Amelia Bassinger (Barbara Burder)

Harry Bassinger's wife (608)-(620).

Amelia Humber (Myrtle Woods)

Sweet old lady found by Michelle Parks's trainer Henry Lawrence to act as a witness for Michelle and give her an alibi (211). After Henry and Michelle arrange for Jim Fletcher to meet her accidentally in the park, she is persuaded to give evidence at Michelle's trial (213) that she saw her out running at the time when Michelle was supposed to have been robbing her ex-employer's safe. Michelle offers to buy her a new TV to thank her - and the writing and performance leave it open whether Amelia is actually cunning and calculating beneath the disguise of a a dithery old dear.

Amy Ryan (Penny Ramsay)

Steve Ryan's snobbish dipsomaniac mother appears in (616), where she phones Ann to expose her son's dishonesty in applying for a job as a handyman to get inside Wentworth. She finds out her son intends to marry a prisoner in (620) and visits Julie in (622) to find out the identity of the hostile officer mentioned in Steve's thesis, and gives Joan her card. After Joan's house is burnt down and she needs money, she agrees to Mrs Ryan's deal of money in return for adding to Julie's sentence. After Kath has fed Julie LSD, she features in Julie's hallucination haloed in purple, but decides not to pay Joan when Steve tells her he's marrying Julie anyway (625). Joan visits her to threaten her when she doesn't pay up in (626). Last seen at Steve and Julie's wedding, disapproving to the last (628).

Anaesthetist (Lawrence Mah)

During Joan's brain operation (535)

Andrea Hennessy (Bethany Lee)

Student activist originally seen leading a demonstration for prisoners' rights outside Wentworth (228), but a scuffle with Colleen leads to her imprisonment inside. She is put to share a cell with Judy, but manages to antagonise most of the other inmates. Andrea's friends try to free her but Bea notices them and the fact that they are armed and warns the other women to lie flat on the ground. This alerts the officers, so the escape attempt is prevented and leads to a major falling out between Bea and Judy. Judy thought that Bea's warning was tantamount to lagging and the real reason behind it was not concern for the other women's safety but because Bea disliked Andrea. Andrea's university friends Linda Golman and Ricki Lee then kidnapped Erica Davidson, holding her hostage to obtain Andrea's release. Bea and Judy worked out their differences and decided to hold Andrea hostage so that Erica would be freed. Eventually the police rescued Erica from her captors. Ricki was killed and Linda wound up in Wentworth where she quarrelled with Andrea. Linda then committed suicide rather than face a long stretch in prison. A slightly wiser Andrea was transferred to E block for her own safety to serve the remaining weeks of her sentence (236) after she is beaten up by Sandy Edwards. [Info from RL]

Andrea Sheldon (Pat Forbes)

Wife of David Sheldon, a couple who get Roxanne to have a surrogate child for them (378)-(381).

Andrew Fry (Howard Bell)

Department lackey, whose conversation with his bitchy friends at a reception reveals the true reason for William Coleby's offer of promotion (520). He is the chair of the parole board that decides on Judy's final release (534). He is last seen turning down most of the Council's demands (556), but we find out later in the episode that he has resigned in shame after Queenie Marshall recognises him as one of her clients.

Andrew Hinton (Fredric Abbott)

Implausible romantic attachment for Joan Ferguson: she meets him in a bar in (613) and gets to know him better after arm wrestling one of his friends who makes a sexist comment. They meet again in (614), and they play golf together in (621). After her home is destroyed by fire, Joan moves in with him (623), but he is killed in a hit and run accident on Harry Parker's instructions when Joan crosses him over a drugs deal (634).

Andrew O'Connell (Simon Reichelt)

Pat O'Connell's youngest son. He appears first uncredited in (68) and in (75) and (77) when Pat is paroled for Christmas and returns to her family. His first credit is when he is brought to see his mother in Wentworth (106) after running away from his children's home for a second time.

Andrew Reynolds (John Lee)

Owner of garment factory who offers Erica the opportunity to send women on a work release scheme to his factory (125), frankly admitting that the cheap labour will help him to fufil a Government contract. He courts Erica Davidson, leading to accusations of corruption in the setting up of the work release. Erica nearly resigns over the issue, and Reynolds' wife divorces him when she discovers his apparent affair with Erica (135).

