Fred Ferguson (Gary Files)

Incompetent husband of Monica Ferguson, first seen in (43) when he comes to visit her just before her release. While she is paying his gambling debts, he runs off with her share of the robbery done by Joyce Martin's husband. It is stolen from him by his girlfriend Blossom Crabtree and her accomplice Bruce Starr. Beaten up by Monica and seeks police protection. We find out in (47) that he gets two years in jail for handling the stolen money.

Fred McDonald (Marcus Eyre)

One of Lionel Fellowes' thugs, who break into Joan's and feed her LSD to warn her off, thus being responsible for the memorably lurid "bad trip" (413). Later credited for shooting Paul Reynolds (422) but all we see is the gun barrel poking out of the car window .

Fred Mears, Det (Ian McFadyen)

Corrupt cop, first seen interviewing Colleen after the death of her family to get information on Rick Manning (438). Mears and his partner Birmingham kidnap Rick (448) and plan to dispose of him, but Mears is shot by Rick after he double crosses his partner and shoots him, planning to frame Rick for the murder (449).

Fred Panks (Ray Burgess)

The sardonic manager of the greasy spoon where Franky and Doreen eat and then run away without paying. His reaction when Doreen asks for the menu: "Gourmets, eh?" (14).

Freda (Esme Melville)

Old prisoner at Barnhurst when Bea is transferred there. She brings Bea her first meal and tells her about the magic mushrooms smuggled in by the women (197).

Freddie de Young (Lazar Rodic)

A very taxing role - the corpse of the lassa fever contact (393).

Freddie Diamond (Nick Antipas)

At the training school where Ann goes to check Delia's story about Rodney (634).

Fredericks, Doctor (Curt Jansen)

Examines Joan after her hanging and tells her that her vertebrae are so extraordinary that he wants to present them in a medical journal (412).

Fred's Driver (Colin McDonald)

When Paul Reynolds is shot (422), but we don't even see Fred, let alone his driver.

Frieda Lewin (Johannah Sonerberg)

Hitwoman hired by Thomas Gilmour to silence Lisa Mullins after finding out the whereabouts of her boyfriend Lester (657-658).

Friend No. 1 (Hannah Govan) * Friend No. 2 (Ngarrie McCutcheon)

Won over by Bobbie Mitchell's card playing abilities in (491) when invited round by Edie Dobson.

Fuller, Mr (Defence) (Brian Granrott)

At Rachel Milsom's trial (472).

Gail Brown

See Brown, Officer

Gail Summers (Susanne Haworth)

Young mother befriended by Meg Jackson when she moves into the next flat to Gail (124). At first Meg suspects that Gail's husband Tim is abusing the children, but it turns out to be Gail herself, who finds she is unable to cope. Imprisoned for hitting her child, and given a rough time by all the women, until she delivers a speech on the difficulty of being a mother. After her trial when she is given a suspended sentence, she moves out of Meg's block, and the series (133). Tedious character and an irritating whining performance by the poor actress concerned.

Garbage Collector (Bill Bennett)

Collecting the garbage from Wentworth, and delivering a flick-knife for Kath Leach with a message from McNally (148).

Gardiner, Mr (Terry McDermott)

Laura's father. Meg persuades him to allow her to visit him (381).

Gary (Wayne Cull)

One of the workmen in the boiler room Doreen flirts with (280). She finds out from them that the small boiler is to be disconnected, and the women use it to set up an illicit still.

Gary Bassinger (Chris Stevenson)

Harry Bassinger's son. He knows his father is the serial killer responsible for the deaths of several ex-prisoners, and while his father is away on holiday he phones up Wentworth pretending to be the maniac (608). The idea is to get his father off the hook, though this plot line is just dropped without explanation. He doesn't actually do anything about it, making a rather ineffectual attempt to trace Lou Kelly while she is on the run and then giving up.

Gary Branch (Phil Thompson)

Flatmate of Nick Clarke, who appears from the bathroom with his girlfriend, both wearing towels, as Meg arrives to inspect Nick's accomodation (201). I think we are supposed to regard taking a bath with your girlfriend as a sign of moral degeneracy: Meg certainly appears to be shocked (or is it just because neither of them is wearing blue candlewick?)

