Screen captures list - mid 1980 episodes

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"Missing" numbers in the sequence are usually screen captures of minor characters

sc10906.jpgThe Fletcher boys are given a parcel bomb
sc10907.jpgand play tug of war with it
sc10909.jpgwith inevitable consequences
sc11101.jpgJim is harrassed by reporters at home
sc11103.jpgCaptain Barton talks to Lizzie (and Phyllis)
sc11104.jpgLizzie collects for the Salvation Army (in her own handbag)
sc11202.jpgKerry Vincent
sc11203.jpgGeoff is immobilised by the police marksman
sc11302.jpgKerry is influenced by Picasso's blue period
sc11303.jpgBea directs the three witches in Macbeth
sc11308.jpgDavid Austin admires Erica's fuchsias
sc11309.jpgSharon admires Kerry's brushstrokes
sc11401.jpgJock Stewart charms Meg
sc11403.jpgA little sketch of Bea (not influenced by Picasso)
sc11405.jpgKerry's painting showing Lizzie, Caroline, Bea and Jim
sc11504.jpgSharon drops Kerry's lamp bulb ...
sc11505.jpg... leading to an argument with Judy
sc11602.jpgKevin and Doreen get married
sc11603.jpgBea and Ken chat in the store cupboard
sc11604.jpgbut Sharon lags
sc11605.jpgand they are discovered by Jock and Vera
sc11606.jpgJudy wonders if Sharon's neck is meant to bend like that
sc11708.jpgDoreen is harrassed by Jock
sc11801.jpgHelen Smart
sc11805.jpgHelen happens to hear Kevin's phone conversation
sc11807.jpgLizzie meets her long lost daughter Marcia
sc11808.jpgand her granddaughter Josie
sc11809.jpgJudy tells Jock she knows he killed Sharon
sc11901.jpgand hints the same thing in Vera's hearing
sc12003.jpgLeanne Bourke has hardly got inside
sc12004.jpgwhen she joins in the protests by setting fire to her bed
sc12101.jpgThe women are locked in the rec room
sc12102.jpgLeanne and her proud mum
sc12103.jpgJudy threatens Erica
sc12104.jpgBea threatens Vera
sc12105.jpgLizzie drinks Erica's sherry
sc12106.jpgVera after being roughed up by the women
sc12107.jpgMargo threatens to trowel Meg's face
sc12108.jpgThe roof top protest
sc12109.jpgends in tragedy for Leanne
sc12401.jpgPaul Reid arrives as Kerry is taken to hospital
sc12403.jpgGail Summers
sc12502.jpgJoyce Barry with her "first" husband
sc12504.jpgErica and factory owner Andrew Reynolds
sc12602.jpgBea tips a bucket over Noeline
sc12706.jpgFactory book keeper Kay White
sc12707.jpgJames Dean
sc12708.jpgNoel (D)ean
sc12709.jpgNoeline's littlest kids
sc12803.jpgA warning collage for Gail
sc12804.jpgFactory foreman Vince puts the hard word on Doreen
sc12902.jpgDoreen wrecks her cell to avoid having to go back to the factory
sc13002.jpgMeg saves Gail's daughter from being run over
sc13005.jpgJudy collapses after loitering near the driers
sc13007.jpgand has to go in for hospital treatment
sc13101.jpgJudy's ex-girlfriend Pauline
sc13201.jpgNoeline liberates a roll of fabric
sc13202.jpgbut her brother is caught with it
sc13207.jpgJudy is arrested in police disguise
sc13208.jpgand breaks down in tears
sc13303.jpgThe women have a shock in store for Vince
sc13309.jpgErica gets intimate with Andrew
sc13402.jpgLizzie thinks the women have forgotten her birthday (she's 72)
sc13403.jpgbut everyone joins in for a suprise party
sc13502.jpgNew social worker Agnes Forster
sc13503.jpgKay White is inducted by Vera
sc13504.jpgMr's O'Reagan
sc13505.jpgTurds and mash with detergent on the side
sc13506.jpgAndrew and Erica are horrified to see
sc13507.jpgAndrew's wife Julie arrives back early
sc13601.jpgKay eats hamburger a with glass in it
sc13602.jpgThe Bitter Tears of Erica von Davidson
sc13603.jpgBea checks Vince's molars

Updated 13 October 2001