Pippa Reynolds (Christine Harris)

Ann's daughter. Makes a surprise appearance in (540). Ann does not seem disconcerted that she is no longer called Julie, which is how she referred to her daughter in episodes (367), (378) and (417). In (544) when Ann has to speak sharply to her daughter, we find that Pippa is not a nickname or pet name but is short for Phillipa. Presumably with another Julie (Egbert) around at the same time, the scriptwriters could not risk any confusion. Pippa's first appearances concentrate on her affair with a married man, Simon, and her friendship with Jenny Hartley. She breaks off the affair, Jenny is imprisoned and she leaves for Japan (548). When next seen (561), it is with a Japanese boyfriend in tow: predictably this does not last long, but she starts screen printing classes at the prison, though the women are not pleased when she gives a newspaper interview throwing doubt on Daphne's PMS defence (564). Shortly afterwards she begins an on-off relationship with Daphne's lawyer Ben Fulbright: they get engaged in (576) and married in (588) with a biker escort from the Conquerors after Pippa has annoyed Rita. Pippa returns unexpectedly in (604), largely in order to be sniffy about her mother's involvement with a "bikie" (Dan Moulton).

Pixie Mason (Judy McBurney)

Dizzy bigamist with a fixation about weddings. More details

Plain Clothes Cop 1 (Helmut Jensen) * Plain Clothes Cop Reg (Bill Fozz)

In the episode where Brian Lowe shoots Phil Cleary (499).

Plain Clothes Policeman (Bill Summers)

Watching Doreen's flat to try to catch Bea visiting her (358).

Plain Clothes Policeman (Bob Baines) * Plain Clothes Policeman (Robert Hensley)

Arresting Bea to end her time on the run (360). She puts up a good fight and one of them must have had bruised ankles afterwards.

Plain Clothes Policeman (Bill Fozz)

Trailing Dennis after he is released from custody following questioning on suspicion of murdering young hitchhikers (527).

Plainclothes Detective 1 (James Patrick) * Plainclothes Detective 2 (Simon West)

Arresting Reb at the airport (437).

Plainclothes Policeman (Thomas Coltrane)

Takes Maxine in for questioning when he catches her dumping stolen goods in a charity bin (306). The character is not listed in the credits so I may have misidentified the actor.

Plainclothes Policeman (Justin Rich)

Disguised as a doctor and waiting at the hospital to catch Major Ferguson's kidnappers. Kevin spots him and there is a change of plan (426).

Plainclothesman (Rod Densley)

Following Tracey Morris after she escapes from her boyfriend Joe's flat. She thinks he is with McNally's gang and knees him in the balls to get away (147).

Plumber (John Adams)

Involved in one of Ettie's feeble attempts to get back inside (540).

Plumber (Brad Bennett)

Called in to unblock a toilet at Wentworth. His plans are copied by Spike to help set up an alarm in Rita's cell (671).

Pocco the dog (Pocco)

A dog found and claimed by Lexie while she is on the run (598). After Lexie is back inside, he comes to Wentworth to find her and gets smuggled inside the prison (610). To make up for not having been credited before, Pocco is listed one episode too soon at the end of (609). Mabel comes to collect and give him a good home (612).

Police Constable (Gary McConville)

Calls at Sarah Webster's as part of a door-to-door search for Reb (436).

Police Constable (Fergus Anderson)

Brings Pixie back to Wentworth (442).

Police Constable (Bill Fozz)

Arrests Reb at her mother's house (478).

Police Constable (Justin Gaffney)

When the delivery truck taking food to Wentworth is mysteriously overturned (571).

Police Driver (Nick Burke)

Brings Bobbie back to Wentworth (417).

Police Driver (Chris Anderson)

One of the two fake policeman involved in Sonia and Bobbie's transfer/abduction - the blond one. The same actor is credited as Truck Driver in (442), which is presumably a mistake.

Police Driver (Fred Galliver)

Gives Ann a lift home from WDC while she is under police guard (556).

Police Driver (Bill Binks)

Of the van taking Frank Burke away (555)

Police Inspector (Ian Walker)

Interviews Reb in hospital after she is pushed over the rails by Marie Winter and misunderstands her to be accusing Bobbie of attacking her (467).

Police Officer (Paul Trehair)

Interviewing Vera after she's been robbed by a wino she invited home (158).

Police Officer No. 1 (Robert McClelland)

Brings new of Margo's hit and run accident to Sen. Det. Herbert at Driscoll House (308).

Police Officer (Bill Binks) * Police Officer (Rohan Glen)

Rescuing Chrissie from the clutches of Neil Murray (316).

Police Officer (Glen Ruehland)

The other of the two fake policeman involved in Sonia and Bobbie's transfer/abduction (441).

Police Patrolman (Selwyn Crockett)

In a car chase following Wayne, Bazza and Margo after they do a payroll job (183).

Police Prosecutor (Robert Schroeder)

Pressing the magistrate in chambers to go ahead with the drugs charges against Tony Reid (91).