Andrew Watkins (Michael John Bury)

Mum's grandson (5)

Andrews, Det (Peter Sinclair)

With Inspector Grace interrogating Dennis Cruickshank when he is suspected of the serial killings of young female hitchhikers (526)-(528)

Andrews, Mr (Alan Madden)

Kate Peterson's new solicitor in (263), who tells her that with the new "witness" she can expect to have her charge reduced to manslaughter and be out in six months. After the witness is exposed as a fraud, he visits again to tell Kate he won't be representing her (268), and is called a "sanctimonious cretin" for his trouble. On this occasion, he is credited just as "Solicitor".

Andy (Bob Jewell)

Harry Bassinger's neighbour (604).

Andy Hudson (Ric Herbert)

Prisoner at Woodridge. He assists Paddy Lawson with stage management duties during the joint charity concert (318). When the women are transferred to Woodridge after the fire, Chrissie Latham passes on the information that Paddy is in hospital (327) and Paddy visits him after her release (328) but does not tell him about his father's stroke. He gets bashed by other male prisoners and escapes from hospital to be with Paddy but they are both recaptured (329).

Andy West (Rod Richardson)

Reporter, a colleague of Clive Featherstone, whose name he uses when replying to Pixie's advert (400)-(402).

Angel Adams (Kylie Foster)

Jailed for involvement with boyfriend's crimes (477). "Sweet and innocent" young girl (i.e. a sickly Shirley Temple clone), who is in reality a vicious and manipulative monster. Her true nature is suspected by both Joan and Bobbie, but the other women take longer to realise. Mrs Adams, her grandmother, eventually reveals her suspicion that the fire which killed Angel's parents was started deliberately. Sent to Coventry by the women, then scalped, Angel becomes more deranged, stabbing Joan with a pair of scissors and bashing Meg. She then cracks up, hiding in a corner muttering "I'm sorry" (488) and is transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

Angela Hopkins (Rosie Lalevich)

Perhaps a prisoner in Wentworth's kitchen in the scene with Tanya Fellows (644).

Angela Jeffries (Jeanie Drynan)

Lesbian lawyer involved with the Prison Reform Group and in the plan to set up a halfway house. She offers Karen accomodation and a job (59), so Karen moves in with her for a while. Angela has to warn Karen off from falling in love with her (64). She helps to get Pat O'Connell transferred to Wentworth and handles Pat's divorce then disappears from the series for a while when she hands over the halfway house for Karen to run (68). When Karen is shot by David O'Connell, she defends him while also handling Pat's appeal and running the halfway house (80). She continues to be mentioned for some time after her last appearance, for instance in (114) in connection with Doreen's mother's will.

Angie Dobbs (Gonza Sheils)

The character name comes from the entry in The Internet Movie Database. I don't know who she was or when she appeared, though there is a background character in (193) called on separate occasions "Angie" and "Dobbs". She is the one who receives a "pornographic" magazine through the post when Vera is going through it after censorship of the mail has been restored. In (207), the same actress is twice referred to as Dobbs and in (208) she seems to be sharing a cell with Hazel.

Angus Cameron (Walter Pym)

Lizzie Birdsworth's cantankerous brother, who disinherits her with his dying words, not suprisingly as they have just had a furious argument. Lizzie takes a souvenir back to Wentworth in the shape of a valuable piece of porcelain identified by Erica (22)

Anita Selby (Diane Craig)

Nun brought to Wentworth in after her arrest at a nuclear disarmament rally, and is promptly assaulted by Frank Burke, though the sight of her crucifix under her blouse gives him a moment's pause (526). Lou Kelly is constantly trying to undermine her "holier-than-thou" surface, but unfortunately her sanctimoniousness usually wins out. Her struggles with her conscience and sexuality are supposedly the "point" of her character, but her main function is to lag on Myra's framing of Joan for an assault on Lou and allow Joan to live another day (536) and to visit Joan in hospital (537) to effect Joan's (thankfully short-lived) transformation into a creature with finer feelings.

Ann Reynolds (Gerda Nicolson)

Governor of Wentworth for the second half of the series (364-692). More details

Anna (Adair Stagg)

Another ageing ex-prostitute who is inexplicably introduced in (590) as someone for Jessie to talk to about her past, although Mabel is already there, and this character is not asked to do much more than than nod.

Anne Griffin (Rowena Wallace)

In Wentworth for armed robbery with violence (160) after holding up a shopkeeper with a knife, but she behaves strangely from the outset, and says the money the police found on her was a loan from her friend Megan. Her confusion proves dangerous for the inmates involved in the tunnel escape as she blocks the tunnel entrance so they cannot come back into the garden. She is later found to be mentally unbalanced and transferred to a psychiatric hospital (167).

