Maxine is contrite and determines to repay Judy for the damage caused to the Halfway House by her friends.

First broadcast ... 1982 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Wednesday 01 July 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 20 disc 1 (AUS)
Duration: 0:45:49

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Paddy ~ Anna Hruby
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Faye ~ Anne Lucas
Off. Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Steve ~ Wayne Jarratt
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Chrissie ~ Amanda Muggleton
Neil ~ Adrian Wright
Barbara ~ Susan Guerin
Phillip ~ Kirk Alexander
Mrs Malone ~ Vicky Angus
The barman who talks to Steve and Meg (though I think the actor is Charles Gilroy )

Hardware Shop Assistant

  • Written by Anne Lucas
  • Directed by John Gauci
  • Judy tells Maxine to piss off and hold her parties somewhere else. Steve checks up on Barbara: she tells him she wasn't responsible for the night-watchman's death but admits it wasn't the first time she'd "borrowed" money from her employer. Bea notices Paddy's agitation in their cell at night, and tries to get to know more about her. Paddy tells Bea she worked as a motorcycle courier and Bea correctly guesses that she'd come from the country to the city. Bea wants to know why Paddy attacked Barbara, but fails to spot Paddy's momentary panic when the lights go out. Maxine wants to make up to Judy for any trouble she caused. Meg teases Steve when he tells her he thinks Barbara is innocent, and wonders if the fact that she's young and pretty might have anything to do with it. Maxine's "help" consists of shoplifting goods from a hardware store. Paddy apologises to Barbara for attacking her, but when she senses that Barbara is a bit scared of her, she first cadges a cigarette then takes the whole packet. Judy tells Meg she is going to advertise for an assistant to help at the halfway house. Bea finds out from Meg that Lizzie is coming back to Wentworth, and about Lizzie's application for parole: Meg suggests that Bea applies too. Bea is slightly flustered by the idea, but seems to be considering it seriously. Judy is interviewing Mrs Malone for the post of assistant when Maxine returns with her stolen goods. Phillip visits Barbara to ask her to sign a release form to agree to give the money back, then tells her he is quitting as her solicitor. She attacks him and has to be dragged off by Steve, who hears her accusation that George Logan framed her. Maxine tells Judy the stolen goods are second hand so she can sell them in the shop. Faye is brought back to the laundry. Bea wants to know if any replacement is being found for the Sister, especially for Lizzie's sake. Steve tells Meg he's going to check out Logan and she offers to go with him. Lizzie returns and finds that Bea already knows about her parole application: she tells Lizzie she's applied too. Neil Murray arrives as to take up the post of nurse and tells Erica he wants to help the women by giving them the right attention when they need it. (The secretary in reception fondles her pen thoughtfully at this ... )Erica introduces Neil to the women in the dining room: Chrissie says he can examine her whenever he likes. Colleen is annoyed when she finds out that Steve and Meg are investigating George Logan to help Barbara. Bea is told her parole application has been rejected, but is encouraged to try again in three month's time. Erica tells Bea to stop fighting other people's battles and look out for herself for a change. Colleen advises Neil to keep an eye on the drugs and surgical alcohol. Meg and Steve find out from a barman that George Logan was in the bar drunk on the night of the fire and so he didn't have his car with him. Faye and Paddy go to collect cleaning materials from the storeroom: when the lights go out, Paddy falls to the floor and curls into a ball, but quickly recovers and attacks Faye. Faye later mocks Paddy in front of the other women for being afraid of the dark. Steve and Meg get their car stuck in the mud and are helped out by a passing motorist in a Range Rover, who turns out to be George Logan. Chrissie tells Paddy she needn't worry about antagonizing Bea, as she won't be able to fight back without putting her parole in jeopardy. Neil catches Lizzie trying to smuggle a bottle of surgical spirit out of the surgery in her cardigan pocket. Bea stops a fight between Faye and Paddy , and Joan walks in on cue to demonstrate to everyone that Bea won't risk her parole. Joan orders Faye out of the dining room and tells her she going to start the book up again. When Faye objects, Joan points out that Bea won't give her any trouble, but that if she does, she should ask Paddy for protection.


    Script Editor: Barry Main
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, John Mortimore, Andrew Kennedy, Patrea Smallacombe