Bea feels that Debbie is meddling in her personal life. Debbie talks her mother into coming to Melbourne.

First broadcast ... 1981 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Wednesday 21 January 04:40
DVD release: volume 12 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 00:48:36

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Vera ~ Fiona Spence
David ~ Serge Lazareff
Chrissie ~ Amanda Muggleton
Mick ~ Michael Long
Ken ~ Tom Oliver
Debbie ~ Dina Mann
Marion Pearce ~ Beverly Phillips
Mouse ~ Jentah Sobott

  • Written by Denise Morgan
  • Directed by Leigh Spence
  • When Ken notices his wife's signature in the visitor's book , we can see several other familiar names too. When the shot moves slightly we can see the address and the start of a date "17/4/" - presumably the year would be 1981?

    Bea refuses to talk to Ken on try to persuade him to give up his work for the PRG, but Debbie says she won't allow Bea to stand in the way of her parents getting back together. Lizzie interrupts Bea in the middle of an extended flashback to her scene in the storeroom cupboard with Ken: Bea is obviously still in her daydream when she asks Lizzie if Ken would ever say something he didn't mean. Lizzie agrees that he wouldn't which confirms Bea in her opinion that she ought to try to fight for whatever relationship she can have with Ken. Vera tries to bring Bea down to earth by telling her that she's been talking to Debbie, and that she vowed never to let Ken see Bea ever again: Meg overhears and tells Vera she should know better than to bait a prisoner. Debbie gets Ken to agree to have her mother come to stay - ostensibly to help her shop for the wedding. Bea gets Erica to agree to an unsupervised visit by pretending that she only wants to do what Debbie asked. Vera supervises the phone call Bea makes to Ken and loses no time in letting Bea know she isn't fooled and knows why she really wants the visit. Mouse annoys Chrissie by asking her if she really lied about Mick being Elizabeth's father, and Chrissie picks on Bea in her turn, provoking her into a bout of hair-pulling. Jim breaks up the scrap, but only sends both women to their cells to cool down. Debbie phones her mother and insists that she must come to visit or risk having her marriage destroyed once and for all. Ken comes to visit Bea: he tells her the way to get out earlier is to play the officers at their own game. She hints that he should try to get Erica and David to agree to have him working at Wentworth again. Chrissie asks Meg if she's only stringing her along and will get her own back (for Bill's murder, by implication) by blocking her parole at the last minute, but Meg convinces her that she has no such thoughts. Ken gets permission to resume his visits to Wentworth in an official capacity; when he arrives home he is shocked to find his wife Marion there, and she lets him know that she's well aware who Bea Smith is. Instead of going shopping, Debbie drives with Marion to Wentworth. Vera allows Marion to visit Bea when she finds out who she is, and stirs up both women by making insinuations to Marion about Ken and Bea and telling Bea that Marion signed the visitors' book using Ken's address. Bea lays into Marion for abandoning her husband when he needed her most, and adds that Ken obviously doesn't need her now: Marion replies quietly "perhaps". The Pearces reminisce over a family snapshot album. Marion tells Ken that she's visited Bea and tells him something he seems not to realise: that Bea is in love with him. Bea indulges in a romantic fantasy of walking through a misty park then dancing in a half timbered banqueting hall cheek to cheek with Ken . Vera nearly rips the lining out of Ken's briefcase when he turns up for work. When Vera goes to collect Bea for a meeting with Ken and David in the library, she mocks her for having put make-up on, telling her she looks ridiculous. David leaves Ken and Bea alone in the library. Bea talks about knowing when you have met the right person - but unfortunately Ken applies this to his relationship with Marion, and it makes him even keener to save his marriage. Chrissie is told her parole has been granted. Ken asks for five minutes alone with Bea. Chrissie is released and Mick drives her home, though his over-protectiveness is already starting to irritate her. Ken tells Bea he isn't going to be coming back to Wentworth and is returning to his wife. Vera races to the library when she realises Ken and Bea are alone there and demands that Ken leaves. Lizzie finds Bea alone in her cell and tries to comfort her: Bea begs to be left alone. Under the credit sequence, she is seen pacing her cell attempting to control her emotions , but she eventually collapses sobbing to the floor .


    Script Editor: Patrick Amer
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, Alastair Sharp, Peter Brennan