Mo Maguire (Bronwyn Gibbs)

On remand for the cat burglaries actually committed by one of Minnie's gang. Her furious temper often gets her into trouble, though I guess anyone would be a bit miffed to find that the "no lagging" rule prevents a fellow prisoner giving information to the authorities that would exonerate you. It is only Camilla Wells' intervention in getting her a job and a place to stay that gets her out of Wentworth (428-432).

Molly Gibson (Patsy Martin)

Next door neighbour of Nancy McCormack (590-591).

Mongoose Reilly (Michael Neaylon)

Biker, one of the Conquerors (596) in the episode where Joan follows them and torches their bikes.

Monica Ferguson (Lesley Baker)

Prisoner during the early episodes (15) to (60). More details.

Monopulis, Det. Insp. (Bob Ruggiero)

Helped by Wally to trace the initial source of the lassa fever outbreak (393).

Montgomery, Mr (Chris Waters)

Sponsor for the dance marathon, who tries to back out of paying because the bomb threat interrupted the dancing. With Bea's connivance, the news reporter present manages to make him cough up the cash after all (478-482).

Moore, Sgt. (Jeffrey Hodgson)

Investigating the complaint of noise at Drisoll House and takes Helen and Sharon Smart and Judy in for questioning (385).

Moran, Mr (Justin Gaffney)

Father of Cindy, one of the girls on the rehabilitation programme (573)

Moran, Mrs (Marnie Randall)

Mother of Cindy (573)

Morgan McDermott (Maurice Marion)

Working for Harry Parker, and follows Joan on Parker's instructions. He runs over Andrew Hinton and kills him (634), although he isn't seen or credited: his last credits are for (630-631). In (626) the role is credited in error to Michael Winchester (not in the Channel 5 credits, though?), who actually appeared for the first time in the previous episode as Marty Jackson.

Morgan, Officer (Betty Hargrave)

Background officer seen in early episodes, but first credited in (62). She appears uncredited in (68) (74) (82) and (92). She's the one who looks like Joan Crawford with big hair.

Morgan, Sister

Probably a mistake in the credits of (686), as the character is referred to in dialogue as Sister Fawcett, which is how she was credited on her previous appearance.

Morton, Det Insp (Laurie Dobson)

Interviews Russell Tyler when he admits to killing his brother at his mother's trial (367).

Morton, Mr (Kirk Alexander)

Peter Wright's solicitor at his trial, who leads Peter Wright to accuse Meg of inviting sex with him. This sleazy line of argument does not convince the jury however (512).

Motel Owner (Malcolm Fuller-Darby)

At the motel where Carol and Doug Lewis are staying when she shoots him (279). He notes down the registration number when Mel drives away with Jenny Powell (279).

Mother (Fiona Murphy)

Visitor for background prisoner Angie Dobbs, who tells her daughter to stay away from Hazel when Hazel tries to talk to her (266).

Mother (Patsy Martin)

Pretending to be Sonia's mother, but sent by Lionel Fellowes to tell her he's getting her out of Wentworth (440).

Motorcycle Policeman (Ian Mumby)

Chases Maxine and books her for speeding (309).

Motorcycle Stuntman (Robin Anson) * Motorcycle Stuntman (Clive Carter) * Motorcycle Stuntman (Steve Roper) * Motorcycle Stuntman (Murray Smith )

Members of Spud's gang chasing Maxine away from court (309).

Motorcyclist (Peter Kurg)

When Reb escapes during the Glee Club trip, she tricks him into giving up his bike (435).

Motorist (Bob Hearn)

Customer at garage where Maxine works (369).

Mott, Sergeant (Peter Black)

Interviewing Major Ferguson after his kidnapping (427).

Mouse (Jentah Sobott)

Real name: Heather Trapp. No relation to the "Sound of Music" Trapp family. The nickname Mouse is a pun on her surname and refers to her habit of appearing silently from nowhere. (And perhaps to her hairdo, which often looks like a family of mice could be nesting in it). The actress played background characters under several different names from the earliest episodes, but the first use of the name "Mouse" is in (100), when Chrissie throws some sheets to her in the laundry. The character first appears in the credits for (106) as "Mighty Mouse" when she plays the part of a dog in the drama group's improvisation. [The same character name re-appears in the credits for (244) and (251)]. She is later involved in the tunnel escape and is briefly on the run. Often used in drug-related storylines: Mouse seems to be first in the queue whenever pills are on offer, though why the writers persisted with this when they saw her crazed attempts to act "stoned" is a mystery. The worst example of this is perhaps the fit of hysterical giggles in the dining room after a few pills given to her by Marie Winter in (251). Supplies the heroin and needle with which Donna Mason kills herself. Dies spectacularly in the fire at Wentworth when she opens the door to the store room and the turps inside explodes (326). Thanks to Louise West for listing the following uncredited (and possibly pre-Mouse) appearances of Jentah Sobott: given the last name "White" during mail call (74); in the background during the Christmas play (75); named "Pauline" when swapping with Ros's cleaning duties (80); has a fight with Margo in the laundry (96); called "Pauline" by Pat O'Connell (98).