Police Prosecutor (Tom Traver)

When Judy is in court accused of assaulting her sister Frances (339).

Police Prosecutor (Christopher Steele)

At Trevor Priest's trial (457).

Police Prosecutor (David Bergin)

The most likely scene for a Police Prosecutor would be at Ettie's committal proceedings following herattempt to rob a bank (545), though I cannot see anyone answering this description.

Police Sergeant (Evan Zacharia)

During the attempt to snatch Hannah Simpson from court (290).

Police Sergeant (Derek Williams)

Brings news of Rosemary's release (396).

Police Sergeant (Victor Kaye)

Arrives at Driscoll to arrest Judy for Hazel's murder but she's already gone (400-401).

Police Sergeant (Ian Cuming)

Arrests Judy for murdering Hazel (401).

Police Sergeant (Peter Black)

Gives evidence at Judy's trial that she admitted to killing Hazel (410).

Police Sergeant (Bill McLorinan)

Arrests Reb at her mother's house (478).

Police Sergeant (Peter Black)

When Meg reports her rape (484).

Police Sergeant (Bob Halsall)

Tells Meg that the police have caught the second of the two men who raped her (521).

Police Sergeant (Peter Black)

Involved in one of Ettie's feeble attempts to get back inside (540).

Police Surgeon (Douglas Hedge)

When Meg reports her rape (484)

Policeman (Ian Sprake)

Chases Franky and Doreen, is wounded by Franky and kills her (20). Bastard!

Policeman (Ian Hickey)

Frees Vera after she has been tied up by George Lucas (33).

Policeman (Tony Accetta) * Policeman (Vernon Wells)

Arresting Irene Zervos for prostitution (38).

Policeman (Brian Hickey)

With Det. Sgt. Grace when he comes to Wentworth to interview Monica Ferguson (48).

Policeman (Michael Harvey)

On gate duty in place of the usual gate guard during the officers' strike, and refusing to let Angela Jeffries in to see Pat O'Connell (65).

Policeman (Bruce Kilpatrick)

Arrests Ros Coulson after her escape when she stops to help a dying man (73). The character is not listed in the credits.

Policeman (Peter Sardi)

Arrests Doreen outside a wine shop for shoplifting having recognised her from when she was on the run with Franky (101). He also appears at the end of the previous episode.

Policeman (Bill Binks)

Takes Tony Reid to the police station after he admits assaulting Sally's ex-boyfriend Bill (102). The character is not listed in the credits so I may have misidentified the actor.

Policeman (Hunter Gibb)

Called to the halfway house by Rhonda when she finds the goods Lizzie has shoplifted (104). He also delivers her to Wentworth and takes her from there to her trial next day.

Policeman (Geoffrey Clendon)

One of two patrolcar policemen who see Judy on the street in full prostitute's drag late at night. She is chased by them but gets away by hiding behind a (large) pile of rubbish in a back alley (172).

Policeman (Paul Trehair)

Probably the one who calls on Mum to check up whether Bea is with her after Bea's escape from a prison van on the way back from Barnhurst (199). There is another policeman earlier in the episode who gives Bea directions to Palmer Street, where Mum's old flat was: maybe economy won out over logic and the same actor is used for both of these characters?

Policeman (Geoffrey Williams)

When there is a demonstration outside Wentworth, at which Andrea Golman is arrested (228).

Policeman (Ian Sprake)

Comes to Wentworth to get a statement from Colleen about the fire at Sid's house (242).

Policeman (Michael Rowan)

Stops Marie Winter at the gate when she is trying to walk out during the riot disguised as a prison officer (249).

Policeman (Robert McClelland)

When Lizzie fails to pay her taxi fare and the driver delivers her to the police station (252).

Policeman (Gary McConville)

Stops Judy for braking without warning on her first day back driving taxis (255).

Policeman (David Swann)

Comes to interview Meg and Erica about Judy after Jock Stewart's accident (259).

Policeman No. 1 (Paul Trahair) * Policeman No. 2 (Ilya Djukic)

At the country police station near where Susie Driscoll ends up after escaping from hospital. The first one is on the night shift when the driver reports seeing Susie, and the other one appears next day (271).

Policeman (Gary McConville)

Arresting Chrissie Latham at the airport (286).

Policeman (Steve Mahaffey)

Shot by Benny Mitchell during the attempt to snatch Hannah Simpson from court (289).

Policeman No. 1 (David Swann)


Policeman No. 2 (Geoff Hetherington)

At the siege when Duncan Campbell's heavies try to recover the proceeds of a bank robbery from Hannah Simpson's mother (295).

Policeman (Derek Williams)

After Gloria shoots Eileen in Driscoll (302).

Policeman (Colwyn Roberts)

Picking Paddy Lawson up from court (304).

Policeman (John Ramsay) * Policeman (Robert McClelland) * Policeman (Chris Donnelly) * Policeman (Wayne Hirst) * Policeman (Geoff Heatherington)

In the episode where Andy Hudson escapes from hospital and is recaptured with Paddy (329).

