HINTER GITTERN - der Frauenknast




L to R: Walter, ??, and Uschi

Ursula König

[Barbara Freier]
Bea Daughter died in a car accident under the influence of drugs: seems to have been in conflict with Walter for top dog position in early episodes (but seems to have lost); shown threatening someone with a domestic steam iron in credit sequence - presumably a reference to Bea's prowess on the steam press? Hard to draw further parallels, as she hasn't been in the recent episodes much.

Vivi Andrascheck

[Annette Frier]
Doreen Artistic, has a teddy bear, blonde but not quite as chubby as Doreen. Relationship with Walter, escapes with her. 

Christine Walter 

[Katy Karrenbauer]
Franky Lesbian cliche, but even butcher than Franky - shown lifting weights in the opening credits! And she can make wearing her hair in plaits or pigtails look more masculine than it ever is when men do it. Relationship with Vivi, escapes with her. But does not die and seems to become top dog. After recapture, tells Susanne her secret - she can't read or write, and takes lessons from her. As far as I'm concerned, the star of the show.

Jutta Adler 

"Der Geier" ("The Vulture") 
[Claudia Loerding] 
Vera Pinched faced chief wardress. Even though her nickname seems to be more in the spirit of "the Freak" than "Vinegar Tits", she doesn't use violence or guile against the women, so probably more like Vera. Now seems to be the Governor, though still mostly wearing uniform. Has just gone on leave to look after her sick mother...

Dr. Evelyn Kaltenbach

[Franziska Matthus]
Erica?  Governor, but administrative only? Glam imperious and stately in the credit sequence. Beyond this it's impossible to say as she hasn't been in any of the recent episodes - but is just about to return to investigate the escape of one of the women... 

Dr. Bernd Beck 

[Dirk Mierau]
Greg, possibly?  But hasn't been in it enough to make any firm conclusion. Beyond them both being prison doctors, not much obvious similarity. 

Silke Jacoby 

[Judith von Radetzky]
Meg Mrs Nice Warden, and also looks a bit like Elspeth Ballantyne, has had scenes in conflict with Jutta Adler rather like the Meg vs Vera scenes.

Margarethe Korsch 

[Brigitte Renner] 
Mum/Lizzie Older prisoner, prone to throw fainting fits to distract the officers, handy in the greenhouse. But not a comic character like Lizzie, and seems to be in prison for taking the blame for her daughter-in-law killing her son? 

Ilse Brahms 

[Christiane Reiff]
? Bit of a comic fluffy character, maybe a bit like Pixie, but not physically very like her.

Ilona Kühne

[Isabella Schmid]
? Reminds me a bit of Chrissie though I'm not sure why. Certainly doesn't seem to have much in common, not an ex-prostitute, no daughter. Major character at the moment, has just had an operation for breast cancer and is about to find out that her husband has been cheating on her for a long time...

Susanne Teubner 

[Cheryl Shepard] 
Karen?  Mostly in the sense that she started the series as the newcomer through whose eyes we see the prison, though the actress is also a similar physical type to Peita Toppano. Unlike Karen (more like Bea!), she is inside for murdering her husband's lover, but (with perhaps a hint of Lyn Warner) she is the victim of a miscarriage of justice. The recent plotline where Vivi tries to seduce her to make Walter jealous, but ends up awakening Susanne's dormant lesbianism, is probably a development of Franky's attempts to seduce Karen, and Susanne ends up teaching Walter to read, just as Karen does for Franky. Like Karen, still in the credit sequence long after she has served her purpose. 

Richard Stern 

[Martin Semmelrogge]
No obvious equivalent, the male prisoner from the neighbouring men's prison who tunnels into the greenhouse, and seems to have had sex with about half the inmates. Possibly a hint of the plotlines of sex in prison between Marilyn and Eddie or even the relationship of prisoners between Lyn and Doug? 

Horst Wolfgang König

[Klaus Wennemann]
Uschi's son? (Her husband seems to be called Marc)

Frank Gitting

[Karl-Heinz v. Liebezeit] 
Jim? Only in the sense that he's the main male warder.
Sybille Mohr 
[Heide Weigelt] 
Marc Schneider 
[Urs Remond]
Jeanette Bergdorfer [Christine Schuberth] ? 

Katrin Tornow

[Tanya Neufeldt]
Involved with Richard Stern and about to escape with him through the tunnel when it collapses and she has to stay behind. He returns to Reutlitz disguised as a priest and helps her escape.

Updated 22 August 1998