Gary Doyle (Greg Stroud)

Franky Doyle's brother. Visits her in (6). Killed in a freak tractor accident: Franky visits him in hospital too late to see him alive (11).

Gary Grey (Peter Hosking)

Reporter who gets information about the conjugal visiting suite from Ken and Debbie Pearce as they leave Wentworth, which he translates into the headline "LOVE NEST FOR JAIL BIRDS" (190).

Gary Tyler (Richard McFarlane)

Denise's son, bullied by brother Russell (362), found dead apparently killed by Denise in (364), but she is covering for Russell, who killed his bullying brother in a fight.

Gary Wilder (Nick Waters)

Reb Kean's partner in crime. He visits Reb in (424) and passes her a note reading "GET READY WERE GOING TO GET YOU OUT". Gary and accomplice Kevin Stansfield kidnap Major Ferguson and demand that Joan helps Reb to escape. This is to be done by Reb faking an illness to get her transferred to hospital, but the plan is changed and Gary and Kevin somehow manage to get hold of an ambulance, drive it to Wentworth and collect Reb, taking Joan along as hostage. Major Ferguson has escaped in the meantime, and when Gary and Joan confront each other, Joan shoots Gary dead (426).

Gas Company Man (Frank Sheenan)

Unwittingly acts as a diversion, when Harry Bassinger reports a fault with the gas supply so he can get into house where Jessie is hiding (620).

Gate Guard (David Bickerstaff)

Gate Guard (Bob) is credited to Brad Lindsay in (294), but to this actor in (353). Credited as Gate Guard no 2 in (392) though there seems to be no gate guard no 1, and as Bob in (394) Referred to as Bob Kelly in (419) and credited as Bob in (426) for Reb's first escape; (430) trouble with reporters when Camilla Wells is in WDC; Credited without name when Marie Winter goes over the wire (471), and in (491), (564) and as Gate Guard Bob again for (590). Refuses to let Ettie in to deliver present to Julie (600) also (613), (619), as voice on the phone which Alice answers in reception (658), Brumby's escape attempt disguised as Joyce (678).

Gate Guard (Roy Edmunds)

Makes two uncredited appearances at the time when Gillepsie is investigating security at Wentworth, in (161) and (163). Credited in (206) - as "Guard" - and in (209). Credited as Ted Williams when he stops Susie Driscoll leaving through the front gate on her first escape attempt (263). Talks to Bea when she is let out on her work release, where he is credited as Mr Williams (315)

Gate Guard (Adam Joseph)

Sees Kathy Hall run over outside the gates and calls through to reception (221).

Gate Guard (Brad Lindsay)

The actor's first credit is in (34) when he reads Lynn's horoscope to her as she goes out on work release. Between (41) and (61) the character is credited as Male Guard. Credited as Gate Guard (Ted) when Judy is paroled and Lori and Geoff collect her (254). After a long break, he reappears in (336) credited as Gate Guard. Credited as Trevor when Major leaves after his visit (364) then in (428), (446), (490) and in (391) when he enforces the lassa fever quarantine, although he is referred to as Tony in dialogue! Similarly appears at the reception desk during the riot started by Marie Winter, referred to as Trevor by Meg but credited as Roger (467). He gains the surname Kelly in the credits for (418) when Pixie turns up at the gate asking to be let back in. Credited without name in (336), (389) when he tells the van driver to tie down his back door, as Lucy and Maxine escape, (517) and in (554). Credited as Gate Guard Trevor again for Bongo's attempt to free Rita (617) and later for (630).

Gate Guard (John Ramsay)

When Bea escape by following a group of trainee officers out of the gate (352).

Gate Guard (Bryan Dolan)

Credited (417). Knocked out by Bobbie Mitchell during her escape (474). Credited as Gate Guard Roger for Bongo's attempt to free Rita (617) and for (644), but unnamed for Kath's abduction (651). Also credited as Roger (Gate Guard) for episode (605).

Gate Guard (Rod Allen)

Credited as Greg in (497). Overpowered by Frank Burke in his failed escape attempt after the fake transfer of the male prisoners in a stolen police car (519). Credited as Greg for Bongo's attempt to free Rita (617).