Anne Yates (Kirsty Child)

Sacked as warder at Wentworth in (1) for supplying the women with drugs. Vera meets George Lucas, Ann's business associate, at a party and falls in love with him. When George's rackets are exposed, Ann is arrested and sent to Wentworth as a prisoner (28). After stabbing Bea, she runs away from the women and hides in the drier. Vera passes through the laundry and closes the door: Ann suffocates. At first it is suspected that she has escaped, but Lizzie finds the body in (30).

Annie Ross (Tracey Kelley)

Halfway house resident in a scene early in (430). She comes downstairs to report that another resident (Kathy Silver) has been sick. Oddly, she manages to do this even though she left the set to the right and did not follow Kathy upstairs...

Announcer (Ivor Bowyer)

Announcing the verdict of Toni McNally's trial (63)

Announcer (John Larking)

On the TV when the women hear news of Erica's kidnap (231). Credited for the following episode as "Newsreader", another voice only role, and perhaps meant to be the same person (and the credits manage to spell the actor's name right this time!)

Announcer V/O (Adam Joseph)

Giving a report of Karen Travers' trial on the radio, through which her Mother is convinced to attend and give evidence (25). Credited in the same way for (31) when he gives Bea's description over the radio after she escapes from hospital.

Announcer (Kirk Alexander)

Possibly when Joan is watching TV alone in the depths of solitary misery in (611)? She is so depressed that she is willing to submit to the torture of an old episode of "Are You Being Served?" - to judge by the voices on the soundtrack.

Anthony Vickers (Ross Sharp)

Politician and friend of Julian Phillips. Julian asks him to take up Jacki Nolan's case, hinting that the publicity might propel Mr Vickers from his back bench seat into the limelight (157).

Antonia McNally (Pat Bishop)

Full name: Antonia McNally, but usually referred to in dialogue as Toni. Toni McNally is not a woman to be trifled with. When she finds out that Jackie Coulson is having an affair with her husband Sean, she finds her in a bar, follows her into the toilet and shoots her (57). She is brought to Wentworth in the same episode, and sets about buying the women's favours: she takes over the press from Monnie just to prove she can, then pays Kath Leach to operate it for her. She appears unconcerned about the prospect of a murder trial, since she assumes her husband will sort out any problems by threatening or paying off witnesses. Erica resigns briefly in protest at the favourable treatment ordered for Toni. At Toni's trial she is found not guilty, but she is rejected by her husband and Jackie Coulson's daughter Ros has tracked her down and shoots her as she leaves the court building (63). Also credited in (64) but not seen in this episode.

Arch, Uncle (Maurie Fields)

Introduced when Judy meets her new son-in-law Geoff, who invites her to a race meeting where his uncle has a horse running (256). This is how Judy meets up again with Jock Stewart.

Archie Trimble (Simon Westaway)

Old man set up by Stud Wilson for Alice, though he turns out not to be such a stud as Stud promised (669). Surely even Alice would realise that a man called Trimble could only a washout as a sex symbol?

Armed Guard (Glen Ruehland)

Shoots Maxine (391). Bastard!

Arna Johannsen (Kerry McGuire)

Absurd character, supposedly the daughter of a Swedish furniture manufacturer, who visits Australia to negotiate an import deal with Bob Morris (206). With an unreal blond wig and even stranger accent, she flirts shamelessly with Bob. Nick tells Meg about Arna's charms to try to drive Meg and Bob apart, but when Meg goes for lunch with Arna, she turns out to be a great enthusiast for prison reform, and is taken round Wentworth on a visit (207) where her liberal ideas impress the women. The writers could not anticipate the series would be shown in Sweden, or they might have taken more care with the character's name: Arna is not a Swedish name (possibly they were thinking of Arne, which is a man's name) and the "..sen" ending is Danish or Norwegian. The correct Swedish form would be "Johannson" or Johansson". (Thanks Anders!)

Art Buyer (John Blackman)

Potential customer for Kerry Vincent's art, even though his considered opinion is that it is "trash" (122).

Arthur Charlton (Roy Edmunds)

Lizzie's real son, who arrives out of the blue to provide a real family and a happy ending for Lizzie after so many disappointments (404)-(416).

Arthur Richards (Sydney Jackson)

Department representative after Ted Douglas (387-405). The Minister tells Ann he's been transferred in (408).

