There are many films which include actors who have been in "Prisoner".
There are some films which have half a dozen actors who have been in "Prisoner".
But how many films include 68 credited actors who've been in "Prisoner"?
(Not to mention Mark Little from "Neighbours"...)

"A Cry in the Dark" is the only one I can think of offhand.
(By the way, the credits for this film listed in the Internet Movie Database are not complete, as they claim)

To aid spotting, here is a list of all the credited actors in the order they appear in the end credits - or you could see my list of the ones I can spot in the order they appear in the film.

Follow the links to find out which parts they played in "Prisoner"... (mostly fairly small, of course)
THE FAMILY Brian James  Cliff Murchison 
ALICE SPRINGS COURT Maurice Fields  Barritt
Peter Hosking  Macknay
Matthew Barker  O’Loughlin 
Bruce Kilpatrick  Peter Dean
DARWIN COURT Charles Tingwell  Justice Muirhead 
Sandy Gore  Joy Kuhl 
Gary Files  Professor Chaikin 
Peter Aanenensen  Sims
David Ravenswood  Professor Nairn 
Eve Godley  Jury 
Reg Evans  Jury
Douglas Hedge  Jury
James Wright  Jury
Bill Johnston  Jury
Robin Dene  Jury
George Viskich  Jury
Merrin Canning  Jury
Velma Pratt  Jury
THE MEDIA Frank Holden  John Eldridge 
Tim Robertson  Wallace 
Ian Gilmour  John Buckland
  John Quinn  Frank Kennedy 
Deborah-Lee Furness  Magazine Reporter 
Terrie Waddell  Mary Walsh 
Abbie Holmes  Additional Journalists 
John Heywood  David Hall 
Peter Byrne  George Samson 
Maureen Edwards  Kate Woodman 
Justin Gaffney  Colin McRae 
Bruce Carter  Newsreader 
Peter Flett  Bashott
Lindy McConchie  Conrad Grey’s Guest 
Charles Dance  TV Panel Guest 
James Condon  Reginald Scholes 
James M Taylor  Justice Gallagher 
Philip Holder  Newsreaders
THE POLICE & RANGERS Vincent Gill  Raff
Burt Cooper  Gilligan
Lawrence Held Plumb 
Paul Young  Sgt Cocks 
Iain Murton  Operation Ochre Police 
Daryl Pellizer  Beer Garden Policeman 
AYERS ROCK Debra Lawrence  Sally Lowe
  Brenda Addy  Judy West 
Caroline Gillmer  Amy Whittaker 
Reg Gorman  Mr Whittaker 
David Bradshaw  Murray Haby
Jan Friedl  Ininti Store Manageress 
AVONDALE Alan Hopgood  President Cox 
DARWIN Bob Baines  Chief Minister 
Ian McFadyen  Attorney General 
Maggie Millar  Sister
Billie Hammersberg  Mrs Herron 
GOSSIPERS Don Bridges  Farmer 
John Bishop  Salesman
George Harlem  Factory Worker 
Peter Tabor  TV Producer
Gary Samolin  School Teacher 
  Mark Mitchell  School Teacher 
Glen Robbins  Young Father 
Robert Ratti  Fruiterer
Peter Tulloch  Dinner Party Guest
Paul Karo  Lecturer 
Max Davidson  Bowler 
John Ford  Bowler 
John Larking  Barrister
Ray Hare  Actor

Updated ~ 01 June 2000