Vaughan, Miss (Babs McMillan)

Divorce counsellor brought in to advise Doreen over the breakup of her marriage to Kevin (174). The character does not appear in the credits, but the actress is unmistakeable...

Vaughan, Sister (Peggy Rush)

Presumably a nurse at Wentworth (538).

Vaughn, Dr (Graham Dow)

Family doctor for Erica's mother Florence: she calls him Hubert (208). After Florence's death during an operation (209), he explains Florence's distant attitude to Erica: there had apparently been another child before Erica and her brother James who died young, for which Florence felt responsible.

Veitch, Dr (Jon Sidney)

Arrogant doctor treating Daphne Graham (573-575)

Vera Bennett (Fiona Spence)

Prison officer, whose sour faced bitter attitude earns her the nickname "Vinegar Tits". More details

Vera Rodgers (May Howlett)

Heather's mother. Her surname is Rogers for (470) but Rodgers is used more often (470-481).

Veronica (Lindy McConchie)

At the party where Phil takes Meg to get her over her rape (494).

Vet (Terry Dickinson) (Peter Sinclair)

The vet who looks after Shane's dog when it is poisoned (463).

Vicar (Kevin Manser)

Gives Bobbie a lift when she is on her way to her father's house to rescue her sister Cheryl (490).

Vicki McPherson (Rebecca Dines)

Prisoner. First seen in (608). Credits in (611), (613), (619) and (626).

Vince (Terry Emery)

One of the gang who try to break Joyce Martin out of Wentworth (41) and later kidnap Lynn Warner (43).

Vince Talbot (John Larking)

Foreman at the factory where the women get work release, first seen complaining about the use of cheap labour to undercut his workers (125). Doreen tries to get information out of him to help Kevin, but he demands sex with her in return, and rapes her when she refuses (128). The women get their revenge with the help of Kay White, who contacts Vince and asks him to visit her in Wentworth and the other women attack Vince as he is leaving and give him a good kicking (136)

Visiting Justice

Credit for Mr Goodwin in (146). His name is not mentioned in the episode, but I think it's fair to assume he is meant to be the same character.

Visiting Justice (Howard Priddle)

Sentences Bea to an additional six months for the kitchen fraud (262) and gives Susie Driscoll a last chance (275).

Vivienne Williams (Bernadette Gibson)

Mother of Caroline Simpson and husband of Brian. She and Caroline are first seen when they turn up at the halfway house (89) seeking refuge, with Vivienne sporting a black eye given to her by her husband. They are turned away and go home, but the next time Mr Gibson threatens violence against his wife, Caroline stabs him in the back. Vivienne reluctantly goes along with Caroline's story that he was killed by a burglar he disturbed, but eventually blurts out the truth to the police and both she and Caroline are taken to Wentworth on remand. Vivienne spends much of her time there in a semi-catatonic state until she is eventually bailed (by Jim Fletcher). Paul Reid finds her at home after she has taken an overdose (100). She goes to a nursing home where we see her again in (112) just before her trial (114) where she gets a bond of three years.

Wainwright, Dr (Bruce Carter)

Police doctor who examines Lou's self-inflicted wounds in hospital - just before she escapes (607).

Waiter (Lazar Rodic)

When Malcolm Hutchinson offers to share his table at a restaurant with Colleen (343).

Waiter (Vince D'Amico)

When Ann and Wally go out for a meal (385).

Waiter (John Forsyth)

When Lizzie has a day out to meet her friend Mick "Foxy" Lawson (398).

Waiter (Andrew Blazsanyik)

When Mr Schumann takes Pixie for lunch (422).

Waiter (Peter Cameron)

In the Italian restaurant where Phil and Meg try to eat (488).

Waiter (Fred Herz)

At William Coleby's club when he takes Ann to lunch (518).

Waiter (David Armstrong)

Serving someone else as Meg and Dennis have dinner (521).

Waiter (Michael Brooks)

Makes one of those all-time bite-my-tongue-out faux pas when he assumes Terri is Joan's daughter (562).

Waiter (Nicholas Trinder)

When Terri Malone and her boss take a customer to dinner (574).

