Thomas, Det. (John Rohan)

With Inspector Grace when he comes to the halfway to house to interview Susie Driscoll about Des (298).

Thomas, Det. Sgt. (Neil Thompson)

In Karen's flashback to her arrest (5). Perhaps he is some sort of psychic cop as he also appears (overacting dreadfully) in Lyn's flashback to her interrogation in (6).

Thomas, Mr (Ric Hurst)

Manager of the supermarket seen by Judy while she is trying to find a job for Lainie (361).

Thomas, Mr (Ray Hare)

The surgeon for Ann's mastectomy (417-418).

Thomas, Sergeant (Terry Trimble)

The first police officer to arrive on the scene during the riot started by Sandy and Marie Winter (247).

Thompson, Mr (David Scott)

Health Department official who visits Wenwtorth trying to trace Jenny Armstrong, after another passenger on her flight had come down with a rare disease (175).

Thorn, Det (Peter Curtin)

Questions Joan about the robbery at the finance company and arrests her later outside the office when she goes to collect the money (692).

Thorne, Det. Insp. (Peter Aanensen)

First introduced during the siege where Wayne, Margo and Bazza hold two old ladies hostage in their shop (184). He takes charge of the handling of another siege, this time at Wentworth after the riot started by Sandy Edwards and Marie Winter (247)-(248), where the character's name is spelt "Thorn" in the credits. He is one of the officers investigating the murder of prostitutes by the black gloved killer (311). Investigates the womens’ attempt to lynch Joan and Mary's disappearance (412), then questions Joan again after her blackmailer Don Baxter is found dead (413). Questions Colleen over her hit and run (422) and tells her charges are dropped (426). Arrests Len Murphy for Pixie's rape (511). Last credit in (523).

Thug (Geoff Parry)

Working for McNally and disguised as a policeman collects Tracey Morris from court. He shoots the policewoman who is escorting Tracey but he and his accomplice drive into a police ambush and are recaptured (154).

Thug (Rod Densley)

The man who poses as a workman to get near to Joan's house to poison her dog then returns later to break in and steal her diaries (320) at the instigation of Phillip Langdon, to whom he eventually sells them (321).

Thug (John Adams)

Roughs up Ann to get the photo of Lionel Fellowes back (381).

Thug (Justin Gaffney)

Knocks out Frank Barlow, the Inspector of building work who goes to inspect Wentworth, so that Michael Landon can go in his place to wire up bombs (386).

Thug (Christopher Stevens)

With Kurt Renner when Eddie Stevens goes to meet him (447).

Thug no 1 (Hunter Gibb) * Thug no 2 (Reg Gaudoin)

They hijack the laundry van and break Chrissie out of Wentworth (294).

Ticket Collector (Brian Worth)

At the station where Ann drops off the ransom money (489).

Ticket Officer (Fiona Kennan)

Selling Helen Masters a ticket when Det Sgt Grace arrest her for jumping bail (8).

Tim Carter (Peter O'Brien)

Paid by Kevin Stansfield to track down Reb (436).

Tim Davies (Dale Burridge)

Kerryn's stepson. It is through "borrowing" money from the bank where she works to pay off his gambling debts that she ends up in Wentworth (489).

Tim Summers (Jeremy Higgins)

Husband of Gail, Meg's next door neighbour, who bursts in on Meg's housewarming party to berate his wife for leaving the children alone in their flat (125). When Meg finds bruises on the eldest boy's arm, she suspects Tim may be abusing the children, but it turns out to be Gail who is really responsible. After she is sent on remand to Wentworth, he visits Gail to tell her he is starting divorce proceedings (127). He gives damagaging evidence at her trial (133).

Timothy Wimpole (David Coombs)

Pippa's "date", but only invited to make Ben Fulbright jealous (567).

Tina Britten (Joan Brockenshire)

Friend of Angela Jeffries (60)-(61). Her tactless comments force Angela to come out to Karen as a lesbian.

