Det Insp Grace has suspicions about the murder that Kate was sentenced for. Meg is disappointed when Officer Powell is promoted to Chief Prison Officer.

First broadcast ... 1981 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Friday 10 April 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 16 disc 2 (AUS)
Duration: 0:47:36

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Officer Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Janet ~ Kate Sheil
Steve ~ Wayne Jarratt
Sandy ~ Louise Le Nay
Kate ~ Olivia Hamnett
Marie ~ Maggie Millar
Hazel ~ Belinda Davey
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Mouse ~ Jentah Sobott
Det. Insp. Grace ~ Terry Gill
Dr. Gibson ~ Brian Young

  • Written by Dave Worthington
  • Directed by Juliana Focht
  • Mrs O'Reagan's kitchen supplies include a rather unusual ingredient: four cartons of Benson and Hedges

    Doreen tells Judy about life at Wentworth under Marie's rule before Bea took over and how bad it was. Marie stands outside the cell listening. Janet comes across the forged roster in the waste bin and turns it in to Jim. It is obvious to both Jim and Erica that Judy and Doreen (because of the forged signature) must be behind the scheme and the two women are summoned. Judy and Doreen are prepared to lose buyup privileges and are pretty shocked to find out they are to be transferred to Barnhurst as punishment. Erica has decided to give them warning so that they may say good-bye to their friends. Judy tells the women it was decent of Davo to give them warning. Marie asks if they knew about Bea's kidney donor. Judy and Doreen are shocked and say no. Marie doesn't think that was too decent of Davo. When asked how she knew - Marie replies she makes it her business to know. Colleen is appointed Chief Prison Officer, much to Meg's disappointment. A smug Colleen suggests Meg run for union rep. Jim seconds the idea, but Meg is a bit sharp with him. Judy and Doreen bid farewell to the women, tell Lizzie to stay out of trouble and prepare to leave. The women are informed that all of their recreation time must now be spent in their cells. Meg expresses her concerns about the tighter security and decides she will run for union rep. Erica confides in Jim her worries about Colleen. Meg is unanimously elected and Colleen is a bit put out when Meg gets up and starts warning of possible riots if things aren't relaxed. Colleen catches Lizzie stashing goods into her laundry trolley. Lizzie is transferred to D block and Erica warns the women against causing further trouble. Hazel and Phyllis complain about Judy, Doreen and Lizzie and say how none of this would have happened when Bea was in charge. Sandy looks concerned, Marie leans back and smiles. Bea's kidney transplant is a success. Out in the garden, Hazel and Phyllis ask Marie what they should do about the intolerable conditions. "Ask Sandy", Marie says. They do and Sandy agrees to a riot. Immediately, Marie starts suggesting weapons and ways to make them. Sandy gives Hazel a key and sends her to get petrol and store it in Judy and Doreen's cell. Sandy warns secrecy because she thinks there may be a lagger. "Surely not", says Kate. Meanwhile, Inspector Grace tells Kate that her accounting books are a disaster and that in exchange for a "witness" he expects Jack Fitzwater behind bars for good. Janet flirts with Jim, which embarrasses him, especially when Steve catches them. Jim then asks Meg if she can work overtime that evening. She reluctantly agrees. Hazel stashes the petrol in the empty cell, locks the cell behind her and then runs into Meg and Colleen. Colleen demands to check the trolley and is curious about the "oily" smell. Hazel explains that she greased the wheels to keep them from squeaking. Colleen says she did a damn poor job and sends her on her way. Hazel returns the key to Sandy and asks when the riot's on. "Tonight?" suggests Marie. Sandy agrees. While Kate and Sandy prepare for the event, Kate brings up the idea that she should man the surgery in case of any injuries - provided she isn't one of the first to go down. Sandy then insists Kate stay out of the initial rush and keep safe in the surgery. Kate smiles. Janet and Steve are patrolling together as he tells her of his plan to do all the overtime he can in order to finance a boat. Jim and Meg are just about to sign off after one more patrol. While walking down a corridor they see the women opening doors and moving about. The women spot the two, Sandy screams the go-ahead and the riot is on. Jim runs for it. Meg stands frozen before the rampaging prisoners...

    This episode summary was written by Matthew Bubb.


    Episode (246) was the cliffhanger final episode at the end of the original 1981 season.

    Storyliners: John Mortimore, Andrew Kennedy, Michael Freundt, Dave Worthington
    Script Editors: Ian Smith