Lyle Davies (Barry Hill)

Kerryn's feeble husband. His son Tim ran up gambling debts which Kerryn embezzles money to pay off, in an attempt to win him round. He is unable to use the opportunity of conjugal visits to comfort Kerryn, and bottles out of visiting her. After Kerryn has hung herself in the conjugal suite in despair, Lyle drives his car off the road (probably deliberately) and is killed (487)-(496).

Lynn Warner (Kerry Armstrong)

Imprisoned in (1) at the same time as Karen Travers for burying a child alive while working as a nursemaid. In fact, she is innocent and the real culprit is her employer, Mrs Bentley. After agitation by Helen Masters, her case is reviewed and she is released. Goes back to live with her parents in the country, but while at Wentworth she had become friendly with Doug Parker who follows her and involves her in a wages snatch. Returned to Wentworth, persecuted by Doreen. Jim Fletcher finds her in bed with Doreen on the night before her eventual release. Kidnapped in mistake for Monica Ferguson (43) by a gang trying to find the payroll money stolen by Harry Martin. We are left to assume that after the police are tipped off and arrest the gang (44) that Lynn is able to go back to live with her parents.

Mabel Morgan (Val Jellay)

Friend of Lexie's real mother Jessie Wyndham and first seen in a scene with her in (589). After Lexie escapes and goes on the run, Mabel gives Lexie a refuge in her brothel (600-602) and reappears in (612) to collect Pocco (Lexie's dog) from Wentworth.

Mac (Peter Finlay)

One of the gang who try to break Joyce Martin out of Wentworth (41) and later kidnap Lynn Warner (43).

McDonald, Sgt. (David Hursthouse)

Quizzing Lizzie after the fire at Sid's house (240).

Madge, Aunt (Paddy Burnett)

Joyce Martin's Aunt Madge, visited by Monica to collect the payroll money Joyce is hiding (44).

Maggie May Kennedy (Davina Whitehouse)

Maggie (Margaret) May Kennedy, nee Mullins. She appears for a brief stretch in Wentworth (371-376), and it turns out she knew Lizzie 40 years ago. Dreadfully dull character, with hopelessly dodgy Anglo-Irish-American accent: while actually being a drug runner she manages to convince the women that she is a dotty old lady with a fund of exciting stories. The women's support cannot prevent Ted Douglas arranging for her extradition to the USA to serve her full sentence


See Janet Williams

Magistrate (Syd Conabere)

Sends Mum back to Wentworth on a shoplifting charge (6)

Magistrate (Arthur Barradel-Smith)

Agrees to let Tony Reid go without charge after Paul gives him a personal assurance that his son would have nothing to do with drugs (91).

Magistrate (Arthur Barradell-Smith)

At Lizzie's trial for shoplifting. This is her second attempt to get back inside and she makes sure the magistrate deals with her harshly by stealing the manuscript of his memoirs from his office and flushing them down the toilet (105).

Magistrate (Neil Thompson)

At Tony Reid's trial for assault (102). He refers to the earlier trial of Sharon Gilmour in (94) as if he is supposed to be the same person, but there he was credited as Judge.

Magistrate (Don Smibert)

At Geoff Butler's trail for assaulting Meg (106).

Magistrate (James Taylor)

Sentences Noeline Bourke to six months for stealing from her colleagues at the office where she is working as a cleaner (122).

Magistrate (Neil Thompson)

In voice-over pronouncing sentence on Chrissie's boyfriend Mick O'Brien (195).

Magistrate (David Nettheim)

At Lizzie's trial for arson (249).

Magistrate (Alton Harvey)

At Judy's trial for robbing the taxi passenger (270).

Magistrate (Carl Bleazby)

When Maxine is in court: he bails her until she can find a solicitor (307), and also deals with Judy who is in court for aiding Margo, jailing Meg for contempt when she refuses to shop Judy (308).

Magistrate (Clive Hearne)

At Denise Tyler's hearing (367)

Magistrate (Bill Bennett)

Decides that Bea and Lizzie should stand trial for murdering Nola McKenzie (371)

Magistrate (Arthur Barradell-Smith)

At Roxanne’s trial for extortion (378).

Magistrate (Arthur Barradell-Smith)

At Trevor Priest's trial (457).

Magistrate (Clive Hearne)

At the custody hearing at the Family Court when Joan tries to adopt Shane (480)

Magistrate (Arthur Barraddel-Smith)

At Ettie's trial for bank robbery (545).

Maguire, Officer (Jean Cain)

The same actress has previously been credited just as Officer. In (64) she warns Jim that trouble is brewing among the women. Later in the episode, she is leaving when Meg arrives, and Meg calls her Paddy. Not credied again until (149).

Maine, Mr (Bruce Carter)

A customer taken out to lunch by Terri Malone and her boss Barry Lockwood (574)

Maintenance Man (Colwyn Roberts)

His casual remarks about the bravery of the men fighting forest fires make Marty Jackson even more guilty that he hasn't volunteered (647).

