Jackie is under pressure to admit she put Judy in prison and Colleen finds it hard to hide her feelings towards Carol.

First broadcast ... 1982 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Friday 29 May 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 18 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 0:45:44

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Off. Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Steve ~ Wayne Jarratt
Susie ~ Jacqui Gordon
Margo ~ Jane Clifton
Helen ~ Caroline Gillmer
Carol ~ Elisabeth Crosby
Jennifer ~ Sarah Machin
Patrick ~ Rob Steele
Jackie ~ Catherine Lynch
Matt ~ Peter Dunn
Wendy ~ Helen Noonan
Mr Walton ~ Clive Hearne
Off. Bailey ~ Maureen Edwards

  • Written by Coral Drouyn
  • Directed by Marcus Cole
  • Jackie follows the other women to the rec room after the meal. Judy asks her if she remembers who she is, but when Jackie claims she doesn't, Judy announces it to everyone in the rec room and says that Jackie is going to get her out by telling the truth. Erica questions Colleen's decision to put Jackie in with Margo, and tells her that she must be swapped with Carol, who seems more able to look after herself. Colleen goes to tell Jackie and finds Judy in her cell trying to persuade Jackie to tell the truth. Judy realises that if Jackie continues to deny the truth, there isn't much she can do about it. Margo wants to bash Jackie, but Bea and Helen tell her that would be no help to Judy. Wendy goes to a bar after her dental appointment and meets Matt Thomas: he says he was hoping to meet Steve and get a copy of the Stir, so Wendy lets him take hers. Bea and Helen go to talk to Jackie: Bea tells her she has to go to Erica and clear Judy, and Helen adds that with her contacts she can arrange to make it very difficult for Jackie when she's released. Patrick warns Colleen that she must forget work when she gets home, as her attitude is upsetting Jenny. Matt Thomas shows his boss Bea's article about Helen and gets permission to offer Helen a substantial amount for her story if she can come up with proof. Helen and Judy compare their chances of proving their innocence. Colleen puts Carol on cleaning duty, overruling Margo's protest that Carol is a remand prisoner by saying that doesn't give her the right to choose what work she will do. Bea tells Jackie her time is up and she needs to be taught a lesson: she puts Jackie's head under the press to give her a taste of what is to come. Erica refuses permission for a visitor's pass to be given to Cindy Potter, as she'd been inside for soliciting, and tells Wendy to draft a memo that Helen is not be allowed any visitors or phone calls. Matt and his boss become suspicious when they phone Wentworth and are told that no-one apart from family and lawyers can visit Helen. Colleen inspects the rec room after Carol has cleaned it, and undoes all her hard work. Wendy tells Steve she gave Matt a copy of the Stir, and they agree they have to keep quiet about it. Colleen sends Steve to check up on Carol's work, but the women have already found the mess. As Carol insists she left the rec room clean and tidy, Colleen holds all the women responsible for messing it up again and takes away their privileges. Judy is too preoccupied to help with the still, so Helen takes her place, though Judy's joke suggestion that they store the grog in the fire extinguishers is taken up a serious proposal. Margo tells Carol not to trust Colleen and wonders why she has put Carol on kitchen duty. Lizzie and Helen mix up a brew in the disconnected boiler. Meg catches them outside the boiler room, and tries the door, but finds it locked. Jackie admits to Susie that it was Judy who helped her deal with the drunk, but Helen overhears and tells Jackie she has little choice in the matter than to clear Judy as she's likely to get as long a sentence if she were to be revealed as Judy's "accomplice". Colleen reports food missing from the kitchen and Erica orders an immediate cell search. Margo and Doreen agree that Jackie needs to be made to confess by force. Wendy leaves for another dental appointment. Jackie tells Susie she has decided to write out a statement to clear Judy. Steve finds the missing items from the kitchen in the rec room: Colleen calls off the search and tells the women to assemble there in ten minutes. Margo points out to Doreen that this is a perfect opportunity to teach Jackie a lesson and they go with a couple of other women to her cell and work her over. Colleen once again makes all the women suffer because no-one will own up to the kitchen theft, and takes away buyup for the week. Doreen warns Carol to watch out, as it's the second time she's got them all into strife. Judy has been told the good news about Jackie's confession by Susie and she passes it on to Meg. Helen is taken out into the garden for a meeting with her "brother". Margo tells Steve that he should keep an eye on Colleen as she's setting Carol for things she doesn't do: when he questions her, she challenges him to see if Colleen can look him in the eye and deny it. Helen's visitor is Matt Thomas: Wendy returns to work after the dentist and sees them talking in the garden. Helen accepts $5,000 in return for access to her bank account and financial records. Meg and Judy go to see Jackie but find her curled up on her bed. Meg whispers "is this to do with Bryant's confession?" and Jackie says yes. Wendy comments to Colleen that the restrictions on Helen's visitors must have been lifted. When Colleen finds out who Matt Thomas is, she races out into the garden to call a halt to Helen's visit.