Julie discovers more double payments. Willie eavesdrops on Joan and Terri who are having a private conversation.

First broadcast ... 1985 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 13 November 1999 4:10
DVD release: volume 35 disc 3 (AUS), volume 18 disc 3 [UK]
Duration: 0:45:55

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Nora ~ Sonja Tallis
May ~ Billie Hammerberg
Willie ~ Kirsty Child
Daphne ~ Debra Lawrance
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Lou ~ Louise Siversen
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Jenny ~ Jenny Lovell
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Mervin ~ Ernie Bourne
Terri ~ Margot Knight
Pippa ~ Christine Harris
Howard Simmons ~ Reg Evans
Sister Hall ~ Gael Andrews
Dr Weissman ~ Bryon Williams
Harriet Formby ~ Maggie Steven
Waiter ~ Michael Brookes

  • Written by Thornton/Smallbone & Gail Meillon
  • Directed by Kendal Flanagan
  • Joan's house seems to have the same traffic outside as Meg's flat...

    Muster for the laundry is "Beecham, Brent (?), Collins, Flynn, Kennedy, Patterson and Young".

    Fortunate, isn't it, that the visitor whose pass Julie steals apparently fails to turn up?

    Officer Slattery helps Daphne with her scalded hands: Lou is at first suspected by the women of hurting Daphne but she points out that she was the one who called for help. Terri and Joan find they have two of everything, including televisions. Terri saucily suggests they could put one in the bedroom and watch it in bed. Nora is disgusted that Daphne is not getting proper treatment for her depression. Pippa reassures Anne that her relationship with Kensai isn't serious and asks if she could help with screen printing classes at Wentworth. Lexie is disappointed to be allocated to the laundry instead of the kitchen. Joyce agrees to help Mervin by getting Nora into the kitchen in the afternoon. Pippa visits Jenny in Wentworth, and is disturbed by Jenny's assertion that Anne is not a friend to her any more. Dr Weissman is called to see Daphne and is now convinced that she has PMS. Jenny sees her new solicitor again after he has seen George, but is disheartened when he tells her that his evidence may not be enough to prove her innocence. He tells her he will follow up by investigating why George was sacked so quickly by Aunt Harriet. Daphne gives a garbled version of her interview with Dr Weissman to the women: Nora realises they intend to try to have Daphne released using her PMS as a defence. After returning from her mother's funeral, Julie starts work in reception, and takes a visitor's pass from Ann's desk. Joan gets jealous when she finds Terri engaged in giggly girlie chat with Pippa. May suggests an essay competition to decide who should fill the post of editor of the new paper. Julie gives Lexie the pass and information on when the guards change duty in the afternoon. Joyce and Mervin ask Nora for help against Lexie's blackmail. Terri lets Joan know she was being unreasonable in her attitude to Pippa. Ann aks Meg to keep an eye on Joyce who apparently seems "a bit vague lately" ( could they tell?). Julie reports to Ann that she has noticed some duplicate payments over the last three months and can't balance the ledger. Willie accuses May of stealing her bath pearls, which leads to a little disagreement. Nora orders Lexie not to reveal Mervin's secret, and tells her she will have to face the Council. Despite Julie's speaking up for her, Lexie is punished by the Council (it appears later to extra cleaning duties?). Joan and Terri go for a meal together, but the evening is spoilt when a waiter mistakes Joan for Terri's mother. Joyce is upset when Mervin suggests that they should leave and go and live in the country to avoid their problems. Terri reports the missing pass to Ann: Julie returns it by hiding it in a file then "finding" it. Willie overhears Terri and Joan's intimate conversation. Aunt Harriet visits Howie at his office and when he tells her he has traced George, she tries to buy him off. Nora and Meg find Willie unconscious in a cell with a locker on top of her.


    Story Editor: Coral Drouyn
    Script Editor: Kit Oldfield (561); Ian Smith (562); Alister Webb (563); Kit Oldfield (564): Alister Webb (565)
    Storyliners: Coral Drouyn, Tony McDonald, John Coulter, Kelly Bermingham

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Carlton/LWT Monday 8th September 1997 23:40; Ulster Monday 15 December 1997 23:40; Meridian Tuesday 01 December 1998 23:40