First broadcast ... 1986 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 03 June 2000 4:40
DVD release: volume 37 disc 5 (AUS)
Duration: 0:43:58

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Nancy ~ Julia Blake
Rita ~ Glenda Linscott
Julie ~ Jackie Woodburne
Lexie ~ Pepe Trevor
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Jessie ~ Pat Evison
Kath ~ Kate Hood
Janet ~ Christine Earle
Bob ~ Peter Adams
Vicki ~ Rebecca Dines
Amy Ryan ~ Penny Ramsay
Amelia Bassinger ~ Barbara Burder
Taps ~ Valma Pratt
Steve ~ Peter Hayes
Tom Harley ~ Vince Gill
Judge O’Grady ~ George Dixon
Harry Bassinger ~ John Frawley
Gas Company Man ~ Frank Sheenan

  • Written by Neil Luxmoore & Marie Trevor
  • Directed by Sean Nash
  • The actress playing Amelia Bassinger does not seem to be the same as before: I suspect she is actually Judith Roberts.

    Joan remarks "the Board was light on Lumsden" - another previously unmentioned prisoner, presumably from D block?

    It sounds odd for both Jessie and Ann to use "Judge" as if it were Mr O'Grady's real Christian name rather than a job title.

    Nora and Barnhurst are both mentioned in dialogue.

    Marie Trevor should have stuck to her role as producer: the second half of this episode is simply badly written, and the direction and dodgy camerawork make matters even worse.

    Joan finds comfort wherever she can

    Ann tells Joan she should have allowed Steve's visit and makes her phone him to tell him he can visit in future. Steve tells his mother he's in love with someone at Wentworth. She assumes (not having seen any of them) that he means one of the officers: she is appalled to be told it is actually with a prisoner and tells him he is throwing his life away. Janet is dragged to the rec room to be questioned as a possible lagger, but she manages (surprisingly easily) to convince Rita that she is innocent. Rita manages to work out that if Kath has been passing on information about things that happened before she arrived, then someone must have told her about it. She asks if anyone has been talking to Kath and Nancy has to admit she has mentioned the radio controlled car to Kath, but she is sure she didn't say anything about the cocaine. Joan lords it over Meg, citing rules and subsections to justify petty confiscations from the women's cells. Meg warns Joan that if she is using an informer she is playing a dangerous game, which could put the life of the prisoner concerned in question. Taps visits a shopping mall in a lurid red ensemble hoping to attract the attention of Harry Bassinger. Even though Taps seems to have left the hat topped with a neon sign reading "FOLLOW ME" at home, Bassinger can be seen lurking behind a tie rack observing her every move. Alice holds Kath while Rita bashes her. Nancy tries to intervene, but this only alerts Meg to the situation. Meg takes Rita and Alice to the Governor's office along with Lexie, who was acting as lookout. Rita and Alice are sent to solitary and Lexie is given extra cleaning duties. Harry Bassinger follows Taps home: she has now topped off the red ensemble with a bright yellow umbrella just in case he is at risk of losing her. It doesn't say much for her street wisdom that she is actually completely unaware that she is being followed. Ann wants to talk to Steve before he sees Julie: she asks him if anyone could have got the details used against Julie at her parole hearing from reading his thesis. Kath tells Bob his presence in Wentworth puts her in greater danger. Bassinger's wife begs him to go on holiday to get away from the publicity generated by the latest escape: this seems to indicate that she knows very well of his involvement in the previous murders of escapees and worries he is already tracking down Jessie. Nancy apologises to Lexie for getting them all into trouble and they make up over discussing names for Lexie's baby. Kath asks Ann for a transfer, but Ann refuses as she knows there is overcrowding in other prisons. Ann's refusal hardens Kath's attitude and she warns Ann she will have to defend herself in any way she knows in future. Steve shows Julie the engagement ring (to a sleazy jazz cocktail piano accompaniment). Lexie is just about to get heavy with Kath when Janet happens along, but Kath rebuffs Janet's offer of help. Ann advises Bob to consider a transfer himself for his own good as well as Kath's. Bassinger calls the gasman and reports a gas leak at the house where Jessie is staying, so that he can find out the time the engineer is expected to call. Kath refuses to let Nancy play the Good Samaritan and tells her to go away and leave her alone. When Ann leaves Wentworth to visit Dan in hospital, Joan makes a point of asking for a contact number just in case there are any decisions to be made that she can't be trusted to handle on her own. Bassinger gets into Taps' house through the back as the gasman calls at the front, and overpowers Tom. Joan reminds Lexie that this time she's in prison for a long stretch, so she won't stand for any insolence from her. Bassinger makes Jessie tie Tom up and pulls a knife to kill Jessie. With one bound, Tom is free, overpowers Bassinger and Bassinger is taken away. Tom has to pretend to talk to the inaudible off-screen police officers not catered for in the script. Bob makes his decision: he tells Ann and Kath that he is leaving Wentworth. Jessie comes to visit Lexie to tell her that Bassinger's in prison and the assault charges against her will be dropped. Jessie is able to thank Bob for believing her before he leaves. Kath again refuses Nancy's friendly overtures and tells her to pass on her friends that with Bob gone she will have nothing else to lose in defending herself the best way she can.


    Story Editor: Bevan Lee
    Script Editor: Quincy McQuade (616), (617); Alister Webb (618), (619); Quincy McQuade (620)
    Storyliners: Bevan Lee, Tony McDonald, John Coulter

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