Maintenance Man (Max) (Burt Cooper)

Called in to fix the airconditioning. In an attempt to clear the "blockage", caused by Susie Driscoll getting stuck during one of her escape attempts, he and his assistant blow chemicals through the ducting, putting Susie's life in danger (267)-(268).

Maintenance Squad Man 1 (George Hein) * Maintenance Squad Man 2 (Shane Connors)

Attempting to extricate Shane from the drain (471)

Major (Dog) (Mandog Security Services)

Joan Ferguson's dog, given to her as a puppy in (366) by her father. It seems to grow remarkably quickly and by (374) when Des Coulson complains about him, he seems like an adult Rottweiler. When Joan crosses Lionel Fellowes and is forced to take acid by two of his henchman, she has an LSD trip, and comes round to find that she has killed her dog with a pair of scissors (413). For the real thing see Ferguson, Major. Joan's previous dog, the one poisoned by Phillip Langdon, was called "Hanno".

Mal (Paul Jones)

The only speaking guest at the party thrown by Yvonne (35). He is the one involved in some serious lip-suction with her when Bea breaks up the party, and presumably the person Yvonne has in mind when she says in the following episode that she hoped to "get laid".

Mal James (Graham Rouse)

Reporter contacted by Paul Reid to give the women an introduction to journalism for their proposed newspaper, but Bea passes him a story about the Department's delay in freeing Lizzie (87). When Paul gets into trouble over this story, he contacts the reporter again to find out who was responsible for the leak (88).

Mal Winner (Brendan O'Brien)

Heavy for Thomas Gilmour in (657)

Malcolm Hutchins (Nick Harvey)

Smarmy businessman who tries to pick up Colleen in a restaurant (343).

Malcolm Johnson (Roy Baldwin)

Faye Quinn's brother-in-law (350).

Male Attendant (Peter J Murphy)

Escorting Merle back to Wentworth from Ingleside (688)

Male Blackmoor Prisoner (Nick Antipas)

One of the prisoners transferred to Wentworth after the riot (668).

Male Clerk (John Ramsay)

At the airport when Chrissie buys a ticket to Darwin (286).

Male Customer (Steve Lane)

In Paul Reynolds' studio as the police arrive with a search warrant (410)

Male Escort (Colin Nicoll)

Accompanying "Blonde Woman", who Shane thinks is his mother when Joan takes him to Luna Park (468)

Male Guard (Colin Nicole)

When Franky, Doreen and Lizzie escape (12). The credit seems slightly odd as there never seem to be any female (perimeter) guards - so why make a point of the gender here? In later episodes the description Gate Guard, sometimes with a name, is more usual. It's possible that the credit may really belong to episode (13), and may refer to the gate guard who talks to Lizzie when she returns to Wentworth and asks to be let back in.

Male Guard (Brad Lindsay)

Gate guard (41) (50) and (61). Later and earlier credits under Gate Guard sometimes with the name Trevor added.

Male Guard (Richard White)

Gate guard (41) seen talking to a van driver about Karen. The other gate guard in this episode refers to him as "Ted".

Male Hairdresser (Gary Jones)

Does Lizzie's hair for her day release visit to meet Mick Lawson (398). The writer makes a glancing allusion to the usual suspicon about male hairdressers when Lizzie is outraged by the price he charges and tells him that her usual stylist Madame Beatrice is happy to do her hair for "a couple of fags".

Male Nazi Guard (Peter Schofield)

In Hannah Geldschmidt's nightmare (452)

Male News Reporter (Petar Tolich)

Appears in (649) reporting on the forest fires, and harries Meg to the point of tears for a comment on Marty. The credit appears in error at the end of (650)

Male Passenger (John Rohan)

Rude and impatient customer in Judy's taxi, who she misunderstands when he asks for "The Wentworth" (Hotel) and thinks he is making a joke (255).

Male Passerby (Charles Dance)

Robbed by Minnie (435). The actor is not the "real" Charles Dance, but a considerably older version.

Male Prison Officer (Bill Tisdall)

Keeping guard on Jessie in hospital (618)

Male Prisoner (Vince D'Amico)

At Woodridge during rehearsals for the joint charity concert (318)

Male Protester (Peter Eckersaal)

"Pro-life" agitator demonstrating outside court at Kath Maxwell's trial (638)

Male Stripper (Erwin Martens)

Hired by Helen Smart for Bea's 40th birthday (275). The Channel 5 continuity announcer compared him to Donny Osmond, which was cruel, but fairly accurate.

Male Stripper (George Mulov)

On the back of a truck outside Wentworth, organised by Jessie as a treat for the women (624)

Male Visitor (Malcolm Sim)

Nearly gives Myra heart failure by stopping her just after she's walked through the gates at the fete, but he only wants to admire her "hat" and offer her a lift (459).

