Bea attempts to revive Paddy. The women go on strike to protest against Meg's enforced resignation.

First broadcast ... 1983 (Melbourne)
Broadcast on Channel 5 Tuesday 18 August 1998 04:40
DVD release: volume 22 disc 1 (AUS)
Duration: 0:46:20

Meg ~ Elspeth Ballantyne
Judy ~ Betty Bobbitt
Lizzie ~ Sheila Florance
Erica ~ Patsy King
Joan ~ Maggie Kirkpatrick
Bea ~ Val Lehman
Off. Powell ~ Judith McGrath
Paddy ~ Anna Hruby
Maxine ~ Lisa Crittenden
Nola ~ Carole Skinner
Trixie ~ Anna Mizza
Mr Askin ~ Telford Jackson
Mr Douglas ~ Ian Smith
Det. Skinner ~ Rob Hewitt
Mr Nicholson ~ Denzil Howson
Det. Nielson ~ Ian Cuming
Police Prosecutor ~ Tom Traver

  • Written by Coral Drouyn & Dave Worthington
  • Directed by Kendal Flanagan
  • [The role of Mr Douglas is in fact credited to a certain "Ian Stewart"!]

    Bea goes for Nola, grabbing her by the throat and it takes Colleen and two other officers to hold them apart. Meg tells the women that Chrissie has been transferred, but makes no attempt to explain Paddy's absence. Nola tells Erica she had no real motive for killing Paddy - she just happened to be the first one to come along. Erica replies that she's never seen anyone as cold-blooded and sends her to solitary. Bea tells the women that Paddy is dead, though at first Lizzie and the others can't take it in. Trixie unwisely lets Bea know that she was aware that Nola was planning something. Meg says that she will inform Paddy's family and Andy Hudson's sister, but Erica tells her she unfortunately has to bring up the matter of the cigarettes. Meg freely admits that she didn't search Barry, but Erica says it will have to go down on her record. Detectives arrive to interview Nola, followed by Ted Douglas. Joan takes the opportunity to fill him on the failings of security and hands him her report on Meg's failure to search Barry. Erica tries to defend Meg but Ted Douglas insists she must go. When Meg is told, she offers to resign instead. Lizzie is nearly caught in the staff room changing the points book, but overhears Colleen urging Meg to reconsider her resignation and dashes to the laundry to pass the news on. Colleen finds the book after Lizzie's latest tampering and gets to the rec room before Lizzie has a chance to change the chart there. Erica decides it would be impossible to work out what the true figure was, so they will just have to rethink the whole points scheme. Meg visits the halfway house and tells Judy she's resigned. Bea designs Nola's death certificate and gets the print-shop to make it up. Judy goes to Mr Askin and asks him to help her lay counter charges against Frances. Bea warns Erica what will happen if Meg goes, but she is unimpressed by Erica's response and decides the women will go on strike. Mr Askin tells Judy he had no luck persuading Frances to drop the charges. Next morning the women go to the rec room instead of turning up for muster , so they are locked in. Erica goes to court as a witness against Judy, but Frances has dropped the charges after all and gone back to America. Judy is offered a job as careers officer at Wentworth. The women prepare for a long stay in the rec room. Judy's parole officer tells her she still has to go before the Board: just being charged might be regarded as sufficient grounds for having her parole licence revoked. Meg tries to persuade the women to drop their strike, but when Erica addresses them, Bea tells her they are even mnore determined now that they know that the Department were willing to sack Meg. She tells Erica that if Meg goes then Joan will go too ... one way or another.


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