges (325) but catches up with her later for a bungled suicide pact in which he dies but she doesn't.

Alan Lockely (Tom Travers)

Doctor who diagnoses Lisa Mullins' "hysterical aphasia" (660) after the shock news of her boyfriend's death, and explains it to us carefully in case we don't understand this rare condition.

Alan Maxwell (Peter Flett)

Kath Maxwell's husband. First seen in (601) visiting Bob Moran with her. He is seen at her arrest (610) and again in (612). He then brings money into Wentworth for Kath (622), which she uses to buy drugs and protection. When he visits her for the last time in (626), it is to tell her he is moving to Perth, and thus avoids giving evidence at her trial.

Alan Tyler (Victor Kaye)

From the Supreme Court Office. He goes golfing with Ben and offers him a seat on the bench if will drop Daphne's PMT case (566).

Albert James (Alan Rowe)

Member of the parole board for Bobbie's hearing (513), Judy's final release (534) and later for Nora Flynn (558), Julie Egbert (619).

Albert Ross (Roger Boyce)

Plays golf against Joan and Andrew Hinton (621).

Albie Parker (Peter Finlay)

Cass's brother: he visits her at the fete (459) and starts a fight with Phyllis over a pot plant.

Alcott, Mr (Tony Mack)

Nola McKenzie's lawyer (340)

Alex (Lakis Kanzipas)

Brother of Irene Zervos (38) and unable to help her for fear of revealing to the police that he and his wife Tessa are illegal immigrants.

Alex Fraser (Geoff Collins)

Reporter looking for a "human interest" story in Ros Coulson's escape and recapture, but persuaded by Karen to try to write about Pat O'Connell's plight instead (74) to (77).

Alex Woodman (Earl Francis)

Jessie's lawyer. He tells her Harry Bassinger has gone on holiday and dashes her hopes that Bassinger will reveal his identity to the police by trying to murder Lou Kelly while she is on the run (609).

Alf (Frank Raggart)

Bookie owed money by Fred Ferguson. When Monica finds him and tries to pay off the debt (44), she finds that Fred had been conning her and didn't owe anywhere near as much as he told her.

Alice (Gery Scott)

Snobby friend of Mrs Hanlon, Bea's employer while she is on the run (357)

Alice Dodds (Julia Blake)

Takes over halfway house from Judy, but has a nervous breakdown and Myra has to take over (404-407).

Alice Hemmings (Anne Haddy)

Doreen's mother. She is first mentioned in (13) when Doreen is on the run with Franky and tells her the story of her early life - her mother was a "real lady" but she left Doreen with her violent father, who worked as a stablehand. Karen notices Doreen's name on a list of missing persons sent to Angela Jeffries by the Salvation Army, and Erica follows this up while she is on leave by finding out that it is Alice who is trying to trace Doreen. When Erica visits Alice (66), it turns out she is mainly concerned to settle the details of her will, and does not want to see Doreen. A visit to Angela persuades her she ought to visit Doreen in Wentworth, though when she does so, she does not tell Doreen who she is but pretends to be representing the halfway house (67). This is not quite so heartless as it seems, for Alice already knows that she has terminal cancer and does not want to cause Doreen further pain. Doreen only has a short time to get to know her mother, who dies in episode (73) leaving Doreen everything in her will. The house in particular features in plot lines later in the series.

Alice Jenkins (Lois Collinder)

Prisoner. One of Lou's cronies, and later a friend of Rita Connors. More details

Alison Mills (Fiona Corke)

Meets Rodney in a bar and admires his performance in amateur dramatics (679), and obviously persuades him to join her group as they are seen together in rehearsal for "The Importance of Being Earnest" and is followed by Lisa who tapes her seduction by Rodney (684). Not long after, she finds someone more suitable at the tennis club and phones Rodney to give him the brush off.

Alison Page (Fay Kelton)

Middle class prisoner in Wentworth from (215) to (228). Possibly the most tedious of any character of this type - even worse than Kerryn or Nancy? She has problems adjusting to life in Wentworth and misses her husband Don and kids Chris and Susan. She is also terrorised by what she sees as threats from the other women, and after a particularly mild "heavying" from Doreen, she tries to kill herself by sticking a metal coathanger into a wall socket, but is saved by Bea. She then gets a quiet job in reception, though only because Bea sees the advantage of having someone under her control with access to the prisoners' files.