Gate Guard (David Blackman)

Two gate guards who've never been seen before take up duty just before Wentworth is besieged by terrorists (549). Fortunate for Trevor, Roger and the others that they had a night off or they might have ended up shot like this one (and he gets another credit in (550) just for playing dead)...

Gate Guard (Alan Barrett)

... or garotted like this one (549).

Gate Guard (David Le Page)

First credited in (663) as the cryptic G. G. Paul. He appears uncredited in (677) then as Gate Guard (688).

Gavin Storm (Cole Horsfall)

One of Pixie's men friends, who picks her up from Driscoll in his sports car (378). A wonderfully phony name - sounds like a Sixties heartthrob pop singer.

Gayle Withers (Rhonda Wilson)

Visits Margo Gaffney pretending to be her sister and brings in drugs (443).

Geoff Butler (Ray Meagher)

Vietnam buddy of Jim Fletcher. He contacts Jim (78) having left the Army and claims to have become an insurance broker, though he never seems to do any work during the day. After a chance meeting with Meg in the pub where he arranges to see Jim, he begins to court Meg. Leila Fletcher warns Meg not to get involved, which turns out to be advice Meg ought to have heeded. When he goes out for a drink with Jim one evening, a man seems to be cruising Geoff, and Geoff lures him to the toilets and leaves him unconscious with a broken nose (81). Leila is disturbed to read in the newspaper that a man had been beaten up in the same pub where Jim and Geoff had been the evening before - thanks to a similar incident years before, she knows who is responsible. Jim is eventually persuaded to report Geoff to the police, but he has already gone round to Meg's flat and terrorises her when she rejects him. Jim arrives on the scene and has to disarm Geoff who is waving a broken bottle around. Before the police arrive to arrest him, Geoff boasts that he has been secretly recruiting for a mercenary army (84). After Jim gives evidence against him in court after his attack on Meg (106), Geoff plots to kill Jim, and uses Caroline Simpson's ex-husband Michael to deliver a parcel containing a bomb to the hotel where Jim is living, but it explodes killing Leila and the two children. Even this does not make Geoff give up the idea of killing Jim, and he turns up to the funeral. Jim asks the police to call off their guard, but when he arrives home to find Geoff waiting for him, the police have not pulled out completely and a marksman shoots Geoff through the French windows (112). It isn't really clear whether he has been killed or not.

Geoff Carlson (Danny Adcock)

Deputy Governor at Woodridge, and an old friend of Colleen Powell's, which nearly develops into an affair during the rehearsals for the joint charity concert (318) and they are brought together again when Wentworth moves to Woodridge after the fire (327). He invites Colleen to dinner (330) but Colleen decides not to sample any more of his neck massages. Last seen in (332).

Geoff Macrae (Les Dayman)

One of three male prisoners transferred to Wentworth (501). Affair with Myra (501). He attends Myra's funeral in (557), where the character's name is spelt McCrae in the credits.

Geoff Maynard (Andrew Clarke)

Husband of Lori, Judy's daughter. When Judy is on the outside (254), he and Lori help her to move into her flat. When he returns about a year later, he is played by another actor.

Geoff Maynard (Andrew James)

The second version of the husband of Lori, Judy's daughter. He is introduced when Lori suffers from post natal depression and dumps her baby on the doorstep at Driscoll: he manages to persuade her to come back to him (345)-(346).

Geoffrey Johnson (John Murphy)

Lawyer hired by Joan to represent her at Shane's custody hearing (474) and appears representing her at the hearing (and losing) (481).

Geoffrey Butterfield (David Cameron)

Son of Syd. He meets Lynn while she's working at his father's nursery in (29). Their friendship causes difficulty with his father and leads to Syd asking for Lynn to be taken off work release.

Geoffrey Chaucer (Roy Baldwin)

Replacing Andrew Fry. The corrupt Department official behind the duplicate payments scam exposed by Julie Egbert. He attempts to blackmail Ann into taking part, but is eventually forced to resign (558-568).

George Arnold (Bruce Knappett)

One of the two bookies set up by Lorelei for "Uncle" Ed to rob (656).

