Policewoman (Marcia MacArthur)

Escorting Karen and Lynn (1)

Policewoman (Carole Yelland)

Interviews Sarah Roberts after her rape (18).

Policewoman (Delva Hunter)

Guarding Bea while she is in hospital, and refusing to let Mum in to see her (30).

Policewoman (Carole Yelland)

Guarding Bea in hospital after she is stabbed by Ann Yates (31)

Policewoman (Gillian O'Flynn)

Brings Irene Zervos to Wentworth after her arrest for prostitution (38).

Policewoman (Amanda Halifax)

Knocked out by Judy and has her uniform stolen as a disguise to help with her escape from hospital (130).

Policewoman (Joy Mitchell)

Investigating Anne Griffin's claim that the money found on her was given to her by her friedn Megan (162)-(163).

Policewoman (Di O'Connor)

Comes to see Don Page at home after his son Chris disappears from school (222).

Policewoman (Kristine Karman)

Guarding Bea in hospital after her kidney operation (247), (250).

Policewoman (Ginny Geraghty)

Accompanying Susie Driscoll on her first appearance at Wentworth (260).

Policewoman (Honor Walters)

Guarding Susie Driscoll in hospital (269).

Policewoman (Lesley Caust)

Arresting Chrissie Latham at the airport (286).

Policewoman (Liz Stevenson)

Comes to the halfway house to collect Kerry/”Kim” (319).

Policewoman (Anne Charleston)

Collects Lori's baby from the halfway house (345-346).

Policewoman (Anne Charleston)

Questions Lindy after her rape (354).

Policewoman (Tanya Siminon)

Escorting Bea on her return to Wentworth (361).

Policewoman (Susi Ferrari)

Escorting Tracey Belman to Wentworth (368).

Policewoman (Sue O'Neill)

The same actress is used so often for escort duties that it seems fair to assume she is meant to be the same person - she is seen escorting Carol Coulson (375), Sonia Stevens (394), Judy (403), Reb after her first escape attempt (427) and again in (437), Bobbie (448) and is credited for the last time in (463).

Policewoman (Abbie Holmes)

When Emma Roberts is reported missing (389).

Policewoman (Holly Scott)

Escorting Glynnis Ladd (389).

Policewoman (Anne Arnold)

Questioning Rosemary about her alleged theft from Rod (394).

Policewoman (Abbie Holmes)

Escorting Rosemary to Wentworth (395).

Policewoman (Holly Scott)

Escorting Cass (401).

Policewoman (Bronwyn Bain)

Credited in (408).

Policewoman (Trish O'Sullivan)

Another actress frequently used as police escort: with Bobbie for a court appearance when she runs off (416); with Pixie after her trial (445); Rachel (458); Angela Adams (476); Lou Kelly after recapture (496); when Jenny Hartley is arrested (548) where she is credited as Patricia O'Sullivan.

Policewoman (Sarah Barnard)

Brings Bobbie back to Wentworth (417).

Policewoman (Fran Mannix)

Accompanying Reb and Minnie from court (422).

Policewoman (Maureen McInerny)

Escorting Camilla Wells and Meryl King (429).

Policewoman 2 (Kaylene Rothe)

Escorting Sarah Webster (437).

Policewoman (Tanya Siminov)

Escorting Leigh Templar (457).

Policewoman (Carolyn Kennett)

Another actress frequently on police escort duty: accompanying Kerryn Davies (487), Lexie (510), Myra (515), Sheila (519), Reb (577), Lorelei (624).

Policewoman (Sarah Olcha)

Escorting Sam Greenway (496).

Policewoman (Sue Formby)

Accompanying "Jane Doe" (Yemil Bakarta) (505).

Policewoman (Trisha Juster)

Standing behind Lou Kelly at her trial for attempted shooting of Joan (534).

Policewoman (Tanya Siminow)

When Daphne goes up on the roof after the siege (553).

Policewoman (Lana Williams)

Escorting Nikki Lennox back to Wentworth (569).

Policewoman (Nollie Taylor)

Escorting Eve Wilder to Wentworth (574).

Policewoman (Tanya Simonow)

Bringing Jessie to Wentworth (590).

Policewoman (Patricia Anthony)

Escorting Nancy to Wentworth (593) and credited in (687). The same actress is also credited as Uniformed Policewoman in (658).

Policewoman (Janice Cleland)

Arrests Lorelei (623).