Tina Gibson (Debbie Cuming)

Full name: Tina Lee Gibson. Arrested for prostitution and brought to Wentworth at the same time as Helen Smart (310). They are released together and go for a meal: Tina goes back on the streets to become the second victim of the black gloved killer (311)

Tina Murray (Hazel Henley)

Prisoner in Wentworth. The actress is one of the background characters throughout the whole series from (2) to (692), though not always with this name. I think she is first called Murray in (206). She usually isn't given lines, and so is only credited for episodes (593) and (607).

Tiny Clayton (Simon Clews)

Outrageous bald queen, supposedly one of Queenie's thugs, but about as threatening as a plate of pink blancmange (571-573)

Tipstaff (John Powell)

At Lizzie's appeal against her sentence for the manslaughter of Kay White (152).

Tipstaff (Richard Hutson)

Pixie's trial (380).

Tipstaff (Bill McLorinan)

At Petra's trial (398)

Tipstaff (Bill McLorinan)

At Judy's trial for murdering Hazel (411-417).

Tipstaff (Richard Hutson)

At Peter Wright's trial (512).

Todd, Captain (Ed Turley)

Talks to Wally when he is trying to trace the lassa fever contact (392).

Tom Burton (Hu Pryce)

University lecturer in Sociology and colleague of Peter Clements, which is how he is first introduced (47). He is sleeping with one of his students, Melinda Crosse, and she tries to blackmail him by threatening to expose their affair to his wife.

Tom Forbes (David Scott)

Valerie Jacob's lover. He visits her in Woodridge to tell her their partnership is over (331).

Tom Harley (Vince Gill)

The police officer assigned to be an undercover contact when May and Willie attempt to infiltrate an art gang (582-587). His spectacular lack of success in protecting them should perhaps have been made known to Jessie before she agrees to be bait in the trap for Harry Bassinger (618-620).

Tom Lucas (John McTernan)

Teacher appointed to help the women. His first task is to get Merle back from Ingleside which he does in a remarkably short time by using unconventional tactics which show his contempt for routine and bureaucracy. He chooses Kath as his helper in order to get her reconciled with Merle (687-692).

Tom Rowlands (Tim McKenzie)

Visits Wentworth to meet Pixie after replying to her personal ad (402).

Tommy Kipman (Bradley Kilpatrick)

Boy who befriends Merle, when she runs away from Kath and Rodney on a shopping expedition (670-672). He may be the son of Bruce Kilpatrick who is in Prisoner around the same time.

Toni Ann Higgins (Jade Warner)

Baby in maternity, shown to Lexie by her proud mother Patti (627).

Toni McNally

Usually credited under her full name Antonia McNally.

Tonkin, Det Insp (Peter Aanensen)

Presumably a mistake for Inspector Thorne, as the same actor (whose name is also misspelt Aanenson in the credits) plays this role both before and after. However, the "mistake" is exactly the same in the credits for both episodes (389) and (390), though the character is actually referred to in dialogue as Inspector Thorne in (390).

Tony (Tony Alvarez)

The man who buys Lindy a drink in a bar, follows her home and rapes her (354)-(355).

Tony Anderson (Steve Lane)

Refuses to help Marty trace Christine Dutton in his attempt to clear Spike Marsh's name (679).

Tony Berman (Alan David Lee)

Judy's assistant at the first Driscoll House (306). Maxine goes for him in a big way and attempts to seduce him. Any longer term plan is foiled when Tony's ex-girlfriend Melissa arrives on the scene (323) though Maxine does manage to get Tony to sleep with her when he is very drunk (325). Tony decides Melissa means more to him than his job and he leaves with her. The actor is credited in (318) as Alan David Lee which is the name he usually seems to use for other film and TV appearances.

Tony Browning (Bradely Croft)

Gym instructor, fancied by Alice (well, he's a man...). He appears in (617) and (621).

Tony Maguire (David Bradshaw)

One of the visitors from PASSIVE, the nice one. Pixie goes faint at the sight of him, but it is Bea who actually sleeps with him when he and the other prison visitors are forced to stay inside Wentworth during the lassa fever outbreak (390)-(394). In fact, it almost seems as though the whole lassa fever plotline is cooked up so that Bea can get her end away for the last time just before she is written out. Though it is established that he has no wife and no family, and with a moustache like that...