Mugger 1 (Nick Antipas) * Mugger 2 (Con Mathios)

Beating up Howard Simmons (565), presumably put up to it by Steven or Harriet Formby?

Muir, Mr (Lester Morris)

Doreen's boss in her first job on the outside, who warns her to pay attention to what she's doing rather than flirting with drivers like Kevin Burns (90). After Lizzie messes up phoning in sick for Doreen to cover for her going for a drive with Kevin, Mr Muir gives Doreen the sack (93) and warns Kevin to stay away from her (94).

Muirhead, Mr (Denzil Howson)

Meg's boss while she is working as a parole officer (193) to (204). He appears again when Lizzie has applied for parole to look after Sid and tells Meg it's been refused (214).

Muldern, Captain (Keith Eden)

Owner of boat where the women go on work release. Seen in (639), but not credited until his reappearance in (641). He goes out with the women on the work release scheme and takes a fancy to Alice, but does not go out with them in (642).

Mullins, Det (Roger Nolan)

Interrogating Dennis Cruickshank when he is suspected of the serial killings of young female hitchhikers (528)

Mum Brooks (Mary Ward)

Real name: Jeanette Mary Brooks. Already inside Wentworth at episode (1), having been imprisoned many years before for the mercy killing of her husband. Active in the garden, and her cell looks like a Victorian conservatory. Released on parole to her daughter Lorraine, but she cannot settle, and starts shoplifting to get herself re-arrested. Visited in Wentworth by her grand-daughter Judith-Anne, who is pregnant, and on release they live together. Bea briefly threatens their new life when she seeks refuge after escaping from hospital. Reintroduced in (61), when her health has deteriorated and she is eventually diagnosed as suffering from pleurisy. She is reconciled with her daughter and goes back to live with the family (67). Nearly two years later, she is re-introduced a second time in a repeat of an earlier plotine when Bea escapes from the van bringing her back from Barnhurst and in a state of amnesia seeks shelter with Mum, who is now living on her own away from her family (199). When Bea is recaptured after Mum goes to the police due to her worries over the state of Bea's health, both Bea and Mum are returned to Wentworth. Mum is eventually acquitted of the charge of harbouring a fugitive (204), almost entirely due to Bea' s evidence that she forced Mum to take her in. Her death from a heart attack is announced in (388) when Mr Askins visits the prison to tell Ann about Mum's legacy, which helps to set up a fund to provide money for women about to be released.

Muriel (Marilyn O'Donnell)

Not clear who this character is - credited in (13). Most likely candidate is the prisoner with long dark hair talking to Bea as they walk along a corridor near the beginning of the episode.

Muriel Baxter (Beverly Phillips)

Halfway house resident (371).

Murphy, Nurse (Joanne Rankin)

When Ann is in hospital after her mastectomy (418).

Murray Crabb, Det (James Patrick)

One of the policemen who appears intermittently over a long stretch of Prisoner episodes, and seems in some way to be intended to be the same character, even if he is not always credited in the same way. He stakes out Rick's house with Inspector Maynard (449), interviews Rachel after she runs over Trevor Priest (458). He is credited in (501). Involved with questioning Frank Burke after a sniper shoots at the male prisoners (515). Credited as Det Crabbe in (557). Helps Inspector Grace with the sting on Harry Parker (635).

Myles, Mr Justice (Frank Wilson)

Chairman on the parole board which decides to grant Georgie Baxter parole (186). He also suggests the idea of having a resident parole officer which inspires Meg to her temporary career change.

Myra Desmond (Anne Phelan)

First appearing as a PRG representative, but later in Wentworth as a prisoner and becomes top dog for a long stretch of episodes. More details

Nancy (Anne-Marie Wiles)

Prisoner with a few lines in the laundry in (135).

Nancy (Mariette Rups)

Woman on the parole board which decides to grant Georgie Baxter parole (186).

Nancy McCormack (Julia Blake)

Middle class housewife introduced as a major character for the later episodes. More details

Neighbour (Jack Perry)

Tells Meg that Wayne and Margo have gone out in the car when she calls to see them (183).

Neighbour (Marie Therese Burns)

Reports Bobbie Mitchell to the police when she sees her breaking into her father's house to help her sister Cheryl (491).