Waiter (Nicholas Trinder)

When David and Ben take a working breakfast (585).

Waiter (Don White)

When Marty and Meg go out for a meal. His flambťing of a pan of crepes reveals Marty's fear of fire (629).

Waites, Constable (Robert McClelland)

Investigating after the knifing of Colin Burton at Driscoll (385).

Waitress (Julie Bailue)

Serves Lizzie a drink in the bar of the hotel where she goes to stay after the arson charge is dropped (250).

Waitress (Anne Smith)

In the cafe where Rosemary has her purse stolen (391).

Waitress (Lauren Crathern)

Although there are two possible scenes in this episode, when Pippa and her married lover Simon and Mervyn and Joyce go out for a meal, there does not seem to be a waitress in either (545).

Waitress (Marie-Therese Byrne)

Credited in (565), though it's not clear who she is. Possibly the barmaid in the scene where Howard Simmons talks to Det. Insp. Grace in a bar?

Waitress (Suzanne Brenchley)

When Ben and Pippa go out for a meal (569).

Waitress (Karen Summerfield)

When Joan goes for a drink after finding Terri in bed with her boss Barry (573).

Walker, Judge (Noel Mitchell)

At Kath's trial (638). Kath is told he is likely to give her a harsh sentence, as his wife is suffering from a terminal illness and he is opposed to euthanasia (638).

Wallen, Judge (Arthur Barradell-Smith)

At Ida and Roach's trial (638). Ida manages to charm him into giving her a two year bond, though Roach is sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Waller (Jonathan Hardy)

Referred to in dialogue as Frank Waller, the prosecuting counsellor at the trial of Mum and Bea (203)-(204).

Wally Wallace (Alan Hopgood)

Real name: Albert Wallace. First introduced when Judy is on the run after the tunnel escape, and he takes her back to his little potterís cottage in the woods (167). Judy seeks refuge with him after Jock Stewart has fallen down the steps outside her flat (259)-(262), and is a character witness at her trial (269)-(270).Turns up again in time to help Judy set up Driscoll House (291) and again in (369), helping Judy with the second halfway house, though in this case his daughter Mikki is the cause of most of the problems. He gives pottery classes at Wentworth, and his first is interrupted by Brandy Carter attempting to seduce him (374). Ann invites him to stay in her attic and Annís son Paul helps him move in (379). By (390) he has started an affair with Ann, but he also has a fling with Paulís solicitor Sam (413) and when Ann finds out this leads to a temporary break in the relationship. Wally leaves town in (420) but returns in (425) to visit Ann in hospital after her mastectomy. It is only because Wally takes Paul to the country to recuperate after being shot that Ann is able to return to work. He is mentioned in (456) when Ann promises Myra she will ask Wally to visit Kay in hospital, and returns in (459) at the fete (minus beard) when Pixie prophesies a tall dark handsome stranger for Ann. He ignores Annís warning and helps Myra when she escapes to get Kay off drugs, but Ann finds out about his involvement (465). His last appearance is in (466).

Walsh, Mr (Raymond Rock)

It's not clear which character this is: possibly the man at the finance house who gives Joan a high interest loan to pay off Don Baxter (412).

Walton, Constable (Ian Mumby)

Taking part in the raid on Maxine's hideout. He is diverted by Belle into chasing her instead of going after Maxine (390).

Walton, Mr (Clive Hearne)

Matt Thomas' boss, who gives him permission to offer Helen Smart money in return for her story about Harry Stanfield, if it can be supported by proof (281). He visits Wentworth to ask Erica's permission to give Bea a regular column in The Dispatch (289).

Wanda (Marilyn O'Donnell)

One of two minor prisoners - the one with dark frizzy hair - given two small scenes in (35). She is drunk in the laundry talking to Noeline and takes part in Clara's cookery class.

Ward Sims (Nicholas Trinder)

Husband of Dierdre Sims, one of Amy Ryan's snobbish friends (616).

Ward, Officer (Jacqui Jackson)

Many uncredited appearances as a background character e.g. (316). Credited in (590) and (593).

Wardsman (Jonas Leigh)

When Ann is in hospital for her breast operation (423).

