Screen captures list - late 1979 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc05703.jpgToni McNally enquires about ...
sc05704.jpg... Jacqui Coulson ...
sc05705.jpgthen pulls a gun on her
sc05706.jpgand spoils her nice mauve frock
sc05707.jpgAn onlooker screams
sc05803.jpgJim gives Vera a goodnight kiss
sc05904.jpgAngela Jeffries
sc05906.jpgVera sent on a wild goose chase searching the rubbish
sc06006.jpgMartha throws hot soup over Monica
sc06103.jpgMr Douglas has to ring for admission
sc06104.jpgGlenys is abducted
sc06201.jpgGlenys escapes
sc06206.jpgMum fumbles for her pills
sc06301.jpgRos Coulson is searched
sc06302.jpgRos visits the brothel where her mother worked
sc06308.jpgErica relaxes at home after her resignation
sc06309.jpgBea grabs Vera's keys
sc06310.jpgand threatens to set bedding on fire
sc06311.jpgErica looking very gay and carefree at home
sc06313.jpgToni McNally gets the bullet ...
sc06314.jpg... from Ros Coulson
sc06402.jpgBea is the only one to do the keepfit class
sc06501.jpgWelcome Pat O'Connell (and welcome back Chrissie)
sc06502.jpgMeg is not pleased to see Chrissie
sc06505.jpgErica relaxes in her lovely home
sc06601.jpgBea and Ros Coulson
sc06604.jpgDoreen's mother Alice Hemmings
sc06703.jpgBea (and Mouse!) give Chrissie a warning
sc06704.jpgLizzie and Doreen in pyjamas, Chrissie half in pyjamas
sc06705.jpgBea sneaks a look at the file Erica is holding
sc06706.jpgChrissie practising for the great fire?
sc06803.jpgAngela Jeffries
sc06804.jpgKaren cleans up the new halfway house
sc06902.jpgDoreen throws a wobbler
sc06903.jpgPat's son David on the work party outside Wentworth
sc07002.jpgPat and Rosie look at Rosie's baby
sc07102.jpgRos is brought back to Wentworth
sc07103.jpgDoreen recognises her mother from the scent she buys her as a present
sc07204.jpgLizzie is the only one to turn up at Vera's birthday celebration (and she wasn't even invited)
sc07310.jpgRos gives up her chance of freedom to help a man in the street
sc07405.jpgRec room group
sc07502.jpgPat arrives home
sc07503.jpgChristmas tree in the rec room
sc07506.jpgLizzie, Phyllis and Bea in the Xmas play
sc07507.jpgLizzie as "Letch" reacts to the sight of tomato ketchup
sc07508.jpgVinegar Tits
sc07509.jpgRos, Chrissie and Kath in the Xmas play
sc07607.jpgGreg tries to protect Pat when a gunfight erupts outside her mother's house
sc07803.jpgDoreen at the halfway house
sc07805.jpgGeoff Butler
sc07806.jpgRos gets a slapping from Bea
sc07901.jpgKaren lying in a pool of "blood"
sc07902.jpgGreg finds Karen shot
sc07903.jpgJanet Domiguez is brought to Wentworth
sc07904.jpgJanet Dominquez models one of her extensive range of headscarves
sc07907.jpgHe used to give me roses
sc08101.jpgMeg decides Geoff Butler is a "perfect gentleman"
sc08102.jpgA stranger eyes up Geoff in a bar ...
sc08104.jpg... but all he gets is a beating
sc08202.jpgRos slips a drug into the staff room coffee urn
sc08204.jpgAn officer sleeping on the job
sc08207.jpgJanet orders one of the terrorists to shoot Erica the "Government lackey"
sc08208.jpgErica is hit

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