Neighbour (Ron Little)

One of the many people harassing Dennis Cruickshank after he is suspected of murdering teenage girls (529)

Neighbour (Pat Drennan)

Sees Ann go off on the back of Dan's bike and is suitably scandalized (601).

Neighbour (Mrs Hibbert) (Hannah Govan)

In the same street as Joan Ferguson and the Coulsons, gawping during the siege. She is called Mrs Hibbert in dialogue (375).

Neighbour 1 (Rusty Chilcott) * Neighbour 2 (Peter Cameron)

Neighbours of Dennis. They annoy him by offering to help when he comes out of hospital in a wheelchair (558).

Neil (Colin Setches)

One of the workmen in the boiler room Doreen flirts with (280). She finds out from them that the small boiler is to be disconnected, and the women use it to set up an illicit still.

Neil Murray (Adrian Wright)

Male nurse at Wentworth appointed in (305) after Sister Johnston resigns. He is apparently caring towards the women and takes a special interest in Chrissie Latham. It is Neil who realises that Paddy suffers from claustrophobia (307) and tells Colleen to let her out of solitary. He arranges Chrissie's escape by sending her to hospital for tests (315), but he then kidnaps her and Chrissie realises she has got out of her depth. Meanwhile, back at Wentworth, Steve Fawkner finds a black glove which identifies Neil as a serial killer. He is wounded by the police arresting him and sent to Woodridge (316), where Chrissie has to confront him again when the women go there for the charity concert rehearsals (318).

Neil, Det (Eric McPhan)

Listens in to a conversation between Nancy and Peter McCormack to get Peter's confession to murdering his father (650).

Nelly (Marie Redshaw)

Homeless baglady type who accosts Vera just after she leaves the wineshop where she has stocked up on booze (157). She tells Vera she reminds her of her duaghter and Vera is so touched (and, lets be frank, pissed out of her skull) that she invites Nelly home. As soon as Vera nods off, Nelly turns the place over and leaves with whatever valuables she can find.

Neville Sloan (Jon Evans)

A friend of Lou Kelly, who tells him to apply the handyman job at Wentworth, which actually goes to Stan Dobson (483). Nev follows Stan and when he catches him cahnging out of uniform on the way to work, he realises that he hasn't told his wife Edie that he is no longer a prison officer. He blackmails Stan to propose him as an extra handyman so he can smuggle goods to Lou (486). After finding Bobbie's marijuanah plants, he puts pressure on her to have sex with him. Reb's attempt to use the death threats against Ann Reynolds to collect a ransom is hijacked by Lou and Nev, but Nev is caught when he picks up the money from a station rubbish bin (489).

New Prisoner (Glenys O'Brien)

Brought to Wentworth at the same time as Bea in (3). She is shown into Mum's old cell and makes disparaging remarks about the plants. Only two episodes later a completely different (uncredited) prisoner is occupying the cell when Mum arrives back at Wentworth.

News Cameraman (Peter Cameron)

With the insensitive Male News Reporter on the forest fires (649), credited in error in (650).

News Interviewer (Lindsay Edwards)

For the dance marathon (480-482). He persuades the reluctant sponsor to cough up the money, with some help from the women. In dialogue he is called Bob Edwards under which name he is credited in (503) when he is leaked information by Reb about the male prisoners held in Wentworth.

News Reader (Ilona Komesaroff)

When Meg is found in the rec room watching TV for news of Marty (649)

News Reporter (Petar Tollich)

Reporting on the forest fires in (597)

Newsagent Man (Rick Burke)

Held up by Ida and Roach in the shambles of a robbery in which their getaway car is an ancient Morris Minor (621).

Newscaster (Tony Porter)

Reporting the news of the forest fires on TV (647).

Newscaster (Maureen Edwards)

Giving the news of the riot at Blackmoor (667) , with an update in (668).

Newscaster (Jennifer Keyte)

On the radio when Kath is being held captive by Matt Denson (686).

Newscaster (Jennifer Keyte)

For the TV report of Harry Parker's death (636).

Newscaster (Lindsay Edwards)

Credited in (610), but there is no Newscaster to be seen (or heard) in this episode.

Newscaster (Cliff Wood)

When the women watch the TV news report of Kath Maxwell's arrest (611).

Newsman (Michael Carman)

Interviewing Ann Reynolds outside Wentworth about Maggie May Kennedy (374).

Newsman (Ian Gilbert)

Reading news of Dennis Cruickshank's arrest (529).

Newspaper Reporter (Ian Gilbert)

Reporting on Eddie Stevens' (apparently) fatal car accident (438)

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