Drugs and a seance cause Lainie to lose self-control and become hysterical.

First broadcast ... 1983 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Sunday 20 September 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 23 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:48

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Colleen ~ Judith McGrath
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Nola ~ Carole Skinner
Lainie ~ Marina Finlay
Phyllis ~ Reylene Pearce
Denise ~ Geraldene Morrow
Gary ~ Richard McFarlane
Russell ~ Eden Gill
Zara ~ Ilona Rodgers
Major Ferguson ~ Carl Bleazby
Captain Barton ~ Paul Young
Babs Martin ~ Marianne Brooke

  • Written by Bryon Williams
  • Directed by Kendal Flanagan
  • Joan's father asks her about "Hanno" - the dog who was poisoned in (320).

    Lizzie scuttles off to find Maxine to keep an eye on her. Denise and her kids stay at the halfway house, but the kids end up fighting when Gary provokes Russell. Meg tries to find out if Joan is applying for the Governorship, but Joan takes offence at Meg's assumption that she would be doing it mainly for the sake of her father's approval. Lizzie tells Maxine that she's in trouble with Nola over something Lizzie herself has done. Denise and family go home after they are provided with a stove and a lamp to help them out until the electricity is reconnected. Joan refuses to get further supplies in for Nola and tells her she will have to make her own arrangements. Maxine creates a stir in the dining room to get into solitary, but Meg assumes the insurance scheme is back in operation and gives her cleaning duties. Judy gets Captain Barton to help Denise: he brings her some food vouchers. Maxine tries to apologise to Meg when she finds he is going to be on cleaning duty on her own all day, but Meg insists and even refuses to let Lizzie help her. Nola steals away from work and bashes Maxine. Bea comes out of the infirmary and is anxious to find out what's happened to Lizzie. When she returns to her cell after her shower, she finds Maxine, but Maxine won't go to the sister for treatment. Bea starts to have second thoughts about lagging on Nola. Gary Tyler isn't grateful for his mother's new found culinary skills and runs out of the flat. Bea comes back to the laundry and tells the women what Nola did to Maxine. Nola ignores her and offers to sell the women prayer cards soaked in LSD. Babs drops acid and becomes fascinated by the sheets in the laundry . Joan's father Major Ferguson arrives at her house, but tells her he can't go to dinner with her until the next evening as he's made arrangements to meet an old Army friend, so she offers to take him round Wentworth during the day. Zara asks permission from Bea to make a bit of money from doing tarot and palm readings. Lainie returns disappointed from a visit from Alan, as he's told her he's leaving for the country to go fruit picking. On his tour of inspection, Major Ferguson meets Lizzie: Joan is embarassed by his gentlemanly interest in her and outraged when Lizzie introduces him to Bea. The women are amazed that he might be related to Joan. Lainie also takes some acid. Zara reads the cards for her, and sees disfigurement, but pretends she's made a mistake and shuffles the cards again. The Major invites Colleen and Meg to dinner with him and Joan. Zara predicts Nola's death. Lainie tries to cut out her tattoos with a piece of broken mirror while under the influence of drugs, but Bea talks her down then leaves Phyllis to keep an eye on her. Bea threatens Nola with the piece of mirror but Meg arrives to to send the women out on their exercise period. The women ignore Joan's request to go back inside in front of her father to embarass her, so she asks Nola to pull the women into line. She shrugs and directs Joan to Bea, who leads the women inside again . Joan feels humiliated by the incident and tells Nola she has to get rid of Bea permanently.


    Script Editor: Fay Rousseaux
    Storyliners: Dave Worthington, Andrew Kennedy, Patrea Smallacombe, Billie Morton

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-