Warren, Mrs (Eve Godley)

Marlene's mother. She comes to visit Marlene in (474). Last seen at Marlene's wedding (533).

Waterhouse, Miss (Hannah Govan)

Secretary at the firm where Kevin works (90). She gives him Doreen's address. The actress is not credited, but the Scots accent and lack of acting ability make an identification certain - thanks to Devon for pointing it out.

Waters, Det (Stephen Hutchinson)

Investigating murder of Lou Kelly (616) and questions Marty after drugs are planted on him, later charging him with possession (684).

Waters, Mr (Robin Cuming)

Credited in (391).

Watkins, Mr (Bruce Crowl)

Head of Department of Corrective Services. Rodney has appeal to him to stop his posting to Smithton. He is credited in error in both (644) and (645) and eventually arrives in (646), where he is not credited.

Watson (George Dixon)

Irene Henderson's butler, borrowed by Lizzie along with her house for her meeting with Mick Lawson (398).

Watson, Det Sgt (Burt Cooper)

Catches Lorelei after she steals car to follow Zoe when the Hoskings take her away (653).

Watson, Dr (Tom Travers)

When Meg visits Lizzie in hospital, after she had been injured by Joan during the charity concert at Woodridge (322).

Watson, Nurse (Verity Higgins)

When Daphne is being treated by Drs Veitch and Massey (575).

Wayne (Rod Mullinar)

Karen's husband in her Psycho style flashback to the day when she snaps and stabs him in the shower (1).

Wayne Adams (David Swan)

Comes to Driscoll armed with a rifle looking for his wife Clare (407).

Wayne Belman (Paul Trehair)

Tracey's husband in her nightmare (370).

Wayne Bradshaw (Vince Gill)

Margo's boyfriend, who visits her in Wentworth shortly before she is released (179). Wayne's mate Bazza recruits him and Margo to do a payroll robbery (183), but it goes wrong and develops into a siege as first two old ladies are taken hostage, then one of them is swapped for Meg. Wayne is shot (184). In the following episode, Margo is told that he is dead.

Wayne Randall (William Upjohn)

Lucy Ferguson's boyfriend. He is dealing drugs with her and persuades her to get some capital to finance their little business by asking Joan for a loan (385).

Weasel (Colin Vancao)

The contact Doreen recommends to Judy to use to get a forged passport after her escape. He first charges her $500 in (131) but when she goes back to collect it he doubles the price as he senses it's a "rush job" (132). When the women escape through the tunnels under Wentworth, Helen Smart visits him and threatens to have him beaten up to make him provide driving licenses in false identities for all the potential escapees (164)-(165).

Weissman, Doctor (Bryon Williams)

Psychiatrist who is frequently called to Wentworth to assess a prisoner's mental state. He does this for Susan Rice (28); Ros Coulson (64); Rosie Hudson (71); Kay White (136)-(140); Doreen (157); Anne Griffin (164); Bea for her amnesia (201) and giving evidence for her at her and Mumís trial (203); Paddy Lawson (310) whom he treats with hypnotherapy (312)-(313); Laura Gardiner who is also treated and cured by hypnosis in a remarkably short time (380-382); Pixie Mason (382); Cass Parker (423); Sonia Stevens (434); Daphne Graham (555); Willie Beecham (562); Reb Kean (582-584). He is last seen in a cafe with Reb Kean after her release (589). Ted Douglas calls him Eric in (310), though maybe that should be "Erich" or even "Erik". Thanks to Alex in Sweden for pointing out that he is also referred to as "Carl" in the judge's chamber at Mum and Bea's trial in episode (203).

Welfare Officer (Helen Tripp)

At the children's home where Jilly Coulson is sent after her mother is sent to prison and her father is dead (376).

Wells, Det. (Bob Halsall)

With Inspector Thorne when he questions Joan over the murders of prostitutes (312).

Wendy Glover (Julieanne Newbould)

Undercover policewoman introduced to Wentworth to gain Lisa Mullins' confidence (651) Last seen (659) when she returns to tell Lisa that her boyfriend Lester is dead.

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