George Burke (Rick Ireland)

Noeline's younger brother, who is caught by Andrew Reynolds collecting a roll of material after Noeline has thown it out of a window at the factory where the women are on work release (132). The surname should probably be spelt Bourke, which is how it is spelt when Noeline's mother appears in (37), though it is impossible to be sure as she is the only other member of the family whose surname appears in the credits.

George Costello (Peter Stratford)

Ruth Ballinger's shady lawyer (539).

George Goscombe (Geoff Parry)

Hazel Kent's common law husband, who visits her with their children when the conjugal visits scheme is introduced (188). They are not married because George's wife is in a mental hospital and he doesn't want to divorce her. He visits her in (264)-(265) to tell Hazel he is divorcing his wife, but in order to marry his housekeeper rather than Hazel. He brings her children to see her for the last time in (396), where the characters' surname is given as Coxcombe in the credits.

George Haley (Ian Clutterham)

David Sheldon's solicitor, who draws up the "loan" contract to get round illegality of the surrogacy deal with Roxanne (378).

George Logan (David Nettheim)

Owner of shoe factory where Barabara Fields works, heavily into shady business dealings like selling off shoes and claiming them off tax. He frames Barbara Fields when his attempt to burn the factory down for the insurance accidentally kills a nightwatchman. In a particularly offensive reference by Barbara Fields he is clearly identified as Jewish - the police's suspicion of the cause of the arson attempt on his factory is shrugged off as "Jewish lightning" (301).

George Lucas (Bill Hunter)

Business associate of Anne Yates. Introduced to Vera at Ann Yates' party (26). Romantic involvement with Vera Bennett, but deserts her when his drug racket is exposed, leaving her tied up in her flat (32). Honestly, men!

George McDonald (John Egan)

Father of murdered hitchhiker. Dennis misguidedly visits to commiserate with him and his wife Rose-Ann (532).

George Wilkins (Les James)

Boss of the electrical firm where Eddie Cook works. He gives Eddie the sack for losing him the contract at the prison, but when he goes in Eddie's place to collect some tools, he finds he has Bea and the other women to reckon with (14).

Georgie Baxter (Tracey Mann)

Deaf teenage prisoner befriended by Judy (175) to (186).

Gerri Doogan (Deborah Kennedy)

Brought to Wentworth on soliciting charges, but she is really a plant attempting to recover the photo of Lionel Fellowes paying a bribe. Bea tricks her into exposing her hand too soon by pretending to have hidden the photo in a lump of modelling clay (381-382).

Gerry (Rod Densley)

Drunken mate of Don Page. He and his friend Frank try to get Don to come out and have a good time with them, but he has to stay in and look after the kids (220).

Gertie (Kerrie Lynn)

Involved in the fight in B block which leads to Dot's transfer to H block (462).

Ghoul Observer (James McCrae) * Ghoulish Youth (Steve Kidd)

Watching the car crash where Dennis C saves driver (469).

Gibson, Dr. (Brian Young)

Assists Dr. Kennedy with Bea's kidney operation and tells her afterwards that it was a success (246). Credited as Doctor for the following episode when he has to calm her down after she hears about the riot at Wentworth, but as Dr Gibson again in (250) when he gives Bea some interesting information about Kate Peterson.

Gibson, Mr (Bill Bennett) * Gibson, Mrs (Val Jellay)

Odious couple who run the boarding house where Mum goes to live after she leaves her daughter (2) - Mrs Gibson does not appear until episode (3). When she collapses, they debate what to take from her purse, before contacting her family.

Gilbert, Det (Ian Cuming)

Accuses Sara Hamilton of murdering her boyfriend Alan Jeffries to stop him testifying against her (332). A ridiculous argument thrown into the plot to make things look worse for Sara than they really are.

Gilbert, Mr (Telford Jackson)

From the family court. He tells Susan Rice her husband has applied for custody of their children (27).

Gillespie (Wynn Roberts)

Introduced to Wentworth to review the security arrangements (160). He manages to antagonise both the prisoners and the staff, and Bea tries to make him look foolish by arranging an escape through the drainage tunnels. Six of the prisoners escape though Gillespie manages to shift the blame for this onto the officers' incompetence. Bea manages to trick him into opening a letter from her to the Ombudsman, just as Ted Douglas arrives in reception. He is suspended and told to leave the prison immediately (168).

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