I don't have full credit sequences for the following episodes:-

  • (486) - the credits broadcast by Channel 5 and Granada were the same as for (485)
  • (351) - the credits broadcast by Channel 5 and Granada were the same as for (352)
  • (68) - credits for (67) broadcast by Granada, Channel 5 and on the second run on Central

  • If you have any of these episodes and would like to help by writing down the details of the credit sequences, please contact me 


  • Terry Bourke: Prisoner: Cell Block H - Behind the scenes. Angus and Robertson, 1990 [This book's only virtue is that it covers the whole series, more or less. However, it is so riddled with errors that nothing in it can really be relied on]

  • Hilary Kingsley: Prisoner Cell Block H - The inside story. Boxtree, 1990 [This contains fewer errors, but only covers up the point where viewers in the London area were at the time, plus a little look forward to the Freak]

  • The Internet Movie Database, especially the "cast list" for Prisoner

  • Prisoner Cell Block H version 5.6 by Neil Stewart, especially for some of the character profiles.


  • Contributors to the PCBH mailing list.
  • Robert Lindsay, both for his overview of Prisoner (which is also available on Neil's Website) and for his comments in e-mails which I have incorporated in the character and actor pages. Robert has also sent much material in character profiles which I have used extensively and the publicity photos of actors used in the casting directory challenge.
  • Andrew Williamson for spotting another mistake and for suggesting a useful link.
  • Rikiya Remen's Prisoner pages, which have some pretty detailed episode summaries covering (214) to (250). As they are in Norwegian, I am responsible for any mistakes resulting from faulty translation...
  • The old Blockade magazine for its lists of episode numbers for some of the major characters. Many thanks to Alan Shade for typing these out and sending them to me.
  • Steve West of the new "Blockade - The Prisoner Magazine" (PO Box 63, Pinner, Middlesex) for sending original typed credit lists prepared by Grundy's publicity departemnt for episodes (32), (48), (56) and (68).
  • Mark Cox for various corrections including the name of Joan Ferguson's first dog.
  • Stephen Dye for pointing out that it was not Margo Gaffney who caused Kay White's death.
  • William McDonald for sending me some of the credits for the episodes last repeated in Australia in 1996, and for the episode summaries on his WWW site for the same period which have helped to put a few first and last appearances straight.
  • Barbara Kendal for sending a long list of Terry Bourke's mistakes that I hadn't noticed and sending me the credits for episode (106) and lending me a tape of (485).
  • Tim Coward for contributing an episode summary for episode (561) and transcribing the credits for this episode and for (459) (564) and (565). He also sent the screen shots for the missing Edna Peason scenes.
  • and a newsclipping with an amusing parallel to a famous PCBH escape.
  • Peter Schofield for sending the credits for (583) as broadcast on HTV and for spotting another mistake in Hilary Kingsley's book.
  • Vicky for sending the credits for episode (686)
  • Matt for:- information on Andrew Clarke; the sequences of episode summaries beginning at (197) and (245); the first half of the character profile of Bea; opening credits information for (97) (121) (170) (245). I was saddened and shocked to discover in a "whatever happened to him" google search that Matt died in October 2007. Here's a memorial interview with Matt.
  • Erik for an episode summary for (450)
  • Kim Rydvald for suggestions for additions to the keys pages and pointing out some credit inconsistencies.
  • Derek Hazell for pointing out some mistakes and omissions, like me not mentioning that Sean McNally was a crime boss...
  • Johan Hellström for pointing out Dr Weissman's first name
  • Daniel for correcting the numbering for Eve's final episode, and for cross checking credits against the people actually in the episodes...
  • Louise for many corrections - her website is listed on the links page.
  • Anders Nicolaysen for sending some scans of "Hinter Gittern" pics, and for the credits for (632) - his website is also on the links page.
  • Anna Götling for an addition to the EDUCATION theme on the KEYS pages
  • Jon Archer for another example of the correct spelling of Reb's surname.
  • Scott Carson for details of what happened after (641) during the original run in Adelaide.
  • Bernadette from Australia for explaining the Foxtel schedules.
  • And anyone else whose name I've forgotten.


    Updated ~ 12 August 2001