Askin, Mr (Telford Jackson)

Solicitor, first introduced when he visits Driscoll House in connection with Judy's father's will, and inadvertently gives away confidential information to Judy's sister Frances (337). He visits Wentworth in connection with another will: he tells Ann and Bea the terms of Mum Brooks' bequest to the women (388). In later episodes he appears to be Judy's personal solicitor: he advises Judy after Hazel's death (400) and is consulted by Judy when she decides to sue the record company for breach of her copyright in "Pixie's song" (530).

Attendant (Stan Taylor)

At the service station robbed by Leanne Bourke and Denny (55).

Attendant (Stewart Lowe)

Presumably not attending a petrol station, as this is the episode where Rita gets her first taste of Blackmoor (665). However, it is not clear which character this description applies to.

Audrey Forbes (Marianne Collopy)

Joan's prisoner lover in her flashback (445) prompted to a visit to her grave while taking her father for tests in Sydney

Auntie Harriet (Jenny Jarman-Walker)

A raddled inmate of Blackmoor, mistaken by Rita for Roo Morgan in (666), much to everyone's amusement. It is hard to believe that this is the same actress who played Norm Barry's girlfriend Beryl Simmonds or the manageress of the dress shop where Doreen tries to get caught shoplifting (436).

Babs Martin (Marianne Brooke)

Prisoner at Wentworth, often seen as an extra - from (291) or earlier. She gets the soldering iron for Bea which she uses to brand Nola (342), serves a small portion to Maxine in (358) and is credited in (363), where we find her surname is Martin.

Baby (Scott Wealands)

Lexie's baby (648), at this stage unnamed.

Baby David (Eugene Samolin)

Lori's baby, found by Hazel on the doorstep of Driscoll House, where he had been abandoned by his mother. He is eventually reunited with her after much persuasion from her husband and Judy (343-346).

Baby Sitter (Shaaron Smith)

At the house of Mum's daughter Lorraine when Bea tries to find Mum when she is on the run after escaping from the crashed van (199).

Backpack Cameraman (Julian Noel)

For the dance marathon (480-482).

Bailey, Officer (Maureen Edwards)

Second string officer, no first name or personality. First seen when she swaps shifts with Vera in (151). Helps the other officers trying to find Margo's tape of Terry Harrison offering to bring her whisky (208). Credited in (219). Supports the strike call by Meg (250). Bashed by Hazel Kent in (266). Credited again in (326). Breaks up a fight between Bea and Chrissie in Woodridge (330). Credited in (419). Authorises Camilla Wells' phonecall to her own radio program (431), locks the security gate when Cass attacks Dennis (460), where she is referred to as Sue Bailey. Tied up by Lou Kelly during her escape attempt (491). Credited in (617), and offers to do Joan's rounds in (623).

Bailiff (Norman Handcock)

Swearing in Margo at Bea and Mum's trial (203).

Bailiff (Peter Black)

At Carol Lewis's trial for the manslaughter of her husband Doug (284).

Bailiff V/O (Adam Joseph)

As if he did not have enough to do announcing for every TV and radio station received in Wentworth, Adam Joseph does a bit of moonlighting for the judicial system. His cry "The Queen and Travers" can be heard while Karen is speaking to Steve Wilson before her trial (24).

Bank Manager (Bruce Carter)

Tries to sort out Ettie's confusion with currencies when she tries to withdraw money after her release (525).

Bank Manager (Raymond Rich)

When Joan Ferguson checks up whether her payment from Amy Ryan has hit her bank account (626).

Bank Teller (David McLean)

Deals with Barbara Fields when she deposits "borrowed" money and gets a cheque to purchase land (303).

Bank Teller (Steve Kidd)

Calls the Bank Manager for Ettie (525).

Bank Teller (Phillip Mushen)

In the bank where Ettie does a holdup (544).

Bar Customer (Derek Manley)

Attempting to chat up Melinda Cross when she meets Karen in a bar (56).

Barbara (Rosie Tonkin)

Ben Fulbright's secretary, whose flirtations with him make Pippa Reynolds jealous (564), (566), (572).

Barbara Davidson (Sally Cahill)

Erica's niece, sent to Wentworth on a drugs smuggling charge, much to Erica's embarrassment (17). She proves to be an arch manipulator, tricking Vera into colluding with her smuggling drugs into Wentworth to frame Monica, but keeping some for herself. After locking herself in her cell and threatening self-immolation, she is coaxed out by Erica, only to find herself transferred to another prison (24). The first, and perhaps least convincing, example of a plot line involving prisoners related to officers.

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