Shirl (Leonie Bradley)

Halfway house resident (340).

Shirley (Charmayne Lane)

Colleague of Doreen's who is amazed that she has been able to get Kevin Burns to ask her out to a disco. When Doreen is unable to go, Shirley tells him Doreen has stood him up (89).

Shirley Halliday (Vivien Davies)

From the Child Protection Agency: she visits Maxine when she reports Sally Dempster for hitting her daughter Michelle (317).

Shirley Mills (Lyn Semmler)

Halfway house resident, who leaves in (401), shopping Judy to the police and gives evidence at Judy's trial (410).

Shirley Tasker (Tanya Uren)

Halfway house resident (369) - if you're called "Shirley" there's a room at Driscoll with your name on it, it seems.

Shooting Gallery Attendant (Rob O'Hara)

When Joan takes Shane to Luna Park (468).

Shop Assistant (Jeffrey Hodgson)

In the wine shop where Doreen and Lizzie drunkenly attempt to shoplift bottles of whisky (100).

Shop Assistant (Jeffrey Hodgson)

In the jeweller's where Judy's daughter Lori decides to commit theft to get into Wentworth to be with her mother (210).

Shop Assistant (Maureen Bailey)

In the shop where Erica takes Lizzie to get her an outfit for her wedding to Sid (216).

Shop Assistant (Peppi D'Or)

In the chemist's shop where Doreen tries to get an inhaler for Peter Richards' brother Martin, but scares her off by phoning to check the false address Doreen gives her (231).

Shop Assistant (Vikki Eager)

In the wig shop where Nola McKenzie gets her "Jean Carter" disguise (331).

Shop Assistant (Louise Siversen)

In a camera shop. She is conned by Nola McKenzie into phoning the supplier so that Nola can slip an expensive camera into her bag and sidle out (333).

Shop Assistant (Val Mills)

When Ann and Meg go shopping for Ettie's release wardrobe (525).

Shop Woman (Moira Claux)

Behind the counter of a charity shop (187). Lizzie cons her into giving her a change of clothes free, as well as two dollars from her own purse to help Lizzie get the bus.

Shopkeeper (Noel Mitchell)

Throws Martin Richards out of his shop in front of Lizzie, who steals a chocolate bar to give to the kid outside (227).

Shopper (Veronica Haywood)

In a chemist's shop, inadvertently helping Lizzie trick the assistant into giving her change from ten dollars rather than the two she actually gave him. (187)

Shrewsbury, Miss (Lorelei Tait)

Decides not to buy a wedding dress from Pixie in Mr Schumann's shop (422).

Sid Humphrey (Edward Hepple)

First introduced as a prison handyman, a neighbour of Colleen Powell's who comes to Wentworth to fix the TV (169). He becomes friendly with Lizzie and a touching little courtship is played out between them. Colleen finds Sid unconscious at home after a stroke (174). Lizzie visits him in hospital (176) but is dismayed by his condition. Though not seen for a while after this, Sid continues to be mentioned - he provides the pollen Evelyn Randall uses to poison the women and when Lizzie escapes to visit him in his nursing home, she finds he has gone to live with his son Gordon (187). When Lizzie finds out that Sid has returned to his own home, she gets permission to visit him there (212). Their romance continues again and they eventually become engaged. Sid's son objects to the marriage because he thinks Lizzie is only after the house and sure enough after Sid's death (222) Lizzie does get it, but burns it down. A framed photo of Sid is Lizzie's prized possession for a long time afterwards.

Simon (Rob Hewett)

Friend of Angela Jeffries (60). Caricatured "Commie" in a leather trenchcoat, who says things like "Come the glorious Revolution".

Simon Durrant (Vic Hawkins)

Pippa's married lover. She collects him from the airport in (544).

Simon Parkes (Braedon Lord)

Kid on the children's ward who is so smitten with Doreen on her first day working as a nurse's aid that he refuses to go home until he can see her again (154).

Simon Towne (Victor Kazan)

Prosecutor at Lou Kelly's trial for her attempted shooting of Joan (534).

Simpson, Mrs (Judith Roberts)

Spider's mother. She visits Spider with the news that she is dying of cancer, and perhaps expecting a little sympathy or a re-conciliation. Spider being Spider, she actually gets told to rack off (682).

Sinclair, Det (Peter Sinclair)

Questioning Ettie about the bank job (545).

Sinclair, VJ (Jim O'Donohue)

Gives Judy two months concurrent for the attack on Dennis, though she did not do it and is covering for Yemil (522).

Singer (Di Greentree)

In the Christmas episode, a prisoner who sings "Silent Night" as we are shown the women in their cells and the officers, none of whom seem to be having a very happy Christmas (75).

