Judy is out of Wentworth and embarks on a new life on the outside. In her loneliness, Doreen attempts to befriend the guard dogs.

First broadcast ... 1982 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Wednesday 22 April 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 16 disc 4 (AUS)
Duration: 0:47:24

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Jim ~ Gerard Maguire
Doreen ~ Colette Mann
Officer Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Kate ~ Olivia Hamnett
Steve ~ Wayne Jarratt
Sandy ~ Louise Le Nay
Marie ~ Maggie Millar
Janet ~ Kate Sheil
Geoff ~ Andrew Clarke
Jock ~ Tommy Dysart
Lori ~ Susannah Fowle
Det. Insp. Grace ~ Terry Gill
Saleswoman ~ Val Jellay
Policeman ~ Gary McConville
Officer Parsons ~ Margo McLennan
Mr Wilson ~ John Murphy
Male Passenger ~ John Rohan
Mighty Mouse ~ Jentah Sobott

  • Written by Ian Bradley
  • Directed by John Gauci
  • Janet looks for a new job

    Lori brings Judy to her new flat and tells her to prepare for a night on the town. Judy reveals the rather dreadful dress she had bought for the wedding. Lori puts a brave face on it, but Judy realizes its awful, and mother and daughter decide a shopping spree is in order. Doreen confesses to Bea that she lagged on Janie at Barnhurst and that's why she was bashed. Bea is concerned about the women finding out, but hopes they won't. Lori takes Judy to the same shop where she purchased the dress to exchange it. The saleslady is rather uppity, but Lori soon puts her in her place and asks to see an expensive frock that Judy has noticed. Janet chases Jim as he leaves work, insisting that they talk things over. Jim tells her to get lost. Judy and Lori return from dinner, tipsy and happy. Judy thanks Lori for all she's done. Janet bangs on Jim's door in the middle of the night. To shut her up he lets her in. Once more he drives home the point that they are through, so Janet calls him a failure. She reminds him of the mess he made of his marriage. Jim literally throws her out of the flat. Judy shows up for work. Her driving skills are a little rusty. Bea observes Doreen carrying on with the dogs. While patrolling, Jim describes his bad night to Meg, who confesses that she herself can't understand Janet. They come across Doreen lying down in her cell. She asks to go to the library. In the staff room, Jim and Meg encounter Janet. She starts in and Meg soon leaves out of embarrassment. Jim and Janet continue to bicker, until she threatens him and leaves. Jim goes back to Meg and asks her to speak to Janet, who he believes is coming unhinged. Doreen is brought back from the library. She has smuggled out a book on dog training. Meg has a word with Janet and assures her there is nothing between her and Jim - that Jim is a good friend and not deceitful. Janet shows Meg the latest job postings. The deputy governorship of Wentworth is open. Jim is the new governor of Beachmount. Janet inquires how honest Jim has been about this. Bea is busy loading contraband into the laundry trolley. Judy's first customer wants to go to Wentworth Hotel. She thinks it's a joke, but he becomes quite hostile when he realizes she's not familiar with newer places. Colleen stops Bea, toys with her a while, then forces her to open the trolley. In the governor's office, Colleen tells Erica that Sandy told her about the racket. Sandy overhears, bursts in and denies this. Colleen is forced to admit it isn't true. Bea takes full responsibility for the racket. Because of her health she is not sent to solitary, but will have to face fraud charges. Judy is stopped by a cop for braking without warning, but he lets her go with a warning. Sandy tells Lizzie about what Bea did: both of them basically accuse Marie of being the lagger. Marie doesn't take kindly to this. Kate questions Sandy's judgement in backing Bea. Sandy tells her to shut up and choose a side. Judy comes home from work where Lori and Geoff are ready to take her to the races. Geoff's Uncle Archie has a trotter running. Inspector Grace visits Kate. He wants information on Jack Fitzwater. Kate promises some once he actually does something for her. Steve gets conflicting viewpoints on treating the women from Meg and Colleen. In the rec room, Lizzie and Sandy make some more comments about Marie lagging. Marie gets angry, but the women shy away from backing a possible lagger. Marie vehemently denies being a lagger. Kate keeps reading her book. Inspector Grace visits Sandy. He informs her that they've uncovered Megan Barnett's body in a quarry. He wants to make a deal with Sandy in exchange for information on Fitzwater. Sandy has to think about it. Colleen saunters into the laundry wondering if they're all fighting about the exposed kitchen racket. Sandy claims to know who the lagger is. Colleen looks a touch worried until Kate shakes her head "no". Judy goes to the races and puts five dollars on "Archie's Pride". Marie comes into the rec room after having received a visitor. She tells the other women that Doreen was Vinegar Tits tame dog at Barnhurst. Lizzie is furious, but Bea is forced to shut her up and admit its true. Marie inquires what their stance on laggers is now? "Archie's Pride" wins and Judy makes a bundle. She insists on buying champagne. While the three of them laugh and drink, Judy spies a familiar figure at the other end of the restaurant. It is Jock Stewart.

    This episode summary was written by Matthew Bubb.


    Storyliners: John Mortimore, Andrew Kennedy, Michael Freundt, Dave Worthington
    Script Editors: Ian Smith