Alison Webb (Pat Forbes)

Social worker who counsels Meg after her pregnancy is discovered as a result of her rape (504).

Alister Moody (Jeff Parks)

One of Gloria's lowlife friends, at the party where both she and Kay Desmond are arrested for possession of drugs (438).

Allan Lewis (Phil Moye)

Although he is not named in dialogue, this is probably Joan's neighbour who breaks into her house with a pickaxe when her kitchen is set on fire on Lionel Fellowes' orders (554).

Allen, Det. Sgt. (Tim Robertson)

Investigates Bill Jackson's murder (4)

Allen, Det Sgt (Kenneth Goodlet)

Investigates Bella Albrecht's murder (53)-(54). Erica calls him "Inspector" Allen, which is probably his true rank, as he is accompanied by a junior officer of the rank Detective Sergeant. However, he is called Detective Sergeant again when he investigates Ros Coulson's escape (74), but he is not listed in the credits. Credited in (90) when he arrests Caroline Simpson and her mother, and mentioned as a witness during her trial (114), but he is not seen.

Alpha Centauri, Rev (Kevin Summers)

Leader of the cult which Helen Smart's sister Sharon joins. He is seen wearing a rather dodgy pearl necklace as a headband and is naturally a total fake. His real name is revealed to be James Blackman (382).

Amanda Cole (Antoinette Byron)

Susie's roommate in the hostel after parole (287).

Amanda Francis (Meg Clancy)

Lawyer from Legal Aid appointed for Eve Wilder, and to her disappointment unsusceptible to the little girl lost routine she usually tried on men (589).

Ambulance Attendant (Peter Scott-Tulloch)

Taking Joyce Barry to hospital after being bashed by Eve Wilder (586).

Ambulance Attendant (Ray Hutchinson)

Taking Lou to hospital after her faked suicide attempt (606).

Ambulance Driver (Michael Bennett)

Taking Lou to hospital after her faked suicide attempt (606).

Ambulance Driver (Campbell Higgins)

Taking Dan to hospital after being run over by Bongo Connors (618).

Ambulance Driver (actual) (Michael Bennett)

In the episode where Rachel's father is run over by Trevor Priest (454): a strange credit presumably implying that one actor played the ambulance man and another person actually drove the vehicle?

Ambulanceman (Peter Byrne)

Removes Alan Jeffries from Driscoll after the failed suicide pact (326).

Ambulanceman (Nick Antipas)

When Laura Gardiner/Brandy Carter attempts suicide (379)

Ambulanceman 1 (Colin McKay) * Ambulanceman 2 (David Armstrong)

After the killings of corrupt detectives Mears and Birmingham (449)

Ambulanceman 1 (Eric McPhan) * Ambulanceman 2 (Peter Howard)

When Reb Kean is taken to hospital after being given an overdose of her own drugs by Myra (451)

Ambulanceman (Peter Sinclair)

When Pop Milsom is run over by Trevor Priest (454) .

Ambulanceman (Bruce Atkins) * Ambulanceman (Peter Dade)

Called to Wentworth for the bomb scare during the dance marathon (482)

Ambulanceman (Nick Antipas)

After the explosion in the warehouse where Ann and Meg are being held by Brian Lowe

Ambulance Man 1 (Ray Hutchinson)

Taking Jessie to hospital after she drinks poisoned grog (611). There does not seem to be an Ambulance Man 2.

Ambulance Man (Ray Hutchinson)

Taking Dan to hospital after being run over by Bongo Connors (618).

Ambulance Man (Alex Sascha) * Ambulance Man (Steven Smith)

Local colour in the scenes of forest fires (648).

Ambulance Officer 1 (Ian Swan) * Ambulance Officer 2 (Simon Davies)

When Shane is trapped in the drain (471).

Ambulance Officer (Tony Cornwell)

In two successive episodes, for the bomb blast attempt on Joan's life which kills a neighbour (554) and when Dennis is knee-capped by Frank Burke (555).

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