Sinister Man (Peter Gray)

Presumably the man who calls Willie Beecham tell her that Joan has got a job at another security firm (683) ... but - thanks to Willie - not for long.

Sister (Belinda Davey)

Greg Miller's assistant (1).

Sister (Wendy Damien)

Sister in Wentworth (13). In (41) she notices that the valium supply is low and reports it to Greg Miller. After this she makes many uncredited appearances (sometimes in a different wig?) but is not credited again until (103).

Sister (Pam Murphy)

With Dr Crawe, attending Lizzie's brother Angus Cameron (22).

Sister (Rhonda Stroud)

When Judith-Anne is admitted to hospital to give birth (66).

Sister (Suzanne Brenchley)

At the hospital where Linda Golman and Andrea Hennessy are taking after a fight where they are both scalded (233).

Sister (Wilma Farrow)

While Bea is in hospital after her kidney operation (248), (250).

Sister (Lily Steiner)

When Joan is in hospital for brain surgery (538)

Sister (Sarah Ryan)

Talks to Meg when Dennis is in hospital after being knee-capped by Frank Burke (555).

Skeet (Jessica Norton)

One of Gloria's lowlife friends (438).

Skinner (Mark Nicholls)

One of Kay Desmond's friends (461).

Skinner, Det (Rob Hewitt)

Investigates Paddy Lawson's murder (339) and Lindy's rape (355).

Slasher (Slasher)

Rita's significant other, first seen in the escort of bikies accompanying Rita to Wentworth (585) and again when Pippa has a biker escort at her wedding after annoying Rita (588). She communicates with him using the CB radio smuggled into Wentworth by Auntie Ida (594) and ask him to fix Joan. Last seen in the episode when Joan Ferguson retaliates by torching the Conquerors' bikes (596) - we are told that Slasher is killed in the biker warfare that follows.

Slattery, Officer

See Pat Slattery.

Sleaze (Steve Goldsmith)

He makes an (unheard) improper suggestion to Merle when Kath takes her skating (663).

Sleazy Agent (Brendan O'Brien)

Shows Meg and Dennis a derelict flat as an extremely desirable property in (521).

Sleazy Manageress (Judith Roberts)

Bobbie's "landlady" when she's put on the streets by Sonia and Renner (446).

Slick Simpson (Rick Ireland)

Spider Simpson's brother, who comes to tell her that her mother is dying of lung cancer (681).

Small, Dr (James Taylor)

Explains to Meg that her memory loss is caused by her sleeping pills (448).

Smith, Constable (Brian Worth)

Called to the farmhouse after murder of Sean and Flora Jenkins (612).

Smith, Nurse (Liz Law)

When Lizzie is in hospital after her narrow escape with David Bridges (417).

Smythe, Det (Mal Billings)

When Dennis is taken to the station for questioning after a girl he had given a lift to is found murdered (526).

Snake O'Neill (Paul Smyth)

Biker, one of the Conquerors (596) in the episode where Joan follows them and torches their bikes.

Sniper (Sam Kaye)

Paid by Lionel Fellowes to take a shot at Joan (554), or probably not paid, since he misses.

Snooty Waiter (Don Gray)

When Joyce and Mervin go out for lunch. Mervin is able to score a point or two with Joyce by bringing this guy down a peg and correcting him on a detail about food (545).

Snow (Jack Perry)

Friend of Faye Quinn (347-352).

Social Security Inspector (Neil McColl)

Calls to check up on Chrissie Latham after a tipoff from the social security office. Her sister-in-law Brenda spitefully tells him that she's working at the same time as signing on (285).

Social Worker (Andrea Swifte)

Collects Shane to go to children's home (481).

SOD Officer 1 (Matthew Barker) * SOD Officer 2 (Mal Billings)

I think SOD may be an acronym for Special Operations Division. Called in by the new governor Bob Moran to conduct a cell search in (596).

SOG 1 (Glen Rueland) * SOG 2 (Steve Roper) * SOG 3 (Peter Tandy) * SOG 4 (Roger Stephens) * SOG 5 (David Jackson) * SOG 6 (George Mulov)

Members of the Special Operations Group, which seems to an Australian equivalent of the SAS. At any rate, they storm the prison to end the Ruth Ballinger siege (551). These six are outside the prison...

SOG 7 (Wayne Hirst) * SOG 8 (Paul Hunter-Russell) * SOG 9 (Mark Muggeridge)

And these three are inside the prison after the terrorists have left (552).

SOG leader (Roger Nolan)

Leader of the Special Operations Group team used to end the Ruth Ballinger siege (552). Referred to as Andy in dialogue.

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