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Yes ... Edna ... (sob) Thanks to Martin (Malta) for taping this episode and Sean (USA) for arranging to let me see a tape of it so I could transcribe the dialogue for the missing scenes.

Thanks also to Tim for doing the screen captures.

Marie backs off from bashing Marlene when she begs her not to, and demands instead that Marlene gives her as much information on Heather as she knows, even apparently trivial stuff. Joan takes Shane's dog to the vet: he keeps the dog in overnight, but he survives. Meg has a surprise visitor: her step-daughter Tracey, who tells her about Bob's new wife Tricia. She invites herself to stay with Meg while she's town. Marlene asks to be friends with Bobbie, but she is still bitter at the friends she's just lost. Heather decides she is going to stand up to Joan's sniping, and when she makes a catty remark she tells Joan to get off her back. Marie makes Judy work the drier, and finds out about Judy's pace-maker from Bobbie's protest. Kay has a bad time with withdrawal symptoms and has to be held down by Wally and Myra. Joan quizzes Dennis about children's homes and as a result of what he tells her, she becomes more determined to help Shane and keep him out of an institution. Marlene is put on a charge by Joan for putting too much powder in the washing machine and making it overflow. Judy apologises to Dennis for blaming him for Bobbie's miscarriage. Meg refuses to back Joan's charge: Joan warns her she expects Ann will soon be out and she will be Governor. Reb returns from solitary and agrees to deal drugs for Marie. Ann tells Meg that because of Joan's report to the Department she has been put on six week's notice and will get the sack if anything else goes wrong. Dennis apologise to Bobbie for hurting her. Ann takes up Marlene's suggestion that the women should have aerobics classes and puts her in charge of running one rather than punishing her. Judy is held against the drier by Marie when she objects to her drug dealing. 

Edna's induction
Cut: approx 1' 57"
  • Joyce: (to the policewoman) Thank you. Right, Pearson. Over here on the white line please.
  • [Edna stays rooted to the spot near the door]

  • Joyce: Well, come on Pearson, there's nothing to worry about.
  • Edna: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were speaking to... I'm sorry.
  • Joyce: That's all right, my dear. Now, you just answer when I ask the questions, right? Your name is Edna May Pearson - is that correct?
  • Edna: Edna, yes.
  • Joyce: And you've been convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment?
  • Edna: (breaks down in tears).
  • Joyce: Now, come on, Pearson. It's a bit of a shock for everyone at first, but as soon as we get this out of the way...
  • Edna: Yes, of course. I'm sorry. It's just like a bad dream. Everyone keeps saying that I murdered my husband and I didn't. I couldn't. Not Harry.
  • Joyce: No, of course. Well, look, I'll just repeat the questions and you answer. All right? You have been convicted of ... Oh look, you remember all that. Just answer yes or no.
  • Edna: Yes.
  • Joyce: Good. Well, now we've got that out of the way. Now all you have to do is shower and change and then I'll take you to see the Sister. Do you feel up to it?
  • Edna: Yes, thank you. You've been very kind. Do you think... ? I'm sorry, I don't know your name.
  • Joyce: Oh, Barry. Mrs Barry.
  • Edna: Mrs Barry, do you think I could see my husband?
  • Joyce: Oh well, no. Not just yet. We'd like to get you settled in first, but I'm sure you'll see him soon. I've read all about him: he sounds a wonderful man.
  • Edna: Yes. Yes, he is. So why would I want to poison him?

  • Marlene slaps a notice on Heather's back reading "RUNNING IN PLEASE PASS", but Meg notices it and suggests she have a word with Marlene. Heather catches Marie hiding a cigarette packet under her pillow, but when challenged to hand it over, Marie issues veiled threats to get Heather's family. Meg arrives home and is introduced to Tracey's boyfriend Mark, who nervily pulls a gun on Meg. The women watch Leigh's interview on TV, which gives Marlene an idea to hold a fashion parade. 

    Meet the Girls
    Heather takes Edna to the rec room
    Cut: approx 0' 32"
    The end of the scene in the cut version is:

  • Marlene: You'd show us how to do it, wouldn't you, Leigh?
  • Leigh: Sorry, love: I'm on holidays.
  • The original version continues:

  • Marie: Oh, well, well. Look who's just joined us. The place is crawling with TV stars, isn't it?
  • [Heather brings Edna to the rec room]

  • Heather: This is Edna Pearson, everyone. Would you look after her, Judy, please?

  • Judy: Sure, yeah.

  • Heather: Marlene, can I see you please?

  • Marlene: Sure thing. Talk her into it will you everyone? Hi Edna, bye Edna.

  • Judy: (to Edna) Hello then. I'm Judy Bryant.

  • Edna: Oh, hello. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm not coping with all this very well.

  • Judy: Come on. None of us do when we first come in here. Come and meet the girls, huh?

  • Heather tells Marlene not to play any more jokes on her, and finds out that she told Marie about her family. Joan is listening outside and tells her it isn't wise to get to know prisoners on a "social" level.

    Sympathy sans Tea
    Edna gets everyone's sympathy ...
  • Bobbie: But how can they say you murdered your husband if he says you didn't?

  • Judy: Yeah. I've got to admit the whole thing seemed cockeyed to me. I've been watching it on the telly. I couldn't believe it when they found you guilty.

  • Edna: On, thank heavens someone believes me. You've no idea what that means to me.

  • Rachel: But didn't your husband say something about taking the poison by accident?

  • Edna: In his workshop, yes. Well, that must have been what happened. We can't think of any other explanation.

  • Leigh: Well, I'm with Bobbie. I just can't see how they can find you guilty.

  • Marlene: Yeah, it's bloody amazing.

  • Edna: Well, my barrister said it looked bad because of the death of my first husband.
  • Marie sticks her oar in
    ... except Marie's
    Cut: approx 0' 56"
  • Marie: Ho ho ho. Bloody hell! You knock him off too, did you?

  • Rachel: Don't take any notice of her, Edna. We don't.

  • Edna: No, you see, Morris - that was my first husband - he was chronically ill for the last three years of his life and then he took poison and killed himself.

  • Judy: Yeah, so what's that got to do with your present husband?

  • Edna: Oh Judy, I wish I knew. If only someone would explain it to me.

  • Mark and Tracey are using Meg's as a hide-out after a robbery on a TAB office: he has been out of work for 3 years because he's diabetic. Meg makes a run for the door when he leaves the room to inject his insulin: Tracey alerts Mark and he returns and knocks Meg out. Joan tells Marie to go ahead with the drug racket: in return she wants her to cause as much trouble for Ann as possible.

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