Malley, Sgt (Peter Aanensen)

Tries to help Edith by lending her an umbrella, unfortunately thereby furnishing her with the weapon with which she assaults Mrs Bessie (45). Referred to as Jack in dialogue.

Malone, Dr (David) (Tim Robertson)

Terri's father (563-564)

Malone, Mrs (Vicki Angus)

Interviewed by Judy for the post of assistant at the halfway house (305). She is well-meaning but pretty clueless and the job eventually goes to Tony Berman.

Malone, Mrs (Marjorie) (Jackie Kelleher)

Terri's mother (563-564). She can barely bring themselves to speak to Joan when they find out that she is Terri's lover.

Maloney, Det Sgt (James Wright)

Detective from the Consorting Squad who comes to interview Vera about Anne Yates' letter implicating George Lucas (31).

Man No 1 (Doug Scroope) * Man No 2 (Doug Bennett)

The first meets Chrissie in a bar when she is looking for a job and passes her on to the second who pays to sleep with her, and is still there next morning when Meg turns up at Chrissie's flat (196).

Man (James Wright)

He comes to the halfway house in (321), sits down and orders a coffee. As if this were not already suspicious enough, he asks for Sara and gives Judy twenty dollars in payment for some "information". Judy tears up his note and tells him to get lost.

Man (Malcolm Sim)

One of the many people harassing Dennis Cruickshank after he is suspected of murdering teenage girls (529)

Man 1 (Michael Brooks) * Man 2 (Ron Bingham)

Delivering Ettie's statue of "Freedom" (534). This is not just a heavy item but also heavily symbolic, as Judy is released for the final time in this episode. It is moved to the rec room in the next episode then out into the garden where it can be glimpsed occasionally in outdoor scenes, for instance in (680) when Merle introduces her mouse to it.

Manager (Peter Thompson)

Noeline Bourke's boss, who makes the best of a police visit to tell her of her daughter Leanne's death to lag on her for stealing from the offices where she works as a cleaner (122). Practically the dictionary definition of "Heartless Bastard".

Manager (George Vidalis)

Of the rooming house where Myra first stays after her escape (461)

Manager (Brian Worth)

Involved in one of Ettie's feeble attempts to get back inside (540)

Manageress (Jenny Jarman-Walker)

In the dress shop where Doreen fails to shoplift (436).

Mandy (Paula de Burgh)

Female client of David Austin, whose flirtatious twittering in the background when Kerry Vincent phones him makes her jealous enough to come round immediately and confront him (122).

Mandy (Tatiana Ohotin)

One of Kay Desmond's druggy friends (461)

Mandy (Lucinda Cowden)

One of the girls at Ettie's, advised by Ann how to deal with sexual harassment from her boss (596)

Mandy Stevens (Jill Butler)

One of the girls picked up by Marty Jackson and Dennis Quinn (383). Her friend Lindy Peters is murdered by Dennis.

Manoli (George Harlem)

Fiancé of Litza, a Greek girl who runs away to the halfway house to escape her father's pressure to behave (374-375). He eventually comes to see her at Driscoll and persuades her of the benefits of traditional values.

Manson, Officer (Anne Phelan)

Threatens to resign over the favourable treatment given to Barbara Davidson (17). Apparently, Ann Phelan was given this role at short notice when the actress originally cast fell ill.

Marcia Huntley (Judith Dick)

Visits Wentworth to see Lizzie after replying to Captain Barton's newspaper advert when he is trying to trace Lizzie's family (118). Although she initially refuses to accept Lizzie's offer of money so that she and her daughter Josie can stay longer at their lodgings near Wentworth, she takes up the offer to live in Doreen's house. Kevin becomes suspicious when Josie refers to her uncle being called Morgan, and Marcia has already been revealed to the audience as fraudulent when she calls the visit to Lizzie a "business trip". Her motive for the deception is to provide Josie with medical treatment. After being exposed as a fraud, Lizzie accepts her and Josie as her real family, and Ellen visits Wenwtorth again in (134) when Lizzie has her 72nd birthday. She sees Lizzie for the last time before taking Josie to Chicago for treatment (140).

Marge Briggs (Christine Best)

Transferred from D block by Joan to act as muscle for Sonia. She manages to goad Cass into a fight (419). Seen over a year later as a prisoner waiting for her parole decision and mentions Hazel to Judy to provoke a suitable flashback (534). Despite her bitter comments, Alice tells us later she does get parole.

Margie Anson (Samantha Carter)

Prisoner beaten up by Kath and Vicki as part of Kath's bid to take over top dog, appears first in (645) but credited in error in (646). She backs off from helping Spider unload contraband when van is searched (673) and keeps nit while Spike fixes up the playback of Lisa's tape of Rodney (685).

Margie Fleming (Helen Milte)

A visitor who comes to warn Rita of Harry Parker's threats against the Conquerors (631)

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