This is not where you will find idle gossip about various members of the cast. I know nothing whatsoever on that particular subject....

It is just a pile of documents that either Wendy or Sally will have to file away (probably in the wrong place) when they finish typing up the rotas. Until they do, you can ...

  • Test your Prisoner spotting skills once again with the ALL NEW Casting Directory Challenge (or with the previous version, if you've not tried it yet)
  • Get to grips with the shape of the whole series and its high and low points with Robert Lindsay's definitive overview
  • Visit Reutlitz prison in Grundy's German language remake of Prisoner Hinter Gittern - der Frauenknast
  • Find out who the real longtermers are in the Observer's guide to the Lesser Spotted Mute Extra
  • Investigate The Strange Case of  "A Cry in the Dark"
  • Spot the Prisoner regulars in this guide to selected episodes of Special Squad
  • Amaze your friends by reciting from memory all the characters who appeared in the opening mugshot sequences, all the top dogs and all the end of year cliffhangers.
  • See if you can spot any more of the mistakes in Terry Bourke's notoriously inaccurate book about Prisoner. Hilary Kingsley's is more accurate but still has a few errors.
  • Two documents have now been filed away and can be found in the library:

  • The essay on Prisoner by Australian academics John Docker and Ann Curthoys: "In Praise of Prisoner".

  • Nancy Banks Smith's TV reviews in the Guardian mentioning Prisoner.

  • Updated ~ 01 October 1998