Tony Mann (John Penman)

Cousin of Hannah Geldschmidt (456).

Tony Morton (Chris Milne)

Legal Aid lawyer called in by Meg to help with Chrissie and Mick's application for custody of Elizabeth (194) and seen again when the appeal is heard and granted (197). Also helps Michelle Parks, when Jim asks Meg if she can recommend a solicitor (210).

Tony Neil, Det (Stephen Hutchinson)

Interviewing Nancy after her husband's "disappearance" (592-593)

Tony Reid (John Higginson)

Paul Reid's son, introduced in (88) after his father has rescued him from a police station where he has been taken for borrowing his father's car without consent. He leaves home and stays with friends and is arrested when the police raid the house as Sharon Gilmour visits to deliver drugs (90). He is put on a good behaviour bond (94) but breaks it when he attacks teh boyrfiend of Sally Blakely, one of his co-defendants at the trial. He is sentenced to three months on a prison farm (102) and released in (128). He finds a job in Adelaide working in a garage and takes his father along as a partner (132).

Toohey, Dr (Tom Travers)

Treats Helen Smart for snakebite (433).

Toomey, Mrs (Pam Murphy)

Spud's mum (373). Maxine calls on her after her sister Pauline shops her for the payroll snatch she and Spud do.

Totty Brown (Esme Melville)

A mysterious credit in (522) - neither the actress nor the character appear in this episode.

Towne, Miss (Effie James)

Director of the production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" starring Rodney and Alison (684).

Tracey Belman (Alyson Best)

Admitted to Wentworth in a wheelchair accused of poisoning her husband. It turns out she suffers from psychosomatic paralysis. She accuses Joan of molesting her, but Joan tricks her into showing that she is physically capable of walking (368-372).

Tracey Morris (Sue Devine)

Remand prisoner charged with smuggling drugs but claiming to have been set up by her boyfriend Joe (141). Her father Bob visited her and was concerned for her safety as the real drug dealers had made threats to kill her to keep her quiet. An attempt to shoot her in the prison grounds leads to Meg being shot instead. Further attempts to get her are made by Kath Leach who has been paid by the dealers to fix Tracey. She is eventually transferred to Barnhurst when her father Bob is about to marry Meg Morris (158). Tracey gets special permission to attend the wedding (165). When Bea is transferred to Barnhurst, the writers must have realised they would have to deal with the fact that Tracey was there, and gave her a small part in the "magic mushrooms" plot and put her in the same cell as Bea, but she is as wet and wimpy as ever and it might have been better if they hadn't bothered (197)-(198). When she returns years later, having learnt nothing about staying away from dodgy boyfriends, the part is played by another actress.

Tracey Morris (Michelle Thomas)

Meg's stepdaughter played this time by a different actress. She visits Meg unexpectedly to hide out with her boyfriend Mark Sanders after they have done a TAB robbery. She cons both Meg and her boyfriend, leaving him to hold Meg at gunpoint while she goes to empty Meg's savings account and disappear (463)-(464).

Tracey Taylor (Rachael Brunsden)

Daughter of Bob and Marnie Taylor, the couple who foster Shane (514). Shane and Tracey do not get on (516) and Joan has to be called in to talk to Shane.

Tracy (Hollie Woeller)

The little girl Joan befriends while she is in hospital and tells her not to worry about her operation (538). When Joan returns to see how she got on, she is told that Tracy died.

Tracy Dixon (Uncredited)

She is mentioned in (412) as the second mystery disappearance when David Bridges is helping to "free" the women in his own individual way. Presumably it is meant to be her hand we see when Lizzie stumbles across two corpses under a pile of leaves in the grounds in (416). There is however a background prisoner (possibly a familiar face?) who appears in two scenes in (411) then "disappears" - maybe this was intended to be her?

Trainee Manager (Mark Belvedere)

Has to restrain Merle when she takes a liking to a cardboard robot in a supermarket on a day out (663).

Trevor (Stephen Clark)

Nephew of Miss McBride, the old lady who takes in Franky and Doreen when they are on the run. He sees through their unconvincing claim to be nuns and shops them to the police (17).

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