Screen captures list - early 1980 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc08301.jpgJanet Dominguez gurns for freedom as she is shot
sc08303.jpgErica suffers in the infirmary
sc08306.jpgRos follows Chrissie's advice and tries to pick up a sailor
sc08308.jpgGeoff Butler brandishes a broken bottle
sc08402.jpgErica sees Ros in solitary
sc08404.jpgTell us something we don't know
sc08405.jpgRos restrained by Jim after getting in a fight
sc08501.jpgPaul Reid sucks on his pipe
sc08502.jpgPat's solicitor Carmel Saunders
sc08602.jpgPat hears the news of her son's death on TV
sc08603.jpgRos talks to the bowl (cos the face ain't listening)
sc08606.jpgPat throws earth on David's grave
sc08703.jpgLizzie is finally told about Ralph Campbell's deathbed confession
sc08801.jpgPaul Reid's son Tony
sc08805.jpgLizzie is released, but Doreen hasn't come to meet her
sc08806.jpgso she sits down on her suitcase to wait
sc08901.jpgHalf way house boss Rhonda West
sc08902.jpgVivienne Williams and Caroline Simpson visit the halfway house
sc08905.jpgKevin is stood up by Doreen
sc08906.jpgBrian Williams comes home drunk and points a rifle in his wife's face
sc08907.jpgso Caroline stabs him in the back
sc08908.jpgcausing him a lot of pain
sc09003.jpgChrissie overhears Vera and Officer Barry discussing a cell search
sc09008.jpgDrugs dealer Sharon Gilmour makes a delivery to the house where Tony Reid is staying
sc09102.jpgFirst sighting of Lil'n'Bev?
sc09103.jpgBea in the surgery being treated for a nasty soup scalding
sc09104.jpgJudy pretends to be Sharon's sister
sc09105.jpgso she is allowed in to visit her
sc09201.jpgVivienne is in shock
sc09202.jpgLizzie and a familiar passerby
sc09204.jpgSharon gets a haircut
sc09205.jpgLizzie drunk at the halfway house
sc09401.jpgBea and Bernadette (no, not Myra!)
sc09402.jpgDemented soft toy made by Margo
sc09501.jpgChrissie is taken to hospital
sc09502.jpgCaroline's husband Michael Simpson
sc09503.jpgSharon seduces Chrissie
sc09601.jpgMargo attacks Mouse
sc09604.jpgChrissie is attacked in the hospital toilet when collecting drugs
sc09701.jpgChrissie menaced by Margo
sc09702.jpgJudy tries to visit again
sc09704.jpgBea returns to the laundry
sc09804.jpgJudy glares at Pat when she finds her planting drugs on Sharon
sc10002.jpgJudy demonstrates the forearm smash on Bea
sc10102.jpgJudy tries to talk to Sharon in solitary
sc10104.jpgBea wrestles with Judy
sc10204.jpgJudy confronts Sharon as Chrissie looks on
sc10401.jpgLizzie returns to Wentworth
sc10404.jpgKen Pearce
sc10503.jpgLizzie in court again
sc10504.jpgLizzie adjusts her gloves for her big scene
sc10601.jpgJim moves into a hotel room
sc10602.jpgDoreen finds a bedraggled spaniel in the garden
sc10604.jpgThe drama group improvises a scene of Vera finding the dog (played by Mouse)
sc10702.jpgKaren and Greg's wedding photo
sc10706.jpgLeila screams as her window is smashed

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