Pompous Lady (Jennifer Hearne)

At the fete (459). She buys a pot from Judy's stall, a bunch of carrots from Cass and has her purse stolen by Bobbie.

Pop Milsom (Ron Shand)

Rachel's father, referred to as George in dialogue. Run over by Trevor Priest (454).

Poppy (Joanne Moore)

One of Jim's disco conquests during him time as a swinging single. She invites him to a party at her flat, where he meets Sarah Forrest (149).

Postman (???)

Talks to Lizzie just after she moves into Sid's house and brings her come cuttings for the garden (235). He introduces himself as Sid Parsons.

Potter, Mr (Jonathan Hardy)

Anne Griffin's first solicitor (161), later replaced by another appointed by Anne's family after they have disinherited her.

Potter, Mr (Ian Smith)

Pixie's father who, despite being a vicar, brings his new girlfriend to see Pixie (503).

Potter, Mrs (Maggie Steven)

Pixie's mother, who visits Pixie in (495) to tell her that her marriage is breaking up.

Powell, Officer

Colleen Powell is credited by her surname alone long after she has become an established character.

Pregnant Prisoner (Estee Naylor)

From maternity (428).

Preston, Doctor (Rod Densley)

Tells Ann about Bobbie's miscarriage (460).

Pre-Teen Boy (Tibor Kaman) * Pre-Teen Boy (Tamlyn Lord)

Two boys who play near the warehouse where Ann and Meg are captives, and alert the police to suspicious sounds coming from there. They are credited by name in (501): this one as Edie (Eddie?) and the other as Keith.

Price, Det Sgt (Stuart Finch)

Called to the children's home when Chrissie fails to return Elizabeth on time, and recognises Mick O'Brien as the escaped convict Mark Brendan, arresting him at the end of the episode (194).

Priest (Charles Gilroy)

In Karen's flashback (5).

Priest (Peter Taylor)

Officiating at Maxine's funeral (393).

Prior, Mr (Robbie McGregor)

Prosecuting solicitor at Catherine Roberts' trial (22)

Prison Guard (Eric McPhan)

Guarding Cass after her attack on David Bridges (417).

Prisoner (Julie Wade) * Prisoner (Denille Walsh)

In the early episodes, the scriptwriters didn't always bother to think up names for minor prisoners. These two are playing cards with Monica Ferguson in (16). Denille Walsh later plays a prisoner credited as Di.

Prisoner (Penny Stewart)

Along with another prisoner credited as Pat, Doreen's "muscle" when she turns bad after Franky's death (21, 28). A few epsiodes later (30), the same actress is credited as "Kathleen", who is later developed into the second rank character Kathleen Leach.

Prosecuting Barrister (Clive Hearn)

At Judy's trial for murdering Hazel (410-411).

Prosecuting Counsel (Kristopher Steele)

At Judy's trial for assisting an escapee (308) after Margo turns up at the first Driscoll House.

Prosecuting Counsel (Clive Hearn)

At Petra's trial (398)

Prosecutor (James Wright)

At Toni McNally's trial (63)

Prosecutor (Tim Robertson)

At Caroline Simpson's committal hearing (98). This character does not appear in the credits, so I may have misidentified the actor.

Prosecutor (Sydney Jackson)

At one of Lizzie's trials for shoplifting when she is trying to get back inside to be with Doreen (105).

Prosecutor (Will Deumer)

At Gail Summers' trial (133).

Prosecutor (Ian Clutterham)

At Lizzie's trial for killing Kay White (150).

Prosecutor (Robbie McGregor)

At Michelle Parks' trial (212)-(213).

Prosecutor (Robbie McGregor)

At Lizzie's trial for arson (249).

Prosecutor (Robert Harrison)

At Judy's trial for robbing the taxi passenger (270). I suspect the prosecutor and defence are credited the wrong way round, and this part is really played by Ron Rodger.

Prosecutor (Kristopher Steele)

At Carol Lewis's trial for the manslaughter of her husband Doug (284).

Prosecutor (Colin Vancao)

At Bea's committal for Nola's murder (371).

Prosecutor (Colin Vancao)

At Myra's trial (445-446).

Prosecutor (Mr Stanley) (Eugene Schlusser)

At Pixie's trial (380).

Prostitute 1 (Kathleen Leahy) * Prostitute 2 (Tracy Russell)

Harass Bobbie Mitchell for moving off her beat onto theirs (444).

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