John McTernan

Tom Lucas (687)-(692)
Television: Cop Shop (Tom)
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Alan Madden

Andrews, Mr (263), (268)

Penny Maegraith

Petra Roberts (383)-(407)
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Gerard Maguire

Jim Fletcher For the exact episodes listing for this character, see the core cast page
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Marilyn Maguire

Meryl King (249)-(430), (432)
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Lawrence Mah

Lee, Dr (476)
Anaesthetist (535)

Steve Mahaffey

Policeman (289)

Tony Mahood

Denny (50), (55)

Bill Maine

Bill Watson, Officer (461)

Monty Maizells

Storekeeper (670)

Paul Makin

Salesman (528)
Bob Michaels (578)

George Mallaby

Paul Reid (85)-(110), (115)-(131)
Television: The Box (Paul Donovan); Cop Shop; the Australian version of Cluedo as Colonel Mustard
George Mallaby is also credited as the writer of several episodes
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Agnes Malone

Customer 2 (544)

Noel Maloney

James Walker (459), (465)
Basil Humphreys (513)

Bill Manderson

Reporter (No. 1) (251)
Reporter 2 (430)
Cameraman (475)
Reporter 2 (524)
Barman (632)

Mandog Security Services

Major (Dog) (413)

Rosemary Manion

Woman (57)

Derek Manley

Bar Customer (56) Credited as Derek Manly
Clerk of Court (110)

Colette Mann

Doreen Anderson/Burns For the exact episodes listing for this character, see the core cast page
Publicity photo of Colette Mann
Colette Mann went on to become a major television personality after her appearance in Prisoner. She has also appeared in several stage roles. Films: Kitty and the Bagman (1982). Colette Mann appears in all sorts of variety and talk shows as herself. Recently she co-hosted an mid-morning cooking show. One her guests was Amanda Muggleton! In 1995 she also briefly took over the role of Cheryl Stark in Neighbours after the usual actress, and former Prisoner co-star, Caroline Gillmer fell ill.
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Dina Mann

Debbie Pearce (108), (110)-(111), (190)-(191)
Samantha Russell (411)-(417)
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Tracey Mann

Georgie Baxter (175)-(186)
Films: The Box (1975); Hard Knocks (1980-Australian) - lead role.; Going Down 1982. Television includes: The Box (1974-1977 as Tina); Guest roles in: The Sullivans, The Restless Years, Cop Shop, Skyways, The Young Doctors, Kingswood Country; Holiday Island (1981) - a notorious failed soap whose outdoor sets are now used as the Lassiters Hotel sets in Neighbours.; A Country Practice - guest role, 1 episode; Sweet and Sour (1984 series) - regular lead role; The Cowra Breakout (1985 miniseries); Cyclone Tracey (1986 miniseries); The Flying Doctors - guest role; Skirts (1990 series) - lead regular role; Col'n Carpenter (1991) - guest role, 1 episode; All Together Now (1992) - guest role, 1 episode; G.P. - guest role, 1 episode
Publicity shot of Tracey Mann
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Ned Manning

Nick Clarke (201)-(208)

Fran Mannix

Policewoman (422)

Kevin Manser

Phillip Bates (402)

Kevin Manser

Vicar (490)

Bruce Mansfield

Newsreader (185)
TV Announcer (224), (247)

Maurice Marion

Morgan McDermott (626)-(627), (630)-(631)

Bryan Marshall

Jonathan Edmunds, Dr (448)-(455)
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Erwin Martens

Male Stripper (275)

June Martin

Sarah Adams (584)

Patsy Martin

Mother (440)
Lowe, Mrs (498)
Molly Gibson (590)-(591)

Lorraine Masden

Passer-By (20)

Deborah Masters

Debbie Phillips (358), (360)

Con Mathios

Greek Youth (375) Credited as Con Mathious
Teenage Boy No. 2 (491)
Mugger 2 (565)
Orderly (607)

Vicki Mathios

Nikki Lennox (568)-(574)
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Gerard Matte

Holmes, Det (521)
Detective (529)
Bus Driver (552)

Yvonne Matthew

Julie Reynolds (135)

Monica Maughan

Pat O'Connell (65)-(88), (95)-(110)
Publicity shot of Monica Maughan
Films: The Getting of Wisdom (1977)
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Maggie Maxwell

Russell, Mrs (205)-(206)

Penny May

Kerry Jacobs (365), (370)

Rob Maynard

Newsreader (252), (316)
Radio Announcer (310), (334)

Gary Meadows

Steve Gallagher (117)

Ray Meagher

Geoff Butler (78)-(84), (106)-(112)
Kurt Renner (442)-(446)
Ernest Craven (665)-(672)
Other soaps: Home and Away (Alf)
Publicity shot of Ray Meagher
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Steve Mehaffey

Customer (368)

Andy Meldrum

Peter Wright (facsimile) (488)

Paul Mellor

Detective (413)
Detective (435)

Esme Melville

Freda (197)
Beryl Hudson (311)-(312)
Charlady (347), (351)
Totty Brown (522)
Wilkinson, Granny (623), (633)
Esme Melville also appears in an uncredited role as a neighbour of Vera in (107)

Updated ~ 11 August 2001