Policeman (Burt Cooper)

Comes to the halfway house looking for Faye (352).

Policeman (Leo Rasso)

Credited in (354). Something to do with Lindy?

Policeman (Peter Black)

Arrests Maxine after the payroll robbery when the car she steals runs out of petrol (373).

Policeman (Robert McClelland)

Called to sort out the fracas at Halfway house over Clare and Wayne Adams (407).

Policeman (Glen Rueland)

Escorting Bobbie for a court appearance, but she kicks him in the shins and runs off (416).

Policeman (Adrian Benson)

Accompanying Reb and Minnie from court (422).

Policeman (John Ramsay)

Interviews Myra after her husband's death (432).

Policeman (John Ramsay)

Kicked by Doreen to see if will get her back into WDC. It doesn't (436).

Policeman 1 (Fred Galliver) * Policeman 2 (Tom Steele)

Escorting Myra from court (446)

Policeman 1 (Stephen Hutchinson) * Policeman 2 (Steve Ahearn)

Arresting Mark Sanders after Meg is held hostage (464).

Policeman (Wayne Hurst)

When Shane is trapped in the drain (470).

Policeman 1 (Paul Dawber) * Policeman 2 (Bill Fozz)

Fail to spot Bobbie as an escapee (474).

Policeman 1 (Peter Drake) * Policeman 2 (Andrew Grant)

Possibly something to do with officers' strike?

Policeman (Fred Galliver)

Mysterious credit for (477) - perhaps something to do with the officers' strike?

Policeman (Bill Binks)

Discovers the cut brake cable on Ann's car (481).

Policeman (Ian Sprake)

Stops Mr Montgomery (sponsor of the dance marathon) at the gate wanting to open his cheque (481).

Policeman 1 (Gary McConville) * Policeman 2 (Bill Fozz)

Arresting Pixie for shoplifting a brooch (484).

Policeman (Steve Adhern)

Releases Joyce from her car boot (491).

Policeman (Bill Binks)

Fooled by Lou Kelly's posh accent into believing her to be Deidre Kean when he comes to investigate a complain of noise (492).

Policeman (Peter Howard)

Brings Lou Kelly back to WDC after her recapture (495).

Policeman (Dirk Nicholl) * Policeman (John Ramsay)

In the episode after the warehouse explodes (502).

Policeman (Justin Gaffney)

Takes Joan to the police cell where Len is held (511).

Policeman 1 (Bill Binks) * Policeman 2 (Ian Sprake)

Transporting Frank and Matt out of Wentworth (533)

Policeman 1 (Justin Gaffney) * Policeman 2 (Peter Patay)

In the bank where Ettie does a holdup. One of them gets shot accidentally (544).

Policeman (Tony Cornwell)

When Nikki Lennox and Joanna James break into a chemist (569).

Policeman (Matthew Barker)

Attends Wentworth with an uncredited colleague after David Adams' suicide in the interview room (589).

Policeman (Geoff Staples)

While Lexie is on the run: he fails to spot her as an ex-convict (599)

Policeman (Justin Gaffney)

Returns Pocco to Lexie after he runs out of Jessie's house, but recognises her too late to see which house she came from (602). The actor's name is spelt as in the novel by the Marquis de Sade (Justine) in the credits.

Policeman (Matthew Barker)

Escorting Lexie and Jessie back to Wentworth (603).

Policeman 1 (Peter Patay) * Policeman 2 (David Le Page)

When Harry Bassinger makes his first attempt to kill Lexie (603).

Policeman 1 (David Le Page) * Policeman 2 (Terry Cornwill)

In the episode where Lou Kelly escapes from hospital (607)

Policeman (Justin Gaffney)

Brings Lou to Wentworth follwing her arrest after she collapses at the road side (612).

Policeman 1 (double) (Chris Peters)

Probably a double of the character credited as Uniformed Policeman in this episode (622).

Policeman 2 (Christopher Barry) * Policeman 3 (Greg Skipper) * Policeman 4 (Johny Raaen)

Chasing Bongo after tracing him through Roach and Ida's car (622).

Policeman (David Le Page)

Credited in (638). Possibly in court for Roach and Ida's trial.

Policeman (Paul Dawber)

Credited in (650) but probably appearing in (649) as the rest of the credits of the two episodes are swapped round. With all this confusion, it's hard to say for sure who this character is, but probably something to do with the forest fires. The actor credit may even be wrong too, as Paul Dawber is the name of the actor who appears in the next episode as Lisa Mullins' boyfriend Lester.

Policeman no 1 (Adrian Jenkins) * Policeman no 2 (Ed Ryan)

Rita's transfer to Blackmoor (665).

Policeman (Matthew Barker)

For Rita's transfer back to Wentworth after burning down Blackmoor (668).

Policeman Driver (Steven Gunn)

Credited in (583), presumably in the police car that cruises past May and Willie at a distance, though this doesn't seem enough to earn a credit.

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