Rita and Alice are cleared of trouble over the men, and Kath Maxwell makes her escape, leaving Merle behind. Joan threatens Dwyer unless he helps her.

First broadcast ... 1986 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Saturday 20 January 2001 04:40
DVD release: volume 40 disc 3 (AUS)
Duration: 0:44:54

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Ann ~ Gerda Nicolson
Joyce ~ Joy Westmore
Rita ~ Glenda Linscott
Alice ~ Lois Collinder
Kath ~ Kate Hood
Merle ~ Rosanne Hull-Brown
Rodney ~ Philip Hyde
Marty ~ Michael Winchester
Spider ~ Taya Straton
Spike ~ Victoria Rowland
Brumby ~ Sheryl Munks
Stud ~ Peter Lindsay
Billy ~ Glennan Fahey
James Dwyer ~ James Condon
Det Waters ~ Stephen Hutchinson
Alison Mills ~ Fiona Corke
Miss Towne ~ Effie James
Officer Hagen ~ Christine Andrew
The (non-speaking) Van Driver is the ubiquitous Glen Ruehland

  • Written by Michael Joshua & Gwenda Marsh
  • Directed by Sean Nash
  • Another interior decor disaster . As Rodney says: "Alison... it's so ... you".

    Kath calms Merle down by talking to her about the "holiday" they are taking soon when she comes back to their cell in a state of agitation. Rita and Alice are trapped in the storeroom by a cell search and have to pretend to be tying the men up in self defence, but they refuse to say what happened. Marty protests his innocence to Meg and says he doesn't believe that Spike went back on drugs voluntarily: he tells her about the woman who bumped into him and planted the drugs in his bag. Rodney thanks Kath for her information. As Ann is questioning Alice and Rita in the storeroom, Merle bursts in and admits responsibility. Even though Merle's story doesn't make much sense, Ann thinks there must be some link with Lorelei's rape and decides the Blackmoor men must go. No drugs are found in the cell search, but traces of heroin are found in Marty's locker. Brumby presses Kath about the timing of the escape, but Kath claims her contact has told her to tell no-one. Meg asks Rita for help in clearing Marty. Rita phones Lisa and passes on information she has overheard when another officer told Rodney about a drama rehearsal at the Ivydale Temperance Hall. Marty is arrested for possession of drugs. Lisa follows Rodney and tapes his awful acting in a rehearsal for an amateur production of "The Importance of Being Earnest". Rita questions Kath over the incident with Spike. After she leaves, Merle asks questions which show she has worked out the heroin must have been in the chocolate but Kath tells her to keep quiet as "Spike's a bad girl who takes drugs". Lisa gets Alison's address from her copy of the script which she happens to put down just in front of where Lisa is hiding. Brumby works out Kath's involvement in framing Marty and drugging Spike, but Kath warns her to say nothing if she really wants to get out. Kath catches Rita questioning Merle about Spike and stops her. Joyce warns Meg she is antagonising the other officers by her obsession over Marty. Lisa tapes Rodney's seduction of Alison: audio only, fortunately, but embarassing enough as she makes him read his lines out to her (and he still can't pronounce "incomparable" properly!). Brumby isn't happy that Merle is coming on the escape too, but Kath denies that is part of the plan. Meg talks to Spike when she is let out of the infirmary, but she won't help. Joan phones the Minister again and having had enough of being fobbed off, she demands to speak to him: he agrees to meet her at her home. Brumby tries to dissuade Spike from confronting Kath, as she fears it will undermine the escape plan. Joan demands that the Minister checks out Willie Beecham, as she doesn't believe her business can be legitimate. Kath and Merle prepare for the escape, but Merle is extremely anxious. Kath sends Merle to the loading bay and knocks Brumby out to stop her interfering. Rita gets Spike to confirm her suspicion that Kath drugged her and goes looking for Kath but only finds Brumby unconscious behind a door. Brumby pretends she wasn't in on the escape and tells Rita Kath knocked her out when she found out her plan. Kath and Merle wait in the loading bay. Rodney alerts the other officers to the extra laundry truck. Merle twists her ankle in the loading bay and Kath leaves her behind . The alarm is sounded but the van driver breaks through the barrier and Kath gets away.


    Story Editor: Bevan Lee
    Script Editor: Morgan Smith
    Storyliners: Tony McDonald, John Coulter, Bob Greenberg

    ITV regional broadcast dates:-
    Broadcast on Westcountry Thursday 2nd October 1997 23:45